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  1. Oh, I'd like a shirt with that print. The Fiat C.R. 42 in London has a funny camouflage, although not as removed from reality as that Mi-24.
  2. You're right - mixed 'em up with the RV kits. I stand corrected.
  3. Hi, Artmodel already makes the duckbill family in 1/72. Looking at the sprues, they seemed pretty decent kits. Do they have faults that I am unaware of? Just curious, I'll surely pick up the 1/48 Trumpeter but might do a Cuban BN in 1/72 in the future.
  4. Artist's impression: the proposed Sea Raptor with floats under the wings for buoyancy, seen here in a ditching attempt.
  5. There was an article in FSM describing a conversion to get the Thunderscreech, in the '90s to the noughties. Unfortunately I can't remember either the scale or what was the starting kit, perhaps even Lindberg's Thunderceptor...
  6. The Samsung ES75 I had at work was a pretty good camera as far as macro was concerned. My current camera is a Sony DSC-HX20V. Macro: In low light: Same lighting as the previous picture, up close and personal with the Blenheim on the shelf, no flash:
  7. I'm preparing an MSDS for this substance as we occasionally use it as a solvent and for cleaning equipment. I'll let you know how the OHSAS auditor reacts to that.
  8. I made a kinda tutorial in this here thread
  9. I don't know why a Chuck but I can tell you that the name Panda comes from this: Same manufacturer, same attitude.
  10. I know saffron is expensive, however, the way it is packaged, you'd have to grab a dozen bags to get the monetary equivalent of a prepaid gift card. If I were a shoplifter I'd go for the gift card. As per the tasteless, we'll have to agree to disagree...
  11. I never built any of these but if I had to do it I wouldn't count on glue alone - depending on the type of stress at play it would be either pins (shearing forces) or a loop of copper wire (pulling forces), disguised of course.
  12. Two days ago I was at a different super than the usual and I saw they had the bags of saffron near the counter, locked under slabs of clear plastic. Apparently people steal them. I can understand - though not condone - stealing some big-money item if you can't afford it otherwise, but 4€ worth of a tasteless spice? I don't get it.
  13. Looks like Lavochkin's finest has some Ki.44 blood in its lineage... This reminds me of some "popular art", like...
  14. Why not. Not sure what disclaimers apply, however I'm in no way associated with MAV Decals, only a satisfied customer. Their decals are ALPS printed and will need some additional work before they can be used on a model. Then again, who's ever even arrived to the painting stage...? Not me. Linky
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