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  1. After starting my own busseniss and regular life I found time on the bench. Inspiration came from Life magazine pictures I found on the net. I am quite happy the way it turned out. Hope you like it feel free to commend. Rick
  2. The dog and shirt seemed like a nice touch to honour the last of the screwball aces. Hope you like it Rick.
  3. Well, I have finally finished this one. I know that the Trumpeteer P51Bis not the greatest model in the world, and the wings are from a D but I did not bother about that. It took quite a while to get the look I wanted and maybe the weathering is a little over the top but I wanted to give the impression that this was a battered plane. I took the liberty of masking the top invasion stripes. By the time this aircraft was destroyed in an taxi accident at Debden in the beginning of July they should be gone.
  4. Managed to finish something after a while. The plastic is weird stuff, it did not react very good on normal glue so it fell apart quite a few times. CA came to the resque! The kit was build OOB, great decals, and a added a few details. Hope you like it Rick
  5. Middle in the proces of filling rivets and panel lines. Not very happy with the topwing so I need to give that another coat of mr. Surfacer. While cleaning up the attic I found a dtailset from J. Rutman. Although designed for the Revell kit it looks a lot better than the cockpit Trumpeter provides. So out goes the Trumpeter parts and the carving starts for the aftermarket. So far OOB I am afraid... Back to the sanding.... Rick.
  6. After quite a while I am back in the game. I moved to another part of the country and got myself a brand new cave. So now it is Mustang time. I have the Trumpeteer kit in my stash and it will do just the trick, I know that there are quite some issues with this kit but I will go with what the kit has to offer, no aftermarket adventures planned just straight out of the box. I want to make a plane with the Malcom hood but not sure yet which one, pictures are most welcome! Right now I am in the process of filling a truckload of rivits, a slow but hopefully rewarding job. A lot of subassembly's are done but not much to show for yet. I am not a fast builder so this will take some time. Thanks for looking Rick.
  7. Hopefully start and finish the Revell 1/32 RF4E Phantom for the Phantom Group build on time. Anything more will be considered as a bonus. Happy and Healthy New Year everybody! Rick.
  8. Very nice Kris, I really like those Frankenstein planes with bits and pieces from all over the place. A very happy new year for you to! Rick.
  9. I am moving to another house and doing the Camino del Nord in March but I should be able to start halfway april. Got a Phantom on the pile to be transferred into a Israelian RF4E. This GB might just do the trick.. Happy holidays! Rick
  10. The first time ever for a jet, completely different than the prop builds I have done so far. I hope it represents a very weary Marine F8E Crusader. Hope you like it. Rick.
  11. For somebody with a desk full of Phantom, and probably chewing off far more than I can handle, I voted for the Spitfire. Rick.
  12. Things have changed lately and I got a little bit carried away. I have a desk full of Phantom right now and the intentions are to deliver a F4J, a RF4E and a F4E, US Navy style for the J, Israelian style for the RF4E and USAF Vietnam style for the F4E. So far I have been working on the Legend pit for the F4E, the camera's from the RF4E and the intakes from the F4J. I will use parts as I please so hopefully this will turn out in a kitbashing first class. Rick.
  13. Straight out of the box. Hope you like it. Rick.
  14. I am looking for the Revell 1/32 Phantom, but no luck so far. Hopefully somebody over here? I live in Holland so I think Europe will be preferrable because of the postage, but I am open to any offer. Cheers Rick.
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