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  1. Click on the earlier link, go to the photo with the yellow space-ship thingy, then go to the third news piece below that marked "Canberra B2 and T4 kits have arrived" and you'll see the comments regarding the Wasp and Scout. LD.
  2. http://sandmmodels.co.uk/category/misc-news/ These are the guys you are looking for. LD.
  3. Loach Driver

    Kittyhawk 1/35 AH/MH-6J

    Yes, you'll need to do all the changes that HA has listed as well as taller skid legs and slightly lengthened skid tubes. And there is all the anntenae and other lumps and bumps that will need to be scratch-built. The new nose glazing will be the biggest challenge. The later AH-6M kit promised from Kitty Hawk will be a better starting point for an AH-6i. I think the Saudi version is called the AH-6SA but it might not be all that different from the standard-production AH-6i. LD.
  4. Loach Driver

    Italeri H-34 kit

    I haven't built this kit but the usual fix for this issue seems to be a case of cutting the blades at the root and re-attaching them in the correct direction. Needs a bit of care but can be done. LD.
  5. As far as I can tell the Revell kit represents and early-service AH-64A. It lacks things like the wire-strike kit and probably other bits and pieces too but it is a solid starting point for any AH-64A. LD.
  6. Loach Driver

    1/48 UH-1V Huey Kitty Hawk FINISHED 03.16.18

    Looking good under that coat of paint. Should be another great addition to your stable of Hueys. LD.
  7. Loach Driver

    Japan Coast Guard colors ( yellow/blue )

    Good luck with your build. LD.
  8. Loach Driver

    Japan Coast Guard colors ( yellow/blue )

    What type are you planning on building? LD.
  9. Loach Driver

    Japan Coast Guard colors ( yellow/blue )

    I have a copy of an instruction sheet for an OH-6J and the colour call-outs are FS15102 for the blue and FS13538 for the yellow. Hope this helps. LD.
  10. Loach Driver

    Enstrom 480B - any models of it?

    There are no models of any of the Enstrom family of helicopters, sadly. Any of the Enstrom helicopters would be interesting to make. LD.
  11. Loach Driver

    UH-1HV 0-22507 Italeri 1/48 *Estudio Picture*

    Very nice build. Good luck with your recovery. It's great that some modelling is helping you through the tough times. Keep going. LD.
  12. Loach Driver


    The Revell kit is also worth a look. Needs a little work to convert it into a Sikorsky SH-3 but the basics are there. Whirlybirds also do resin kits and resin conversions for the SH-3. They do a VH-3 kit as well as the "Jolly Green Giant" version. LD.
  13. Loach Driver

    AH-6C, MH-6 photos from AH6C-SIP-PICS ARE BACK!

    KS, can you say what kind of loads were carried on the belly-hook on the MH-6 in the photo above? Be interesting to hear the lift-work done by the 160th. Thanks. LD.
  14. Loach Driver

    KH 1/35 A/MH-6 kit

    No, I haven't heard of any being retired. All the original 500Ds from 1981 , that haven't been written-off on operations, are still in service. When the Little Bird is retired, I doubt it'll be flown by any other operator. LD.
  15. Loach Driver

    KH 1/35 A/MH-6 kit

    The model in the kit can be converted back into a 500D or if you have bits from the Dragon OH-6A kit, a 500C or OH-6A. The biggest issue is the surface detail on the KH kit, It has the reinforcing plates on the skin that isn't present on the standard-production versions of the 500/OH-6. Sand those plates off and add new rivets and you can convert the KH kit into another version of the 500. LD.