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  1. BOZ: Upper side 7012, Bottom RAL 7035. The end of BOZ is painted completly in RAL 7012, because you can turn the end 180 degrees for left or right wing attachment. The Cerberus use the same color and pattern. But is seems the fin of the Cerberus and BOZ are painted RAL 7035 on the topside if you look at the pictures below. Two pictures on Flickr: BOZ, And Cerberus Found a really small picture of the 43+85 loaded with BOZ, Cerberus and Kormoran during inflight refueling. If you look close you can see the bottom (and top) front of the taileron is partially painted blac
  2. Hi Jim, thx for the info about the Don Color drawings of 43+85 and good to know it is not a real issue. Andrew, thx for the kind words and the info on the pylons. I checked the foto in the book you mentioned and you are right, it looks like RAL 7023. I also have the (not the best) picture of the old 1/32 Revell Tornado boxing, showing the right side of 43+85. The back of the droptank in the sunlight looks like RAL 7030, the front, lying in the shade, looks like RAL 7023. 🙂 But, I also have the original T.O. of Norm 83 Luftwaffe schemes. It says all pylons and
  3. Hi Jim, I would say RAL 7030 is the right color for the pylons ans droptanks. If I remember correctly Don Colors drawing of the left frontfuselage is in the wrong color. It should be RAL 7023 not RAL 7012. Kind regards, Jürgen
  4. You´re welcome Jim. Attached is a drawing of the 43+85
  5. "Norm 76" Marine & Luftwaffe (the first old camouflage schemes): 4 crosses on wings. All crosses 500mm size. "Norm 83" Luftwaffe & Marine (wraparound camouflage schemes): 2 crosses. Left wing on top, right wing on bottom side. All crosses 400mm size. Stencils are the same new "Norm 83" low-viz types for both schemes. Only a few of the early Norm 83 Luftwaffe Tornados had the old bright "Norm 76" stencils (exept the "Rescue" and the "Ejection Seat" stencils, they are always applied in low-viz type) Norm 83 Luftwaffe Tornados carried three different camouflage patte
  6. There are different schemes for Norm 81, early and late. Esci instruction is wrong, example one of the bottom colors should be silver.
  7. Again a huge "thank you" Clintstone, that makes sense to me. 🙂
  8. Thank you Clintstone for the fast reply and help, great image quality! 🙂 I have to admit that I am not very familiar with all the US. sqadrons and crests. Maybe that is the reason I found nothing around the web, I typed in "3247th". What is the reason for "53D Wing" and is it the same inscription for the timeframe in 1986?
  9. During a US tour of two German Tornados of JaboG 38 and 31 in the year 1986 several unit badges of all visited AB´s were applied on tail. I asume one of them is from Eglin AFB and looks like this badge on the intake: F-4 Phantom I am looking for a close up picture of that badge to recreate it in Illustrator. I did a search using Google and type in several key words, but find nothing. Maybe someone can help. Thank you. 🙂
  10. Really nice work! There is a pinned WIP on Britmodellers forum about the Revell Tornado, maybe helpfull how to fix some of the problems the kit has. Push
  11. Really nice! Decals marked with "C" behind the kitnumber on the sheet means Cartograf, "Z" means Zanchetti. Cartograf are the best in my opinion. And Sylvian Hautier makes excellent decal artworks. I really know how much work this is.
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