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  1. Please disregard. Item has sold with the Buy it Now option. Eric
  2. I'm selling a Mattel Vac-U-Form I've owned for nearly 35 years but never used. Refurbished and upgraded with the full kit from vac-u-form.com. In excellent condition, other than a few stains on the hot plate, it looks like it just came out of the box. http://www.ebay.com/itm/201549047335 Cheers, Eric
  3. Hi Sebastian, IMO, the best way to simulate wood grain is using artist oil paints. I've written a tutorial on the technique that has worked very well for me and can be found here: http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/woodgrainel_1.htm This is my Wingnut Wings LVG referred to in the article: And here's a 1/48 Eduard Albatros on which I used the same method. I hope this helps. Cheers, Eric
  4. There is no one "best" CA glue for all purposes but if you need something thin and fast setting, there is none better I've found than Kiss Maximum Speed Nail Glue available in the cosmetic departments of most pharmacies and the likes of Target or Wal Mart. http://www.walgreens.com/store/c/kiss-maximum-speed-nail-glue/ID=prod10487-product The stuff is perfect for complex photo-etch projects. I've built a couple Jasmine Model metal models and am currently working on their 1/48 F6F Hellcat. I tried several other CA glues but none worked as quickly or effectively as the Kiss glue. Cheers,
  5. Yup...anything from WWI. Then I built a 1/48 DML Fokker Dr.1 that was a gift from a friend and I was hooked. That was followed by a newly released Wingnut Wings LVG and now I have a stash of over 20 of their kits. :) Cheers, Eric
  6. Interesting. I just received my Su-33 kit today and my page P34 is missing the title banner and the Gunze color callouts. I found the color list on the box top side but now I wonder if other things didn't get printed in my instructions. Ah ha...I found the kit listed at Hobby Search and it includes scans of the entire instruction book so I can check. Instruction issues aside..wow...what a kit! I'm particularly impressed with the exhaust nozzles. Can't wait to build this beauty. Cheers, Eric
  7. No worries! You're welcome and thanks! And thank you for sharing your excellent photos. Cheers, Eric
  8. Great photos! If I may though, a couple have minor errors in their captions (they're mine). This is an F-4B, not an F-4J: and this is a Tamiya F-16C, not Hasegawa: :) Cheers, Eric
  9. Wrong! There most certainly are OOB categories at the Nats. This year in aircraft alone there were 9 OOB categories. Winners can be seen here starting part way down on page 9. http://svsm.org/gallery/columbus2015-winners?page=9 On the other hand, you are spot on regarding nailing the basics. That is the key to a chance at winning. Cheers, Eric
  10. I was wondering the same thing until it dawned on me that he means orders for any existing books will be entered in the drawing. I believe The Scale Hornet itself won't be available until early to mid December but he may allow pre-ordering before that. Cheers, Eric
  11. From experience, I can highly recommend the Grex Tritium TG. We had friends, with two 8 year old girls, visit our home earlier this summer. As soon as they saw my workshop they wanted to try an airbrush. I loaded up my Grex with child-friendly water-based craft paints and turned them loose. Neither girl had any trouble controlling the brush, even though it's heavier than a conventional one, and were writing their names and drawing flowers on sheets of printer paper in no time. :) Cheers, Eric
  12. Thank you! Not surprising you've not seen the scheme before as it's a "what if" Hasegawa dreamed up for the kit. :) It's featured on the box art and I thought it really sharp so went with it rather than that of the actual test aircraft. Cheers, Eric
  13. Here's something a little different I just completed tonight. This special edition kit added a resin Bv 246 glide bomb to Hasegawa's standard Fw 190A-8 kit. I opted for the attractive speculative night raider scheme as portrayed on the box art. Those familiar with the Hasegawa 1/48 Fw 190s know they are superb kits. Only a couple aftermarket items were used on this one - Ultracast's seat and wheels - while a few minor scratch built details were added. Cheers, Eric
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