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  1. That's a great blog for these times. Don't lose sight of the big picture.
  2. Another vote for foam tipped swabs. Very reuseable also.
  3. Of course I did. Thanks for correcting me Paul. I edited it. Old guys syndrome.
  4. Here's another F-106. 1/48 Revelogram from the ARC group Build & Kursad's decals which went on without a hitch.
  5. This is my new S.O.P. because I have no toilet paper!
  6. I've actually seen pics of sunlight hitting the Hud and making it appear that the wind screen is tinted. I think it was a shutter stock pic?
  7. Vallejo Air needs to be thinned. Their thinner is best. Don't clean your airbrush with lacquer thinner after use. Use their airbrush cleaner or windshield washer solution. Experimentation is the key.
  8. We all admit we have a buying problem but truthfully it's also a Building problem except for phantom...
  9. Pictures are decieving but I've seen the front half tinted, the whole canopy tinted and what appears as no tint. I would look for a pic of the specific aircraft.
  10. I love them also. Haven't been able to find them in USA. If someone knows a source, please let us know.
  11. This is a long shot but I will make it worth your while. This is the sprue I need from a bad E-bay buy.
  12. Z-5 is working fine for me.
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