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  1. airmechaja

    B-2A 1/48

    Wow, I can buy 3 ZM F-4E's and 2 Meng F-4G's for that kind of money. But it sure looks cool!
  2. Modelling News has more answers for us this morning. https://www.themodellingnews.com/2022/09/preview-mengs-wild-weasel-feature.html#more
  3. *Sprue Cutter *Magnifiers - glasses or Optivisor *Cross locking tweezers *Xacto handles with #11 blades *Strong lighting system *Variable Speed Rotary tool with appropriate bits
  4. I'd shut it down too. The traffic there is about null!
  5. I've never had Micro Set or Micro Sol go bad on me and I also have had it around for many years.
  6. Just curious of your opinions on how they look and how they stand up to PE for seats.
  7. Agree with both Dutch & Crash Test .
  8. Thanks solo. I'll check them out.
  9. Are there any ZM canopy masks out there for the F-4E?
  10. I couldn't find any pics of that configuration in the Squadron Walk Around book.
  11. We are not talking about bleed air in this case. Bleed air comes generally from the compressor section. The air I am talking about surrounds the outside of the entire engine which keeps the outside of the engine cooler preventing it from melting the air frame. The answer you are looking for is beyond my scope. A GE scientist could help.
  12. I believe the -17's needed more cooling secondary air from the intake so the new nozzles were developed.
  13. It all sounds like normal modeling procedure to ME!
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