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  1. https://www.themodellingnews.com/2021/03/tamiya-colour-shape-to-its-new.html#more
  2. Received my last one this week. Piece of cake.
  3. The Geeks are great. There's allot of knowledge to be gleaned from them. It's entertaining also!
  4. You are correct. My Bad. I edited ny previous mistake.
  5. "Plus whatever is in my stash" is hard for me to decipher.
  6. FS 34102 = XF 5 Tamiya FS 34092 = FS 36081 = XF 63 Tamiya Maybe.
  7. Almost all are in color. If they weren't, I wouldn't have made the claim.
  8. From the Osprey book I mentioned, the buzz numbers and tail numbers are black and they match the USAF.
  9. I have the Osprey book "F-84 Units Over Korea". Of the 6 to 10 pics of the top or bottom wings, the USAF is for sure black. Some may be heavily weathered but it looks black to me.
  10. No equivalent. AS16 is as close as they get. Might be too light.
  11. I'd like to hear them also.
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