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  1. Hi All, I just dug out an old Accurate Miniatures Avenger I started years ago to convert to a Fleet Air Arms. I see Hobby Boss did the same 2P decal sheet I was planning. By chance does anyone have a spare set of the 2P and JZ165 markings by chance?
  2. I just wanted to say thanks to John Chung for sending me some excellent pics of the unside of the wings without pylons. Thanks John. JOE
  3. Hi Mozam, No I got the decals from my Local Hobby Store. However, I believe you can buy direct. I can't remember the FS number for the yellow but it is MM Insignia Yellow. JOE
  4. Daco Products makes decals for this scheme (There is a link in the Manufacturers section on ARC). It is a big sheet but they look great. Thanks JOE
  5. Well that's interesting. I just checked the reference site linked from Daco and saw no Wing Pylons. However EF, your pic clearly shows them. So it looks like either way is correct. Thanks JOE
  6. Well that was quick. Thanks alot. JOE
  7. Hi All, I am working on an F-16 in the 91 Tiger Meet scheme. I know there are no wing weapon stations but I cannot find a good picture of the underside of the wings. The kit has holes for the pylons. Should I just fill these and call it done? Thanks JOE
  8. I bought a desent Campbell Hausfeld regulator at House of Tools. I can't remember how much I paid but I want to say it was around $20 CAN. JOE
  9. I have been using MM Flat for quite some time now both with a brush and airbrush. However, I only brush it on on small parts (ex. An ejection seat to cockpit tub). If you are planning on doing say the entire exterior of a plane, I would airbrush it on. Regardless which way, I always cut it with Mineral Spirits. I eye-ball it but I would guess I use about 75% MM Flat to about 25% Mineral Spirits. I then use Mineral Spirits to clean the brush after. JOE
  10. WOW looking great. I may have to get back to the bench and do somework on my Begium Tigermeet F-16. Oh course that is if the wife doesn't have some house projects to work on. ;) JOE
  11. You can also get a CA Glue debonder. I bought a small bottle in a dollar store some time ago. It has worked fine to remove parts and it also works great at getting CA glue off you hands. JOE
  12. Can't agree more. I bought a couple things off Mike and had no problems........well problems with Canada Post but not Mike. Anyway, definately a great trader. JOE
  13. Hi All, Well I just dug up a Black Box Cockpit for the Hasegawa F-104. Now all I need is a kit to go with it. I want to an F-104 in Bavarian Markings like the one on the box of the Hasegawa 1:48th F-104 "Nato Startfighter" So now I have a couple of questions... First, does anyone made aftermarket decals for this scheme aside from what comes in the Hasegawa boxing? Second, I heard Hasegawa has released a new tooling of the F-104. Is it s big improvment over the original? Thanks JOE
  14. OK it may be a dumb question but how are the designations done? How does the order work? JOE
  15. Yeah I can double that with Ultracast. I bought a couple of seats for an Avenger. They come is sets of two seats. I wanted one early version and one later version for the two Avengers I will be getting around to building one day. They had not problem repackaging as per my request. JOE
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