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  1. Nice pic of the J-31 Chris. Yeah the centrifical flow turbines were a far cry from looking like an axial flow turbine.
  2. Check this site out: https://israeli-weapons.com/weapons/aircraft/f-15i/F-15I.html
  3. I'm using Vallejo Air quite a bit now and I think their colors are very close to what they should be. Plus they spray nice and smooth.
  4. It makes no difference if you build them.
  5. I found the resin details to be very soft almost non existent with many air bubbles. I know others didn't have the problem.
  6. I agree. Satin or semi gloss will be the ticket. Gloss is for decaling.
  7. For me it's simple. Airplanes on the ground, no pilots. Airplanes on a stick, pilots with visors down and masks on.
  8. The D kit. The Popeye missiles were also from Isra Decal. No complaints on them.
  9. I built this one 7 or 8 years ago from the Hasegawa kit. I used the full conversion from IsraDecal. Totally disappointed with the resin but the decals were great.
  10. Another vote for Tamiya Primer. Right out of the rattle can...........IMO there is no better.
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