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  1. Now that ZM is releasing the new hard wing F-4E, any thoughts on some decals for it? Maybe "Chico the Gunfighter" or Capt.Steve Ritchie's Mig killer. Love to see some.
  2. Looks like release date and price for new F-4E. https://www.zoukeimura.co.jp/en/products/sws48_10_f4e-early.html
  3. It doesn't beat the Tornado but it WINS!
  4. I don't have a pic of it but the winner must be the Tornado. After all it's nickname was "the fin".
  5. I'd have to display it in my garage.
  6. This is another Covid 19 build I just compleated. It is the Tamyia Aggressor kit. The decals are Afterburner. It's from the 18th Aggressor Sq. Eielson AFB, Alaska.
  7. At best, I have walked away from all modeling for a few months to chill out about a disaster. At worst, I've stomped it into pieces and felt no regret moving on to the next project.
  8. Blu-Tack. Made in Australia by Bostik.
  9. Phantom, What's the wing span on that monster?
  10. OK. I followed your instructions implicitly and they're brilliant. I get very fine lines and full coverage without any tip drying. I have put the paint on thick or thin and I'm getting a very nice finish. Smooth & silky. I'm spraying at 20psi. Also I'm getting what I want with my Badger Anthem and not even using my Patriot. How you figured it out is beyond me but it works.
  11. Nice little picture sent in my recent order from Gordon @ Sprue Bros. for being a good customer. It's a F-16 approaching a KC-135.
  12. I personally think pre- shading raised panel lines can look pretty awsome at times.
  13. There's my failing memory! I also stand corrected.
  14. Good call Paul. I was sure it was a E but I had only my poor memory to rely on. I think the E's went into production in 69.
  15. Real Blu Tack made by Bostick. Made in Australia. Never a problem.
  16. Another covid 19 build. "Bullseye" from Caracal Decals. Nice Phantoms Phantom. "O" everything looks great. Sorry about the phone pic. New camera coming soon.
  17. Mine will never look that clean & pristine, ever.
  18. I could name 10 better on line companies than Squadron.
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