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  1. I'm really confused again! My flux capacitor is broke.....
  2. 1. Make sure cat is comfortable sitting in MY $200 modeling chair. 2. Make sure beer is cold for consumption on first modeling catastrophe of the day. 3. Make sure to remember that modeling is fun.
  3. Another 20 years bites the dust. It dates us all. Congrats ARC.
  4. I get the same message that the connection is untrusted.
  5. When I built a few of them, I used Model Master Acryl #4686 Dark Sea Blue. It looked correct to me. You will probably get many different opinions on this one.
  6. Best Kinetic I have built would be 1\48 Kfir. It might be the best they ever produced but we'll see what others think.
  7. Paint and decals really great on Sundowners.
  8. I sure agree with you about the Hasagawa kit vs. Academy. I love building the Hasagawa kit. The Academy, not so much!
  9. I have not heard this before either. Are you including Vallejo Air also? Please enlighten me.
  10. That's a perfect pic to show the point. Good job Whiskey!
  11. I've been using Alclad II Aqua Gloss Clear. I love it. No thinning just spray it. For the flat coat I still use Model Master Acryl Flat Clear.
  12. They both look good! I like the folded wings on Eduard also.
  13. And the light grey undercarriage blended from underneath even though the J-79 engines smoked like smudge pots.
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