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  1. gtresinproducts.com is LIVE!!!!!!!!!!

    Great news! So happy to see you expanding the accessibility of your products.
  2. Thanks for your kind words. I like most beers, and in an attempt to get better motivated to finish this model, German beers seem to help. Last week I enjoyed some HoffBrau M√ľnchen. I have applied the stencils to the top and bottom of the model. It looks like the majority of the stencils are on the sides. I try to limit having wet decals on one surface at a time, so after finishing the top tonight, I moved on to the ejection seat That is about half the decals, the other half go on the other side. These decals are tiny, but really add to the detail of the seat. There are also several more PE parts to add. Here is the top of the model and a close up of the wing more decals tomorrow.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. It seems I already have what I need in my personal hobby shop, and i did not even know it, which is what I was hoping for when I posed the question.
  4. I enjoyed a tasty Warstiener beer, so I was in the mood to start applying decals. I have applied all the large decals on the sides, and the top of the wings These are the decals from the kit, they are printed by cartograf. I have found they are very forgiving, and snuggle down well with micoset/microsol. I love how a model really starts to look the part once decals are applied. There are a multitude of stencils to apply as well, so my goal this week will be to finish applying decals, and move on to weathering.
  5. Thanks grandboof and spectre711. I have started applying decals, i will have a more conprehensive update soon.
  6. Build Prop Job Kits a Dying Fashion?

    I do not think so. If you go to a model show, the prop categories have a large number of entires.. This forum probably just has more jet builders for whatever reason.
  7. Ahh yes I have that kit ... and those decals. I am building an F-104 now in the modern Luftwaffe GB I did think of this one, but I ran into a bit of trouble with the bulkheads interfering with the fit of the fuselage halves. Did you encounter this, and if so how did you deal with it? Aside from that, as long as I do not try filling in the rivets again, this kit does fit well and is pretty straightforward.
  8. 1/48 F-105 upgrade needs

    Any parts for monogram? Maybe a 1 piece closed exhaust petals set.
  9. The sabre looks nice in SEA camo. I do plan on a 1/72 F-86H but I was not sure if the special hobby kit is a quick and easy build. I once owned an Academy F-86F but I sold it and never built it. Does that kit or the Hasegawa kit fit well and build easily?
  10. Mr Paint ever in stock?

    According to Facebook, hobbyworld-usa is expecting a large order of Mr Paint this week. In the mean time, You can also try redstar scale models, they carry mr paint. http://www.redstarscalemodels.com Or you can even order direct from the source: http://mrpaint.sk Once you do get ahold of some you will really like it.
  11. Oh wow .. nice decal sheet, thanks for the tip
  12. Canadair Sabre Mk 5

    Nice work so far, the area around the nose gear well looks like it took a lot of work.
  13. Hajo, the GB ends september 1st. please feel free to jump in.
  14. Does the E go together pretty easily? I do have two of the Pro Modeler early E kits. no pesky leading edge slats.... I also have the A-7D, I bought it 17 years ago along with PE and a resin seat with the idea of doing a detailed build. I even tried to sell it twice on ebay but both bidders never paid, so I guess that means I was meant to build it. The Meng 102 looks like a good choice which I never would have thought of. Ends up the paint I wanted to use does not yet offer fs36622 so I can hold off for a bit.
  15. I am back from the NATS, and I realized it is now august which means there is not much time left. I got busy finishing up painting. The nose was painted with Testors fs16473 and the tanks were painted with bas coat of white, then the fluorescent Orange And the Koromans with gelbolive And with a coat of paint I see some of the fins do not fit properly Too late now I mixed up some clear to give this thing a base for decals and weathering when I realized I forgot the tan part on the top of the fuselage. I was debating what to do when I noticed I spilled the clear, so I took it as a sign to stop, and mask the tan part on the top of the fuselage and the bottom and since I did not have the color indicated, but I found some Floquil cement, which I have used for fiberglass on a car model, so I figured it would do here It is several hours later, and it still smells like paint, so it is not ready to clear coat. In the mean time I am working on the little details for the cockpit. With discipline I should be able to make it in time.