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  1. The AH-64E main rotor blades are different from the blades on the AH-64D. Not sure what else is different, bar the antenna fit also, LD.
  2. Thanks for the link, 11! Great article. Hopefully more and more pilots start to share their stories from the last twenty years of combat. The Apache gets all the limelight with the OH-58D in second place but it would be interesting to hear about non-special-ops US Army Blackhawk and Chinook missions in Iraq and Afghanistan too. LD.
  3. Would be great if Revell released the C-17 again. LD.
  4. I am not sure if your particular aircraft of interest is in this book but you can read this volume on the EC-121 for free here. https://pdf.zlibcdn.com/dtoken/e6b61409f1f3a84e7789edca10b1bc12/Lockheed_C-121_Constellation_(Naval_Fighters_08)_b_755475_(z-lib.org).pdf I hope this of use. I have ambitions to build an EC-121 in 1/144 scale in the future. The all grey ones look like an imposing aircraft. LD.
  5. Very sharp work for 1/144. Looks like a 1/72 scale model. LD.
  6. Photos do exist of an AH-6M MELB with a GAU-19 and a 19-shot rocket pod. But........ the photos appear to be of only one particular AH-6M and it is somewhere in the USA, not deployed to A/stan or Iraq. It is also fitted with a minigun on both inner stations. The photos show the rocket pod empty and the miniguns don't appear to have ammo feed tubes hooked up. While it can get airborne with that load, in reality, I reckon it would be VERY heavy with that load-out and operationally, would be a greater threat to flight safety than any threat the enemy might present on any given mission.
  7. Apologies for the thread drift. Is there any way to get any of these S-58/H-34 noses produced in 1/144 scale? I am looking at the Mark I Wessex in that scale and wondering if it is possible to convert it into a HUS-1. The Wessex Mark 1 looks to have the closest nose shape to the Sikorsky piston version. Thanks. LD.
  8. I know how you feel! 😪 I am going to give 1/144 scale a try. Simply can't do any super-detailing in that scale, so at least my conscience will be clear! LD.
  9. I've said it before, this is not modelling but engineering on a small scale. Impressive work. LD.
  10. Nice build. The colour is spot on. LD.
  11. Incredible levels of detail, as always.👍 LD.
  12. Thanks. I found that movie on youtube (dubbed in Spanish, I think). It confirms the idea I had that they had a long set of seats on the port side and a shorter set of seats on the starboard fuselage side. Might even add some of that cabling and tube section visible on the port-side wall from the rear door. 👍 LD.
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