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  1. Good call Paul. I was sure it was a E but I had only my poor memory to rely on. I think the E's went into production in 69.
  2. Real Blu Tack made by Bostick. Made in Australia. Never a problem.
  3. Another covid 19 build. "Bullseye" from Caracal Decals. Nice Phantoms Phantom. "O" everything looks great. Sorry about the phone pic. New camera coming soon.
  4. Mine will never look that clean & pristine, ever.
  5. I could name 10 better on line companies than Squadron.
  6. That sounds like a good possibility to me. Maybe we're over using Micro Sol. Are there any setting solutions out there less caustic?
  7. This is a superb kit to build. I might pick up a couple. One of Revells old secrets.
  8. I've always had this problem also. Distilled water applied with a soft cotton pad has worked occasionally for me. I hope someone has a good solution.
  9. I have trained my cat by saying sic mouse! When she finds it she will try to eat it so I must be fast getting it out of her mouth.
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