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  1. I knew this kit would be right up your street and it would be amazing to see you work your magic on the old Revell OH-6A kit, if that is the one you choose to build! LD.
  2. 1/32nd was probably the original "large scale" in the 70's and 80's and 1/35th as a scale for helicopter models is a relatively recent departure for the manufacturers. Revell Germany were one company that produced helicopters in 1/32nd from the 70's up to the present day so thankfully we have good options in both scales. I dream of an Alouette III from Revell in 1/32! LD.
  3. Thanks for posting. Nice progress so far. LD.
  4. Very nice work overall on your Hind. The paint is pretty good. LD.
  5. I think the front wheels need to move forward a bit for the MH-47G version. Hopefully this is just a test build of some of the G mods and isn't the finished article. Looks good otherwise. LD.
  6. Will these become available to the buying public at some point in the future? Look interesting. LD.
  7. I agree with Andy. The Academy Block II Late kit is the closest you will get currently to an AH-64E Guardian. The main rotor blades and antenna fit will need to be modified to represent an E but the kit has everything else you will probably need. I am building this kit at the moment and it is going together pretty well. One thing I have noticed is that the parts are attached to the sprues by some fairly big gates (if that is what they are called) and a razor saw is a must to safely remove parts from the sprues. I am using the Eduard etched set for this kit and it certainly adds a l
  8. I'm interested to know that myself! I have replicated a set of those circular covers in 1/72. It seems they all cover vents for electronic bays so could it be that they help diffuse the heat plume form the fans in these electronic bays? LD.
  9. Nice video. Thanks for posting. These guys are certainly not hiding in the shadows, at least not with this trio of aircraft and their recent movements. We need a 407 model! I have the Attack Squadron MQ-8C in 1/72. Sadly, there is no way to hollow out the windows and make a 407 from it but perhaps a 407 fuselage could be made from two Italeri OH-58D Kiowa kits, using the MQ-8C as a guide. LD.
  10. I'd say the same. Useful for over-water flights and under NVG conditions. I doubt these are equipped with an autopilot but who knows. There is no sign of any RWR system fitted, unlike the Iraqi 407s that were delivered. Could these possibly be Stateside airframes held in reserve for training only, while there might be further full-spec airframes kept out of the public eye and used on deployments? Add RWRs and an IR-suppressed exhaust system and you are getting closer to a deployable airframe. The Iraqi 407s also have a weapons plank so there is possibly the option to a
  11. All the antennae and mysterious serial numbers point towards secret squirrel helicopters. LD.
  12. I'd say these are the Little Bird/530F replacements and have probably been in service now for quite some time with Flight Concepts. Maybe when the 160th changed over to the A/MH-6M Mission Enhanced Little Bird, there was no longer fleet commonality between the 160th and FCD, and this forced the decision to get their own upgrade. In fairness, the 407 is basically a big-cabin 530F! It has lots of power and good range. It is also pretty maneuverable so works in the "Little Bird" role, I guess. The 407 blends in fairly well on most airfields too. I think the FBI HRT unit changed ove
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