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  1. WOW! I just read the story about that squadron yesterday. Good work Dave. You really have great contacts.
  2. Where does one find this product?
  3. Raymond will usually make a response here on ARC. Be patient.
  4. I like everything closed tight and out of sight. The beautiful aerodynamics are what I'm after.
  5. Looks like release agent left on sprues. Wash in warm soapy water.
  6. The Tamiya F-35A goes together so flawlessly, you barley have to touch it! 😃
  7. Great tutorial. I've been using Tamiya acrylics for 20 years and I agree with all of your assessments. Good job!
  8. Amazon may not be your cup of tea, but you can't beat the price. 😁
  9. Try this on internet - alq 87 ecm pod on f-111
  10. Go to the "Spares Box" here on ARC and list what you are looking for. Sometimes you get lucky.
  11. Good topic. I've always been a 1/48 modeler but space is at a minimum now so I'm dabbling in 1/72 at present. Also I finish them much faster.
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