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  1. I think it's Very normal to have a stash. whether it's on your upper lip or it's model kits or Playboy magazines!
  2. Same here: can't provide a secure connection.
  3. I don't know guys. Look back on the history of Group Builds on ARC in the last 5 years and see how many entrants finished even one build let alone two. (excluding phantom). I think you're asking allot for each entrant to finish Two.
  4. I'm in complete agreement! The last 10years of book shipping is horrendous. None of the carriers are worthy of shipping them. They could care less that you paid $50.00 or more for a specialty book.
  5. I wouldn't hold my breath on that. There's a law on the books called the "Obey Amendment" that says Lockheed Martin can't export the F-22.
  6. Hell, the USPS kills domestic markets also. Oh, that's right, no politics.
  7. Sprue Brothers have the Academy kit.
  8. Revell, HobbyBoss, & Academy offer them. Not sure about Hasegawa.
  9. I would have bet "phantom" had 200 or so Phantom kits left of the 400 or so he started with! You da man phantom.
  10. airmechaja


    IMO, when the Academy kit is painted up, the bulged engine nacelles aren't that noticeable. The GWH F-15's are really good kits but like Tamiya you pay for it. They are worth the price though.
  11. It seems I've been waiting forever for ZM 's E so I can wait longer for Tamiya's. But I won't hold my breath on it.
  12. Has anyone talked to Kursad at Caracal yet?
  13. airmechaja


    Look for Academy F-15E Seymore Johnson. It seems to be most accurate for modern updates.
  14. airmechaja


    You are correct. I meant 31's. Old & Dumb!
  15. airmechaja


    They've lately been carrying GBU 32's on fuselage hardpoints.
  16. So now they look like a F-15E. What looks so bad? Build an earlier F-35 before the change.
  17. Not as much as I would have liked because I couldn't find the OIF update kit. I did use the Eduard Sniper pod and some Hasegawa GBU 31's.
  18. Thanks Dutch. I really think the decals can make a build look good.
  19. I'm posting these pics not because the build is exceptional but because the decals ARE! Thanks Kursad.
  20. You are correct. But I will build another with different nose art. Many to choose from on Kursad's sheet.
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