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  1. Looking for the decal sheet from Trumpeters F-14A, specifically the VF-84 Jolly Rogers markings. Please let me know if you have this and would be willing to part with it! Thanks
  2. Selling a 95% complete Trumpeter F-14D kit with a Zacto intake set and Aires GE-F110 nozzles set. What I mean by 95% complete, I ended up taking the cockpit components and the wheels from the kit. The only thing you will need to get in order to complete this model is an aftermarket cockpit and wheels, chances are you were going to do that anyway. Save some money this way and put it toward those items. Not parting items out, at this time. Trumpeter F-14D kit (minus cockpit and wheels) Zacto intake set Aires GE-F110 set Asking $220 shipped in the
  3. In need of the Vf-31 portion of this sheet. If anyone has it and you’re trying to sell, please let me know!
  4. back on the market for Has. 1/48 Tomcats! Let me know what you've got!
  5. Only the Hasegawa decals. I have the CAM version but the red is too bright, IMO.
  6. Mainly looking for the decals but will buy the whole kit if you're not wanting to part it out. Has. 00745, F-14B. Looks like this. Please let me know if you have one to sell! Thank you!
  7. I can't find any reviews for these wheel bays, if you have used these before, does it include all the doors for the landing gear bays or just the ones shown? In pictures for the 1/48 wheel bays, all the doors are shown so I'm just trying to make sure! Thanks for any help
  8. I'm looking for the wheels/tires for Trumpeter's F-14 but will also consider Tamiya's wheels/ tires. I know a lot of people go with aftermarket wheels/ tires so hopefully someone has some left over! I'm also looking for the gear bay doors for the main gear. Trumpeter includes two sets, one for the open position and another for the closed door position, so if you've ever built a Trumpeter Tomcat you should have a set of these doors left over. I would accept either one! Please let me know if you have any of what I'm looking for. Thanks!
  9. I am about to get into building Hasegawa 1/48 F-14s and wanted some input on the different boxings. Has Hasegawas kit changed much from the different boxings? (aside from decals) Are there any I should avoid? I know sometimes older versions of models might have raised panel lines, not have as many options for the variants etc. Just wanted to know if the older boxings are comparable to the new releases. Thanks for any help!
  10. Interested in buying several kits, B's and D's preferred but will consider any Hasegawa Tomcat in 1/48 at a fair price. Send me a message!
  11. In this particular instance, I am adding different engines to my F-14 so I have to cut off the engine shrouds molded into the fuselage and add on an Aires engine shrouds. A straight cut would help limit how much filling and sanding I would have to do, immensely. I was thinking maybe like a mini-table saw not a full-sized, wood cutting table saw or anything like that.
  12. I find myself needing to make precise straight line cuts pretty often, but I only have a dremel right now and I need something with precision. What do you all use? I was thinking maybe some kind of table saw but wonder if there's a tool I don't know about. Any help would be great!
  13. I need two sets of the front main landing gear doors included in the Trumpeter kit. There are two sets per kit, a hinged set for gear down display and a non-hinged set for closed/ gear up display. If you built yours gear down, you will have a set of the gear up doors left over. both sets are on sprue J, the gear up versions are J19 and 20. I would take either type. Please let me know if you can help me out! Thanks
  14. To summarize the F-14B features: GE-F110 engines/shrouds/fairings (same engines in F-14D) GRU-7 seats (same seats in F-14A) Single camera chin pod (common on F-14A's, never on F-14D) ECM bumps (two) under each wing root (just before the "hinge" of the swing wings). Present on all late F-14A's. wing glove veins bolted shut late style wheels Each Tomcat has a somewhat different cockpit (mostly dealing with the displays) so you'd have to get an F-14B specific cockpit if you wanted to get that correct.
  15. Phoenix missile pallets ($12 shipped, would be good for Trumpeter replacements!) F-14 Bomb racks ($9 shipped) Front fuselage ($10 shipped) Decal sheet $15 shipped Remove Before Flight tags $5 shipped upper fuselage (Note front landing gear doors have been removed from this sprue). Also note, I began to scribe the front half of this fuselage. It's not done or perfect but I'm sure in the hands of a capable modeler, it will be fine.
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