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  1. airmechaja

    CD48149 - F-15E Lakenheath Strike Eagles

    I'm getting ready to spend money.
  2. airmechaja

    Revell 1/48 F-5E Tiger II

    Looks great. I like the paint scheme also.
  3. airmechaja

    Who needs an ejection seat?

    Recruiter, 1-800-USAF......
  4. airmechaja

    Your tools and techniques on seams

    A good technique to learn first is using liquid adhesive like Tenex (no longer available) or Pro Weld or Plast-i-Weld. Learning the capillary technique allows you to make the joins with no steps in them. You can find many videos on line that will help explain the steps.
  5. airmechaja

    Who needs an ejection seat?

    It's pretty close in my memory.
  6. airmechaja

    Badger Velocity Airbrush clogged?

    It really sounds like the nozzle is clogged. In Badgers it's very common. Like cag_200 says soak it. I recommend lacquer thinner.
  7. airmechaja

    Who needs an ejection seat?

    Cool. I'd have that one also! It resembles my Lazy Boy.
  8. airmechaja

    GEMINI 9A - 1/24

    You're an amazing modeller Pete. Love watching this.
  9. airmechaja

    Who needs an ejection seat?

    I'm asking Santa!
  10. airmechaja

    1/72 C-54 / RCAF North Star

    I'm going to hate to see this GB end. It gets more interesting all the time.
  11. airmechaja

    Monogram 1/48 "Miller SNJ"

    The prop looks beautiful. I love it.
  12. airmechaja

    1/32 Kiowa.

    You have football Besides the greatest game of Hockey. Go Wild! Had to put the plug in for Minnesota.
  13. airmechaja

    Monogram 1/48 F95 Panther

    I really like the green markings.
  14. airmechaja

    1/32 Kiowa.

    Phantom, maybe that captain just didn't want to play football with you!
  15. airmechaja

    494th Expeditionary Panthers

    Was it "Dragon Betty"?