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  1. I am also leaning in that direction. Maybe it will catch on!
  2. Look up "F-16 prototype decals". It worked for me.
  3. They seem to be numerous on the internet.
  4. Why not use decals? Just curious.
  5. Your package looks like every package I receive! Unless it's UPS or Fed Ex.
  6. That's waaaaay cool. Love the lights.
  7. Modelling News kit builds and reviews. Sometimes real news articles. My best inspiration is new releases of decals by the numerous companies available.
  8. It sounds like a naval conspiracy to me. 😎I'd build it the way you want! Everyone else got it wrong if they didn't spend more 💰 to find the truth.
  9. Yes, it's called Alclad. It's for corrosion resistance.
  10. Thanks Aaron. More good info.
  11. It's clearer to me now. Thank You guys.
  12. Okay. I'll ask the question in another way...............what are the pod's that are necessary for GBU 31's? They might be autonomous.
  13. Are there target designator pods on F-15E's that have GBU 31's loaded on?
  14. No. The GWH intakes are larger. Wider by 1/16". Longer by 3/32" .
  15. Yes. Top to Bottom. Now you made me do it. The Academy is 1 27/32". The GWH is 1 15/16". GWH is 3/32" taller. My C model GWH has the center line pylon and fuel tank.
  16. I just measured my Academy intakes. They are 5/8"in width. My GWH intakes are 11/16". That makes the GWH 1/16" wider than the Academy. I didn't measure the length but I will if I have to.
  17. I haven't built the GWH E model yet but I can talk about the C. Unlike modelingbob, I really thought the C kit was superb. I think it was one of the best F-15's I've built. The GWH E model is on my list to buy but I'm still balking at the price. If the price doesn't go down, I will still buy it. Like habu2 and Dave Williams, the Revell F-15E is a very good alternative though dated. IMO, I can't compare the Academy to the GWH or Revell under any circumstances.
  18. I always use Model Master Acryl thinner. Probably 25% thinner or less. I don't measure it so I am guessing.
  19. I prefer Model Master Acryl flat.
  20. So am I. I can't wait for the E's to start being released.
  21. Yeah Kurt. That's why I bought one only because I've never been thrilled with Academy engineering. ZM seems to have things going their way.
  22. Great explanation pic from Jonathan S. Now I dare you to not break them off during assembly Picknpluck, I'm in 100% agreement.
  23. About locating the MLG-------- I built a Academy F-4C/D in a group build here on ARC last year and I had a problem positioning them also. In the long run it didn't mater because I broke both of them off at least twice handling the plane. Murad made this statement about the problem and I'm sure it should be done his way........"i did build 3 of these beasts, only possible way to put the mlg last is to cut some part from the gear struts prior to fixing, which is usually the scissors at the back which have a vertical tab, removing that usually make it a tight enough fit." But where they fit exactly is beyond Me. This isn't the only problem with the Academy Phantoms. Long live Hasegawa and ZM.
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