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  1. This is interesting. When I sign out on one of my tablets, I can see ARC but I can't post. As soon as I sign in, I'm brought to a strange view of ARC and I can't do anything.
  2. I can't even get on with any of my tablets. Main computer is working.
  3. I had a Patriot that I used for years. It acquired an air leak that I couldn't find. I sent it in to Badger and they said it was an internal bad factory weld. They sent me a brand new replacement. Kudos to them. I was happy.
  4. I really like the whole basics concept. I'd buy them just to have on hand.
  5. I also used Chrome on my phone and it worked fine.
  6. Good looking T-birds. The Testors kit seems to be the loser here although I'm not too surprised. Very speedy job as usual.
  7. You can. But I can only help you if you are using a Mac. Anything else I am useless on.
  8. Thanks for the info.........I think.
  9. How does the Monogram kit compare to the Hobby Boss in all regards?
  10. Good showdown on this one! Wish you were starting them now.....
  11. I'd like to see some Century Series comparisons like Monogram F-100 vs Trumpeter F-100 or the same 2 manufacturers with F-105's.
  12. Seems like the Uber Mods moved to Facebook also. 🙄
  13. Airmanship seems to be a large part of the equation. Do you guys remember the amount of ex military pilots that went to the airlines after WWII, the Korean War and Viet Nam? Airmanship was running rampant at airlines in those days. We just don't have the numbers of Vets doing that today. How about Sully Sullenberger for one?
  14. I think it's Very normal to have a stash. whether it's on your upper lip or it's model kits or Playboy magazines!
  15. Same here: can't provide a secure connection.
  16. I don't know guys. Look back on the history of Group Builds on ARC in the last 5 years and see how many entrants finished even one build let alone two. (excluding phantom). I think you're asking allot for each entrant to finish Two.
  17. I'm in complete agreement! The last 10years of book shipping is horrendous. None of the carriers are worthy of shipping them. They could care less that you paid $50.00 or more for a specialty book.
  18. I wouldn't hold my breath on that. There's a law on the books called the "Obey Amendment" that says Lockheed Martin can't export the F-22.
  19. Hell, the USPS kills domestic markets also. Oh, that's right, no politics.
  20. Sprue Brothers have the Academy kit.
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