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  1. 1/72 Italeri AH-1W rotors

    This seems to be the helicopter depicted by the Italeri kit. It is the AH-1T+ which later was designated as the AH-1W prototype. If you correct the engine fairing near the exhaust, you have an early service AH-1W. LD.
  2. 1/72 Italeri AH-1W rotors

    I just had a quick look on-line at the current issue of Meng Air Modeller magazine. Apparently it features a super-detailed build of the Italeri 1/72 SuperCobra. I will hopefully be able to purchase it in the coming week and I'll report back on whether or not the modeller deals with any rotor issues. LD.
  3. Special Operations Hughes/MD500s - Not 160th SOAR!

    GT, thanks for the info. Sad to see that they no longer fly the 530F. The Bell 407 is the only version of the 206 that comes near the OH-6/500 family for performance and manoeuvrability. It's still no Little Bird though! LD.
  4. Dragon 1/35th Scale UH-1D on display base

    Nice model and display. LD.
  5. 1/72 Italeri AH-1W rotors

    Looking at the rotor in your photo, you are looking at the rotor top, in it correct orientation when viewing the real thing from above. I had a look at my old AH-1W model I built years ago and from examining both main and tail rotors, the only issue I can see is the tail rotor blade shape. The main rotor does not appear to the issue with this kit, just the tail rotor. With some surgery, it can be fixed but at the same time, it is a flaw that isn't really all that obvious until you go looking for it. The issue is there but it isn't as bag a problem as say an inaccurate fuselage outline. The area that needs a little work on this kit is the engine shroud near the exhaust. Some filler will do the job there. I hope this is of use. LD.
  6. 1/72 Italeri AH-1W rotors

    I think the main rotor is OK but the tail rotor is the problem. I think the camber or profile of the tail rotor blade is off, being thinner at the leading edge of the blade and thicker on the trailing edge. LD.
  7. ModelCollect 1/72 B-2A Stealth

    I wonder how many people have been inspired by John Vojtech's B-2 model form a while back. https://www.umm-usa.com/mygallery/galleryB2.html One of the finest 1/72 models I have ever seen! Good luck with your build. It looks like a great kit. LD.
  8. A Trio of Lightnings - 1/72

    Nice trio. LD.
  9. FAS - "GUARDIAN" 215 UH-1H Italeri 1/48

    What colour/paint brand did you use for the zinc chromate colour? IT looks spot-on. LD.
  10. 1/72 AH-64 APACHE

    I did a quick on-line search and the dimensions for the D and E appear to be identical or almost identical, depending on the website you look at. I don't think Boeing have too much leeway in what length the blade can be. If it's longer, they might have to consider moving the tail-rotor rearwards which would call for a major airframe redesign. I reckon the E-blade length is probably identical to the length of the original blade design. LD.
  11. Info Wanted

    I hope this link works. LD.
  12. French Army Puma/Gazelle Colors

    This forum has a great thread running on the Gazelle. It deals mostly with civilian Gazelles but there are plenty of photos of military helicopters in there too. http://www.aviafora.com/forums/forum/helicopter-fora/gazelles/343-shrieking-gazelles I wish someone would do a rotorhead and skids aftermarket set for the 1/72 Airfix Gazelle. Overall, it is a nice little kit and just needs a little improvement in these areas to make a nice job of it. LD.
  13. French Army Puma/Gazelle Colors

    The RAL colour chart. The colour you are looking for might be in here. https://www.e-paint.co.uk/pdfs/RAL colour chart.pdf LD.
  14. French Army Puma/Gazelle Colors

    I have posted a query on an aviation forum requesting the RAL number for this shade of green. Lots of knowledgeable Gazelle people on the forum so hopefully an answer won't be too long. LD.
  15. CD72040 - P5M-2 Marlin

    OK. Thanks. LD.