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  1. I would presume that PB have thought long and hard about this particular move and will have calculated that they might loose lots of people like us but can bank on small numbers of people coughing up the ridiculous fees. Maybe various commercial companies rely on PB and will pay this fee. If not, PB will have signed their own death warrant. To us, it looks like a crazy move by PB but I guess they know exactly what they are doing. They are calling our bluff and there is only one way to deal with them. Move elsewhere. LD. P.S Ray, thanks for a look at your photo collection. There are some great photos in there!
  2. Nice builds on all three. LD.
  3. I think PB have essentially committed commercial suicide. Who can afford to pay those fees? Crazy. LD.
  4. Thanks, never spotted that. LD.
  5. That is great news. You can put me down for one sheet. Thanks. LD.
  6. Hi. Are there any plans to re-issue this decal sheet? I have caught the Flying Boat bug and I'd love to get some colourful decals for this kit. I have one on its way to me from ebay for an extortionate sum of money but it is a first-issue so it should have good mouldings and little or no flash. Some etched brass would be great for this old kit too but a little scratch-building should help add some interest to the exterior at least. Alternatively, does anyone have a portion of this sheet that they won't use in the future featuring some of the US Navy options? I'd be interested in buying an unused part of someone's sheet. Thanks. LD.
  7. Does anyone have any info on this antenna on the skids of this Huey? Is this possibly a C&C Huey or just a late-war Huey with an extra radio? Given its location, I guess it can be assumed it isn't a lift ship. Thanks. LD.
  8. A 1/35th RAID OH-58A+ on high skids would be nice! A heavily-weathered one. LD.
  9. I have never built a 1/48th scale helo in my life. Some would say I build damn all, regardless of scale! Maybe this will be a good kit to start with. I've ordered one! LD.
  10. 288 Hong Kong dollars equals 37 US dollars, 32.86 Euros or 28.70 British pounds. Looks like good value for money. LD. P.S. It might also be an idea to consider starting a one type/one kit group build based on this kit. Give it a few months maybe but as soon as this kit is in everyone's hands, they'll want to build one.Why not do it together?
  11. Great to see this thread resurrected again. One of the most interesting threads on Rotorheads. LD.
  12. Have a look over on the Britmodeller Forum. There are some very knowledgeable Lynx guys there who can probably answer all of your questions. LD.
  13. Looking at the photos of the test-shot build, I have to say it looks pretty good. Yes, there are possibly a few small errors - the main rotor shaft and some shaft details might be a little off and the raised panels representing the kick-steps behind the pilot's door are over-done but these minor errors can still be rectified before the kit goes into production. As Ray says, wait until Floyd gets his hands on a production kit and builds it up for us all to see. But look at all that is correct with the kit. The way the windscreen and overhead windows are done is very clever and so much more in the kit is also very nicely done. I for one can't wait for the 1/35th scale kit but already it looks like the 1/48th scale kit won't disappoint. LD.
  14. Thanks for posting it up. LD.
  15. Phew! Thank God for that. LD.