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  1. It will be great to see the HH-43 getting the Rotorman treatment! LD.
  2. Here is a quote from Jane's Defense on the Army's current plans for the Little Bird. "Addressing delegates at the virtual Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) event on 13 May, Rotary-Wing Program Executive Officer (PEO) Geoffrey Downer presented the USSOCOM’s ‘SOF Rotary-Wing Platform Roadmap’, which illustrated a Future Little Bird concept. According to the roadmap, the capability would follow more immediate upgrades of the light attack/assault MD Helicopters A/MH-6 Mission Enhanced Little Birds (MELBs) which include Blocks 2.2, 3.0, and potentially 3.1 depending upon decisions taken by the Tampa-based organisation to adopt the US Army’s Future Vertical Lift (FVL) helicopters. Block 2.2 upgrades will be focused on crew safety enhancements, while Block 3.0 upgrades will further enhance safety margins, flight controls, and the cockpit, Downer confirmed. According to the roadmap, Future Little Bird remains one option for USSOCOM’s 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment in the 2025–34 timeframe. Alternative courses of action include maintaining a smaller fleet of Little Birds, and the adoption of the Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA), which could also augment or replace attack/assault Sikorsky MH-60M Black Hawks. Speaking to Janes , Downer explained, “Right now [Future Little Bird] is just a mark out in the future. With us recapitalising our airframes, we expect to fly with our Block 3 aircraft for quite a while here, at least for the next 10 to 15 years." LD.
  3. The configuration looks correct for Prime Chance so it might be a photo from that operation. It might also be a photo from that barge that the 160th used to train from. LD.
  4. If you look closely in the background, an AH-6F is on the ground. The colours on the AH-6F seem to be quite similar to the AH-6C so maybe the photograph is "washed-out" and faded and thus the faded matt black appears OD Green or CARC Green. The markings on the tailboom appear to be lighter in colour than the overall scheme so possibly the matt black with OD Green markings looks like this in a faded photo. The minigun is also OD Green in the photo and that should be black so I'd say the photo is washed out. Nice to see a new photo of an AH-6C. LD.
  5. Is there a new additional antenna on the forward tailboom of this MELB?
  6. You could send an email to the Helicopter Museum at Weston-Super-Mare in the UK. They have a Wessex or two there and maybe somebody there would take a a few good detail photos for you. It's worth a go. They might have a skeleton staff still working there to keep things ticking over and perhaps someone there can help. http://www.helicoptermuseum.co.uk/ There are a few Wessex walkaround folders here. There might be something useful in here. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/forum/341-rotary-wing-aircraft-walkarounds/page/4/ LD.
  7. Here is an interesting H-34 story! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Corporal_(SS-346) LD.
  8. Looks good. The HH-43 is an odd looking machine but still interesting. LD.
  9. Impressive detail in that Huskie. Good luck with your build, Smokeriderdon. LD.
  10. If anyone ever releases a LongRanger, I'd love to build this, as a testament to the crew. This helicopter is now preserved in the Law Enforcement Museum in Washington DC and I was fortunate enough to pay a visit there last year. A scratch-build/conversion using the Italeri 1/72 OH-58A Kiowa might even be possible. https://www.statter911.com/2014/09/04/gene-windsor-us-park-police-paramedic-rescued-air-florida-victims-potomac-dies-age-74/ LD.
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