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  1. Loach Driver

    No love for OH-58A

    Great photos. I love the multi-colour MERDC camo. I wonder did the OH-6A ever get the same camo scheme? LD.
  2. Loach Driver

    AH-6C, MH-6 photos from AH6C-SIP-PICS ARE BACK!

    Hopefully everyone got out of that LB OK. LD.
  3. Loach Driver

    1:72 Academy MiG-21F-13 Fishbed C USAF Have Doughnut

    The MIG-21 looks interesting with the stars-and-bars. LD.
  4. Loach Driver

    Academy 1/48 Hughes 500D TOW Helicopter

    Well done on a nice Defender. LD.
  5. Loach Driver

    No love for OH-58A

    The old 1/32 Revell Jet Ranger is an old kit and so the detail levels are not high. The nose shape does look a tiny bit off but with some work, it looks like it can be built into a nice scale Kiowa. I'd give this kit a go. http://www.scale-rotors.com/galerie/1-utility-helicopters/79-oh-58a-kiowa-italeri.html I built one as a kid (and really enjoyed building it) until my sister knocked it over and left it in pieces. 👎 I've toyed with the idea of building another one as a RAID OH-58A + with high skids. Some day! LD.
  6. Loach Driver

    Best 1/72 Apache for YAH-64A?

    I took the old 1/72 Hasegawa kit out of the stash in the last week for a look. I might start it shortly to build AV-06 in Phase II pre-production configuration. I have some Eduard photoetch for the later AH-64A version of this kit but a lot of it is relevant to the YAH-64A. It'll be a chance to try out etched parts on a model for the first time. LD.
  7. Impressive work so far. LD.
  8. Loach Driver

    HH-46E SAR

    That is some document! Is there an older version of that document that features the TH-6B? Thanks. LD.
  9. Loach Driver

    1/48 UH-1V Kitty Hawk *Completed*

    A great build and the line-up pic looks really good. LD.
  10. Loach Driver

    Dreaming for.....1/72 resin wants!

    Good to hear that the RAID Kiowa is on your list. And great to see that a 1/72 Blue Thunder is also on the way (I hope). I'll have to break out the DVD of that movie again. Classic. LD.
  11. The manufacturer posted on Britmodeller that floats will be available as an option at some point! 😊 LD.
  12. Either scale is interesting and hopefully floats are an option. The Calypso Hughes 300 is a classic and plenty of US police forces used these in the 70's and 80's. A 1/72 kit would be the icing on the cake. LD.
  13. Loach Driver

    Dreaming for.....1/72 resin wants!

    Yea, sadly the Heller kit just has the standard roof-mounted sight. Overall, the Airfix/Heller 1/72 kit is not bad but it needs a little updating now in areas like the rotor head detail and skids. The glazing is not perfect either but is usable. LD.
  14. Loach Driver

    Dreaming for.....1/72 resin wants!

    Yes, that would be a start at least. I have a few Airfix Gazelles but I might have to invest in a Heller one. LD.
  15. Loach Driver

    Dreaming for.....1/72 resin wants!

    This is the upgrade I had in mind. https://www.airliners.net/photo/France-Army/Aerospatiale-SA-342M-Gazelle/2826181/L LD.