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  1. Very nice model. The level of weathering and the various shades of the overall colour are done to perfection. LD.
  2. A couple of up-coming rumoured releases in 1/72 scale include: 1. A re-issue of the old Aurora Cheyenne kit by Atlantis/aurora. 2. A 1/72 Sikorsky S-51 by AMP. 3. A 1/72 HH-43 Huskie in resin by Croco Models. LD.
  3. Great work on this DHC. It's one of those left-field aircraft that has always been of interest. LD.
  4. This is a blast from the past! I remember building one of these as a kid. Basic kit but affordable at the time, compared to Hasegawa and all those exotic manufacturers! Good build. LD.
  5. Hopefully, licencing isn't an issue when it comes to Italeri or anyone else kitting this helicopter. LD.
  6. It's a helicopter that is in widespread use around the globe. With a bit of luck, we might now get a 1/72 kit of the 139. LD.
  7. If you want to find photos of late-80's and early-90's SuperCobras, look for issues of Koku Fan magazine from around that time frame that feature the AH-1W and USMC helicopters in general. Osprey produced photo-books around that time as well. Heliborne was a title they published that might be of use. LD.
  8. Thanks for the link to the Kayak LB story. So much of the history of the Little Bird is still hidden away. At least a few nuggets slip out every now and then. LD.
  9. I checked back through one test report and an XM8 grenade launcher was fitted to an AH-6G at Edwards AFB circa 1988 for testing. LD.
  10. In relation to grenade launchers, the XM-8 was tested on the OH-6A and a few may have been fitted to OH-6As in Viet Nam. It's possible the 160th might have fitted grenade launchers to their Little Birds. They also seem to have access to hand-held grenade launchers too. Hughes also tested the XM175 grenade launcher fitted to a rear cabin mount in an OH-6A. I'm pretty sure this never saw service! LD.
  11. I was only passing on the information I had discovered during my research. LD.
  12. The unit below the artificial horizon looks like the Eventide Argus 7000 moving map system. I guess it might be an early-ish GPS system. I've no idea what the numerical display unit showing "86" is but there is no indication on the display as to what it is so it must be something fairly straight-forward. Could it be an outside air temperature gauge? It's quite possible they are flying somewhere warm on the day the photo was taken! Purely a guess though! LD.
  13. Nice find, Tim, and thanks for sharing. Compared to the standard panel on an OH-6A or 500D, there are quite a few changes and upgrades. The illuminated strip indicators for TOT, torque, N2 and NR are a nice touch. Nicely clustered together and much quicker to read. LD.
  14. I think those tanks have been around for at least six or seven years now. There were photos on this forum previously I think. Still a relatively rare sight. I'd say they might struggle with six and full tanks! I think the next interesting thing that will happen to the MELB fleet will be the Block III upgrade. Some of the mods have been test-flown already and a full Block III prototype might be in testing now but I've heard that the fleet won't be upgraded until 2023. If FVL doesn't deliver an MELB replacement (and it looks like the 160th like the compact characteristics of the MELB and want to retain it for as long as possible) then a Block 3.1 upgrade will see some really new features incorporated into the fleet. They might even build a new fleet of MELBs as some of the current ones might be based on 500D airframes that date back to 1980! It'll be time to freshen up the fleet a bit. LD.
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