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  1. Looking for 60's 70's era. I have lots of 1/48 ordnance, pods etc. for trade. Mostly fighter stuff.
  2. Not yet because I thought maybe you guys would know a source I could buy from.
  3. But I'm building a 1/72 F-105G for a friend. Where can I find 2 pilots in that scale? It will be a plane on a stick so I like to have them in the pit. Lord forbid I took this on..............
  4. I replaced hundreds of dump masts and never saw red tips. 1970 to 1974. Just Sayin. That was USAF.
  5. Has anyone heard any recent info about the zoukei mura f-4e?
  6. My oh my! What dedication and perseverance. I wish I could do that.
  7. Genre: Fighters and Attack Jets Scale 1/48 Favorite Manufacturer: Tamiya Favorite Kit: All Tamiya F-16 variants
  8. Us airplane guys think only about things with wings.
  9. Zouki-Mura F-4 Phantom kits would be ranked up there also.
  10. Did I hear wine tasting in Nappa? Count me in!
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