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  1. Gordon, I've been ordering from you since the beginning. I'm very thankful for your business and wish you all the luck in the future.
  2. Tamiya F- 14 is a beautiful start back and any of their Vipers!
  3. The NFL stands for Not For Long!
  4. Seems like new updates are a problem.
  5. In my opinion, GWH has them all beat. High parts count but relatively easy build.
  6. I like Tamiya acrylic but I always use a primer because I've had problems in the past with it peeling off especially after masking.
  7. I can sure see it on the D.
  8. This is a bad pic of Chico but the best I have. Does this look canted? I can't tell.
  9. I second that. I sure would like to hear about E's in BOLO.
  10. This is the latest info: https://www.zoukeimura.co.jp/en/products/sws48_10_f4e-early.html
  11. Yes and include "Chico". Please.
  12. Now that ZM is releasing the new hard wing F-4E, any thoughts on some decals for it? Maybe "Chico the Gunfighter" or Capt.Steve Ritchie's Mig killer. Love to see some.
  13. Looks like release date and price for new F-4E. https://www.zoukeimura.co.jp/en/products/sws48_10_f4e-early.html
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