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  1. better late than never. Looks good, I was hoping to see how this one turned out.
  2. This build is a F-104C ... it is going to look something like this:
  3. You have gone too far this time
  4. Here are some of the references I am looking at then some are black I will figure something out. The frustrating part was having 1.2 trillion bottles of paint, but not the one I needed.
  5. the best laid plans.... I masked the anti glare panel I had some time so I figured I would airbrush the Olive drab. I was pretty sure I had at least 1 bottle of MM Olive drab, and 1 bottle of tamiya olive drab in the paint hoard. I started searching and found 3 and four bottles of other colors I did not know I had, then found "green drab" "medium green" "interior green" dark green , kinda dark green, green drab, RAF green, etc etc etc then finally found a bottle of MM Olive drab .. which was dried out. Some research suggests some NMF F-104s had black panels, but all the pictures I could find of the unite I am modeling have OD anti glare panels. i will take another look tomorrow.
  6. Thank you for the camo colors. I am in luck, Ammo of Mig Jimenez has the 6014. Never tried Ammo, but it is easily available here.
  7. Maybe as long as 35 years ago ... It is reviewed in FSM #2 .. October 1982
  8. Looking good, bummer about the broken stick, but looks like you are recovering well
  9. I have this 1/72 rf-4c/e I have been using to try different paints .. and to use up leftover thinned paint what do you think? no building yet, just paint cool scheme: what colors do I need ?
  10. still slogging through the decals . these pictures were taken over two different sessions It is a lot of work, but rewarding to see this thing "come alive"
  11. I decided to try a brush touch up around the edge with floquil old silver... and I think it worked well I will touch up the grey, then mask and paint the anti glare panel on the nose and it will be time for decals!
  12. Making slow and steady progress. I assembled the engine, here are the parts prior to assembly and I assembled the main landing gear bay I think I will do a oil wash to bring out the detail. I did a test fit with the fuselage and tobik is right, it is a really tight fit. till next time ...
  13. I ordered the tamiya file. I was using a regular file and it took considerable effort to file down the fret attachment points, and i also had to be careful to not bend the parts, and and the same time not scratch off the paint on the PE. I used tweezers and put tape on the jaws to prevent messing up the nice paint. Too busy studying and labbing to get to the model shop tonight, maybe I will have time tomorrow.
  14. I was feeling too lazy to take pictures, but I did paint some parts cockpit gray, including the seat rail. I also cut the pour stub off the Ejection seat and airbrushed it black. I was feeling ambitious, and masked the lower portion of the control stick, and airbrushed the top half of it black I hate to brush paint.
  15. On one side I would need to touch up the alclad and do not have a color of paint to match. I did come up with an idea to cut a mask, I took a rubbing with a pencil and a piece of paper, so I can cut out the shape of the panel with frisket paper. Now I am trying to decide how far I need to go with the tail... sand ... or just a coat of primer and another coat of alclad ... I will figure it out.