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  1. Mungo1974 Do you have any photos of 74-090 F-15A? I would like to see some of your photos of the markings. I used to be the crew chief of 090. Edwin
  2. Don Thanks for the reply. I would love to see your photos or reference material so I could paint this baby.
  3. I would like to paint my OV-10A in the grey color scheme can someone tell me which color grey to use. And do you have a photo that shows how its applied to the fuselage. IE like an F-15 paint scheme
  4. Edwin

    Big(ger) scale OV-10

    paragon detail set please explain??
  5. Who's twobob's and where can I get the old 21tfw 1/48 decals? That was my old squadron and I would really like to get a set of those decals. my email is eddienyr4@hotmail.com thanks Edwin
  6. Mark I was wondering if you have the 43rds emblems that could be done up like the other decals you have listed above?
  7. Any chance of a 1/48th scale USAF F-15A 43rd Tactical Fighter Squadron Tail Number 74-090 Elmendorf AFB AK. Circa 1981-1985
  8. Nice job on the wing commanders aircraft. I was a Crew Chief on 74-090 (god rest her soul) I have worked on 74-100. Nice job on the model it brought back alot of memories. Edwin
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