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  1. The Postmaster General is the office to contact. This is right up their alley. It's worked for me.
  2. Check out the Dremel Lite. Works very good for modeling and cordless.
  3. I would first ask if someone has the part on the "spare parts forum" .
  4. I think that most people here are just looking for a reliable source or Steve to tell us that he is OK. It may seem odd right now that Steve would just walk away from ARC without an explanation but we don't know the specifics. And it is his domain. He can do what he likes with it. I don't want to see it go away but I also think it is his choice to deal with it as he sees fit. That's my 2 cents on it.
  5. I'll build a couple even if it's not my scale.
  6. It would appear that we couldn't even give money to the cause as no one can even communicate with Steve. Last one out the door, turn off the lights.
  7. You kinda answered your own question. They are counter sunk phillips head screws of various sizes holding panels on.
  8. Good question but no definitive answer here. Kinsey book doesn't show enough top wing pics. Walk arounds don't show much. Revealogram doesn't have them but Academy does.
  9. I've accidentally used Tamiya thinner in the past and it worked fine.
  10. I'd pull my hair out applying those large decals! looks good.
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