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  1. That is off the hook! Another great build with superb levels of scratch-building. LD.
  2. I'm seeking some advice on 1/48 scale AH-64 kits for a few possible future build. I purchased an Airfix 1/48 AH-64 Apache recently for a very good price. It was the first 1/48th AH-64 ever released and it accurately depicts the Phase II Pre-Production Hughes YAH-64. Looking at the kit, it got me thinking, wouldn't it be cool to attempt to build all the various versions of the AH-64 that the US Army has flown over the years since service entry in the early 80's? And so, here are the various versions that have flown with the US Army Phase II pre-production prototype Hughes YAH-64
  3. Does this video help in any way? Probably not but perhaps enough to help with your model. LD.
  4. Lots of work obviously went into your Lynx. One to be proud of. LD.
  5. This sounds very interesting. Looking forward to the LOH photos, especially any OH-6A pics! And hopefully you do get the opportunity to post up the flight test reports. LD.
  6. I've been doing a little research into 1/48th scale AH-64s. The Airfix 1/48 scale kit is in fact a Phase II Pre-production Prototype. It was the very first 1/48th scale AH-64 model kit to be released. It is now one of those kits that you either love or hate. You'll love it, if like me, you want to construct a prototype AH-64. You'll probably hate it if you want a production-standard AH-64A. I purchased one recently at a very good price and it looks to be quite nice but bear in mind that this is a kit from 1983. That being said, that period was possibly the golden era of production
  7. Nice shots of the MD902 Explorer and the Westland Scout. The MD902 is not currently in production and no new ones may ever be built. Great to see a few Scouts still flying in private hands, It's not the prettiest helicopter but it has its charm, nonetheless. LD.
  8. Astonishingly good work, as always. LD.
  9. I think they are part of the High Frequency radio system. At least the long one under the tailboom is. I am not sure if the one on top of the tail fin is too. I'd imagine that is still some kind of radio antenna though. LD.
  10. Something of interest to anyone building a YCH-1A model. 85514 and 85515 both appear to have a shorter forward rotor-mast while 85516 has the taller production-standard rotor-mast. The cabin door and pilots' side windows are also different from the later production aircraft. The fuselage window layout in 85516 is the same as the production-standard CH-46. I think the Airfix U/CH-46 is probably closest to 85516 in terms of an out-of-the-box build. Scroll down this page for a pic of 85516. https://www.helis.com/database/sqd/6515th-Squadron/1960s LD.
  11. The simple answer right now is no. There is no S-92 kit in any scale available right now but hopefully that changes pretty soon. LD.
  12. Thanks for all that info and the interesting photos. I had a dig through my OH-58A photos saved from the web and found this image of an OH-58A with a Stinger Pod fitted. The cameras fitted on top of it (as well as all the equipment in the rear compartment) indicate that it might actually have been a "live" pod and was used in testing the firing of the Stinger missile from the OH-58A. I reckon it is a second photo of the same OH-58A from your post above. It would be interesting to know the Army serial number for this Kiowa. It would make a nice and interesting little model. (I'm not
  13. I've got a 1/72 Matchbox YA-10 kit waiting for this sheet. The JAWS schemes are tempting too. Thanks for releasing this sheet. LD.
  14. Thanks for doing up this drawing. It might be useful in the future for a conversion of one of the existing AHIP kits. Any photos of OH-58As or AHIP prototypes fitted with ATAS would be welcome. I think the first ATAS launches from a Kiowa were from an OH-58A in the mid-eighties. I don't know the identity of that particular airframe though. LD.
  15. There is an old and basic kit of the S-62 in approximately 1/48 scale. I have one in the attic. I recall paying a princely sum for it. LD.
  16. It sure would. I need to pull out my 1/72 Italeri kit and see how difficult that engine cowling modification might be. Nice paint scheme and the air data boom adds further interest to the model. The Stinger missile system was a feature of much of the early OH-58D artwork and early airbrushed photos. Hughes also fitted a Stinger pod to their OH-6D AHIP entry. I'm not sure if any of the early OH-58D prototypes actually flew with a Stinger pod fitted. I think the Stinger came later with the armed OH-58D Kiowa Warrior. As a kid, I was always fascinated by these images of the Kiowa with
  17. Thanks for the colour tips. I messed around with the pic for a minute and came up with this version of it. Not fully correct but a bit closer to the real colour of the helicopter than the first version of this pic. LD.
  18. I managed to find two more photos of OH-58D prototypes. First up is Ship No.2, in a configuration and paint scheme that is just dying to be replicated in miniature form! I think the colours in this photo are off a little. The red should probably day-glo orange, similar to the orange in the second photo. I'd imagine the zinc chromate-like colour is probably a bit paler too. And here is Ship No.5. I believe this was the first of the prototypes to get the production-standard engine cowling. Another bright test ship that would look good in 1/72 or 1/35.
  19. Thanks Matt, I'd appreciate that. The development of the OH-58D from the winning proposal in 1981 to the first production variant delivered to the Army is poorly recorded, as far as I can tell. Photos of the five prototypes are fairly thin on the ground. Maybe the Army Aviation Digest has a good write-up on their development and on the test program. That publication gave a lot of attention to the development of the AH-64. Thanks. LD.
  20. Here are two photos of the third OH-58D prototype. I've been trying to find other photos of the original five test ships but they seem to be extremely rare, online. LD.
  21. Lovely Tomcat, Paul. I always enjoyed your 1/72 builds in FSM. Still not sure what kit to get, a Matchbox for Tomcat No.1 or the Airfix kit for one of the later prototypes. LD.
  22. Here is a link to truck load of photos of 71-1369, including cockpit photos, as well as some photos of 31665 fitted with an air data boom. I'd guess these are all Fairchild company pics. https://cdm16694.contentdm.oclc.org/digital/collection/p16694coll109/search/searchterm/Republic YA-10/page/1 I hope this is of interest. LD.
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