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  1. F-4D 65-0608

    Thanks Mike. There are a few stumbling blocks in the Academy kit. Next Phantom will be the ZM kit for sure.
  2. So The Music Died?

    Seems like the end of an era.
  3. Mike, I re-posted my build pics for F-4D #608 if you are still interested. Dean
  4. Moderating a Group Build: What's Expected?

    Well put Shawn.
  5. F-4D 65-0608

    Thanks Mike. If I find some extra time I might try and re-post pics but it will be tedious.
  6. F-4D 65-0608

    Yes sir I am aware of the situation that Post Image created for us users. Like other hosting companies of late, they didn't like the Large Bill they received for use of the storage space company they were using so they changed systems and I would have to go back and re-post all my images for the last 5 years. I did re-post the finished pics in the gallery for this group build. I have a new hosting company that I will use from this point on. What a P.I.A. this has been!
  7. Moderating a Group Build: What's Expected?

    It's also nice IF the moderator shows up and sticks with the group build!
  8. 1/32 VFA-87 F-18E

    Do you usually use the Acryl or enamel?
  9. Revell F-86 "The Huff"

    You and me both. I've never had a kit ready for primer in a month let alone a week. It's looking good.
  10. Neww hosting test

    I'm now using imgbb. It seems to be a no nonsense site.
  11. Neww hosting test

  12. Post Image

    It seems Post Image is going away. I lost all my images.
  13. Tamiya 1/48 F-16C. Was it a sales disappointment?

    It sure hasn't been a disappointment for after market decal companies!