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  1. airmechaja

    Love this "rusty tail" F-16

    I take the other side on it. It looks like rail car graffiti to me. Eye of the beholder.
  2. airmechaja

    A visit to the USAF Museum in Dayton OH

    The ground crew on the RF-86's, would paint on the gun ports to make them look like they had guns.
  3. airmechaja

    SpaceX - Falcon Heavy

    Go SpaceX. Elon Musk is chief nerd.
  4. airmechaja

    F-8E check pylon colour? Single or y-rack

    That is the pic I posted about above but it has a copyright so I didn't post it.
  5. airmechaja

    F-8E check pylon colour? Single or y-rack

    There is one but it's a black & white pic so it's hard to be positive.
  6. airmechaja

    F-8E check pylon colour? Single or y-rack

    I have a close up pic from the Squadron Walk Around book and the Y adapter and LAU-7 rails are white.
  7. airmechaja

    JHMCS Magnetic Transmitter Unit - In Resin??

    Bueller, Bueller? Am I correct in assuming it is the unit that sends the signals to the helmet? What does it look like? Excuse my ignorance.
  8. airmechaja

    1/48 F-4 Phantom best kits

    And when it comes down to brass tacks, who wouldn't love the craftsmanship by the 3 models displayed above? Great job guys!
  9. airmechaja

    Question about A-10 markings

    And on the bottom, you will see a box camera on a tri pod marking which are jacking points.
  10. airmechaja

    Tomcat TPS in Tamiya Paint

    IMHO, Model Master Acryl makes all three colors. And as stated above after all the weathering on Navy planes who will know? Yeah, yeah, they 're not a perfect match but none are......
  11. airmechaja

    Skinny or narrow sanding sticks?

    http://www.alphaabrasives.com Look under modeling. Made in Canada.
  12. airmechaja

    Alclad II white primer

    I also never veer from Tamiya primer. White goes on white and stays white. The grey primer is also great.
  13. I am also leaning in that direction. Maybe it will catch on!
  14. airmechaja

    F-16 prototype camouflage

    Look up "F-16 prototype decals". It worked for me.
  15. airmechaja

    F-16 prototype camouflage

    They seem to be numerous on the internet.