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  1. Outstanding work on that Kiowa. Flawless. LD.
  2. Apologies for the slight thread drift but it appears the LWL12 rocket pod is designed with the Little Bird in mind so I thought this might be of interest here. After seeing that 12-shot rocket pod in the photo of Dillonaero's MD530FF, I thought that it might be possible to convert an existing 1/72 19-shot pod into an LWL12. I am assuming that the LWL12 was adapted primarily for the H-6/530 but is offered for use on other platforms. I had a Special Hobby AH-1S IDF kit handy and I don't plan on building it with the 19-shot pods. I started off with parts 27,28 and 23. I glued the front and rear parts to the upper half of the rocket pod. I had cut off the lower section of the rocket pod front and rear so that only 12 tubes were visible. Then I blanked off the underside with some 0.5mm plastic card. Here it is, put togther before clean-up. Bottom of pod blanked-off with plastic card. The underside tidied up. I used tiny strips of plastic card to fill the gaps between the plastic card and the rear corner edges of the rocket pod front and rear. Here is the pod from the side after cleaning up the plastic card join. I haven't sanded down the join between the front and rear parts of the pod. I am not sure if this is apparent or not on the real thing so I have left it for now. If I discover that there is no join line or panel line in this area, I will sand it smooth. I am presuming the length of the pod as it comes in the kit is accurate for an LWL12. Front shot. Overall, it looks like an LWL12. I apply the 90% rule to anything scratch-built in 1/72. If it is 90% accurate, it is alright. It is usually hard to find all the flaws and inaccuracies in this scale on small items unless you use a magnifying visor. I am happy enough with it. Now I just need two things, a 1/72 Little Bird or 530FF to hang this pod from and for someone to make a GAU-19 in 1/72 scale! LD.
  3. I guess it makes sense to cut down the 19-shot pod. Ground-clearance wasn't good and maybe weight was an issue too in hot and high environments. At least it won't be too hard to scratch-build! LD.
  4. Does this mean you'll be getting back in the air in that 530F? Will it be a company test ship or just for the owner's private use? Bet you'd like to get back on the range and spin up some M134s again! LD.
  5. Sorry for posting up that pic, as it now detracts a little from your book. LD.
  6. It is amazing what is being produced in brass nowadays. Think I'll be getting one of these. Does anyone know if there is a GAU-19 available in 1/72? Thanks. LD.
  7. I didn't think of it like that. I was looking at it more from the point of view of an increase in comparison with the 7-shot rocket pod. I thought that rocket pod was a 19-shot pod that had been cut down in somebody's workshop! Interesting that it is an actual design. Thanks for identifying the pod, John. LD.
  8. Here is a photo of Dillon Aero's MD530FF in an interesting configuration. Could this be a possible configuration for the AH-6M? It gives a slight increase to the number of rockets that can be carried. I don't know the date of this photo or the copyright owner of the image. Apologies. The image was found during a google search. LD.
  9. I doubt they have stopped Hellfire production. I'd guess they may have stopped production of the first production variant of the missile and newer versions of the missile have succeeded it on the production line. When you absolutely, positively have to stop the bad guy, the Hellfire is the way to go. An expensive but accurate bullet! The Longbow has a millimetric wave radar. Not sure if it is used for missile guidance or not. Will have to check my references. LD.
  10. Nicely weathered. Not too much and not too little. LD.
  11. ESM, there are huge numbers of photos of 160th ships, past and present, on this website. The majority focus on the Little Bird and in particular, the older versions. There doesn't appear to be much in the way of sensitive images in the pinned Little Bird thread. The one version that has remained classified but arouses much interest here is the EH-6 series. No photos have surfaced although a good description and a drawing (mine, based on guesswork) has appeared here. There were undoubtedly other classified versions of the Little Bird operated by the 160th, they haven't been identified and haven't appeared here. Two other previously-classified versions of the 500 have appeared here. One photo came from the collection of a life-long aircraft spotter who posted the photo up on a spotter's website, unaware of what was featured in the photo. It is more than likely a Seaspray airframe. Another photo of a possible Seaspray 500 has also appeared on this website and the equipment fit is now obsolete but the location of the aircraft is probably of more significance as are the markings it carries. Certain U.S. Government Agencies would probably prefer both photos didn't feature here but they are now out in the open. Both photos date from the 1980's and so nothing, from a hardware point of view, was compromised, it appears. Any photo that is posted here featuring a "Special" airframe is assessed by those here who have good knowledge of the subject and if something is of a sensitive nature, the photo is removed. It has happened only once here, to the best of my knowledge. I don't believe anyone here ever set out to compromise U.S. National Security when posting photos and I imagine that will always be the case here. If you dig long enough on the internet, you would be surprised what you can find out about special ops aircraft. Special Ops helicopters will always attract curiosity from the aircraft modeller and enthusiast and probably draw more attention than their owners would like. That is human nature. Hopefully we can continue to enjoy researching and modelling 160th helicopters and other special ops helicopters, without compromising security restrictions. Welcome to this forum, ESM. LD.
  12. More top-class work on that trailer/generator combo. Real modelling! LD.
  13. Great work on your 'hook. Looks the business. LD.
  14. Trying to improve on the last model is what we all try to do. Nice work on the Comanche. LD.
  15. The Bell 47J gets my vote.