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  1. Thanks for all the input and suggestions, everyone. I ended up going with Model Master Acyrl because my local hobby shop happened to have it. It went down beautifully - smooth and glossy and with no problems. I'm putting down decals right now. When I'm done, if I think the model looks presentable, I'll post a few pictures. Thanks again!
  2. Howdy all. I just finished construction on the excellent Meng 1:72 F-102A. I know the real world aircraft were generally painted ADC Grey, FS16473. My problem is finding that color for my kit aircraft. Cybermodeler's normally very helpful color reference page suggests Vallejo 70.973, which was available at my local hobby store, so I went it. Turns out it's waaaaaaaay too blue. So blue that I can't even pretend that it looks okay. So now I'm looking for something to repaint the aircraft with. The various paint comparison charts suggest Tamiya XF-19, which doesn't look quite blue enough to my eye. From what I've seen there doesn't seem to be a direct match. I'd love to get an equivalent that isn't too hard to find (don't mind ordering online somewhere if I have to) because I've got an F-101 to build and I'm certain that I'll also buy the Meng F-106 at some point soon. I typically use Vallejo, Tamiya, or Mission Model Paint but have used both Gunze (Mr. Color and Aqueos) in the past and have thinners/supplies for them. Anyone have any suggestions? Did I miss an obvious match? Thanks for any help.
  3. Thanks, Gregg!! This is always appreciated.
  4. Exactly. Are we sure that is a new fighter idea or a stall trainer?
  5. No, no new layoffs at Lockheed. At least, not right this moment.
  6. Thanks, everyone!! I got a new Trumpeter 1/72 Su-27C, so that's a pretty darn good start.
  7. Thanks, everyone. Haven't done too much picture worthy since there is lots of impending baby stuff going on, but the box is still on my workbench and still my only real active project. Will have some shots this weekend.
  8. The guys at my LHS say you can add regular lacquer thinner to thin it out but I've never tried it. Great stuff, that Mr. Dissolved Putty.
  9. Yes. I can't remember the time frame of the change, but it's been several years. Maybe around the a/c 4081 rollout? That's not it exactly I'm sure, but somewhere in there. The color difference, as you mentioned, was due to the customer requesting a change from chromated primer to completely non-chromated. If I recall the older version was more yellowish-green than bluegreen. That's one of those things that when you see it every day you start to not notice it.
  10. A few detail pictures as I get going. The cockpit is built up by putting pieces on the pit, like the side console controls: Side console pieces. I'll paint these before attaching them to the pit. The other two are similar. I can't speak to their accuracy, but they sure look good. The center console bases. To these you add film, much like an Eduard set, and then another piece with all the bezels (which I just realized I didn't take a picture of) goes on top of the film. It's really nice. The instrument panel film The main wheel wells. A couple of small detail pieces get added to this. The nose gear The main wheels. They're made up of five pieces and are pretty impressive. Also in the shot are parts of the ejection seats. Next time, some actual construction. I think.
  11. Thanks for the replies, everyone. I'm glad some people have posted their builds, it's great to see how it builds up and what you all have thought about it. thegoodsgt - thanks for the tip about gaps if not folding the wings and such. I was 99% sure I was going to have them folded up, because I can since OOB folding wings are still pretty rare in 1/72, but that pretty much cinches it. I won't be folding the stab, as tempting as that sounds, so I'll deal with what I find there. So flaps down and wings folded as a common configuration? That's what I'd want to do and just haven't seen enough pictures to determine if that was the state you'd find a parked Vigilante or not.
  12. Howdy all. One of the presents under my tree this Christmas was the really amazing Trumpy 1/72 scale RA-5C. It's one of the new wave of Trumpy kits and it's really well done. I can't promise progress will be quick (I tend to work several projects at once and I tend to not be extremely fast about any of them, not to mention a baby on the way in early February), but I'll try to keep you all updated as often as possible. I intend to build it pretty much out of the box, it certainly doesn't need an aftermarket cockpit in my opinion (I'll get to that later). The marking options are pretty odd (both shore based units) so maybe I'll see if there's anything else out there, though I doubt it. Let's take a look at what's in the box before I get started on the construction. Here's the box art. I inside the box Six sprues plus a couple of individually wrapped parts not on sprues, like the fuse halves The intake pieces get extra padding Next up will be a few detail shots.
  13. Thank you for doing this and being so scientific about it. I've been wondering how the three compare. Will be looking forward to your updates as you put different "stuff" on them.
  14. LOL, yeah, right! My wife never even got to see my desk.
  15. I started on the program two days before the first aircraft flew and this morning I watched the last one go out the door. It was a lot of hard work at times, but it's been a heck of a lot of fun.
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