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  1. The tool box is a masterpiece of scratchbuilding. Amazing skill. LD.
  2. Two more photos from the web that might be of assistance. LD.
  3. Sell off those old 1/72 Revell Skycranes, there's a new one on the way! https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235135504-172-sikorsky-ch-54-tarhe-by-icm-models-box-art-release-in-2025/#comment-4877466 LD.
  4. Very nice model of the Tiger. You put in lots of work and it shows. LD.
  5. I am always amazed at how you get such great results from your use of plastic in screatchbuilding. How do you get such good curves from plastic rod? Do you use heat to manipulate the plastic? LD.
  6. I was surprised to see this being issued as a new tool. The Italeri kit that Airfix re-issued in the past is not a bad kit and if it gets the correct modern composite blades, it depicts an RAF HC1 or CH-47D version. Still, with so many decal options, Airfix will probably do well with this new tool. LD.
  7. Thanks for the update, Floyd. I didn't know there were a couple of different versions in use in that time frame. Do you know who manufactured this exhaust? Was it done with assistance from McDonnell Douglas Helicopters or was it an in-house project developed, fabricated and tested by the 160th engineering personnel themselves? Thanks. LD.
  8. That is my understanding. I'd guess that the big air intake supplies cooling air to the engine bay but also into the exhaust system, mixing cool air with the hot exhaust to bring the overall exhaust temperature down. Only a guess, as I say. LD.
  9. It has been a difficult item to truly get right given the lack of decent references. It looks small and skinny in that picture while in others it has a “fuller” look to it. LD.
  10. Here is a photo that popped up on FB. Another new shot of an AH-6G with the IR Exhaust fitted. LD.
  11. Looks good. Great to see new heli books coming out. They are a scarcity, these days. LD.
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