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  1. You are going faster than I can type. Any way, I am working on one of those and I was curious about the fuselage to wing/lower fuselage fit. It is a trouble spot on many phantom kits.
  2. I voted yes. I want to build a F-5E aggressor and this would be a good opportunity.
  3. Searching for a paint brand

    here are newer paint brands I can think of MRP - http://www.mrpaint.sk/ bombshell brew . https://www.bsbrew.net/ True North paint https://www.truenorthpaints.com/ Mission Models - https://www.missionmodelsus.com/ Tru color paint - http://trucolorpaint.com/ AK interactive released a line of paint recently called real colors which seem to be similar to tamiya acrylics in chemistry: (this is supported by my own sniff test) http://akrealcolors.com/ I hope it helps.
  4. 48019 F-4C now shipping!

    Thank you. Now I just need to wait patiently for the GT resin EF-4C set.
  5. 48019 F-4C now shipping!

    Is this sheet on your website? I can not find it.
  6. 1/48 F-4C WW conversion set update!

    This is great on both levels, what a cool sheet, and a cool resin set.
  7. 1/48 F-4 Phantom best kits

    What variant are you interested in building?
  8. Spray Booth for Airbrushing?

    What kind of paint do you prefer to use?
  9. I have been using fotki since 2005, I really like the interface, and sharing pictures is pretty easy.
  10. Presenting the Shelf Queens!

    Here is my first entry in this GB. This is the model which I feel the worst about shelving 1) The Model - This is the Anigrand 1/72 C-133 2) Year/Month started - December 2013 3) When the project stalled and why - early 2015, I made pretty quick progress getting to this stage, then I noticed the wings were warped and was not sure what to do. Then I was also concerned about the misalignment of the panel lines on the fuselage 4) What is left to do - major assembly, painting ... decals, etc This kit was a christmas gift in 2013. I was really pleasantly surprised to get it. The previous November My Father, Brother and I all took a trip to the Airmobility command museum in Dover Delaware. We all lived in Northern VA at the time, so it was not that far away, but it was an all day trip. This was on open aircraft day, and while I had heard of the C-133 and even seen them at other museums, I fell in love with this plane, because we could go inside it. We went up to the flight deck, and behind the cockpit there are a few passenger seats. In side the plane, they have a usaf police car and a fire engine. This is a big plane, and I would argue the progentitor of the modern heavy airlifter. When I got this kit, I got right to work. I got the fuselage together pretty quickly: There are four sections to the fuselage. This required a lot of parts clean up, I used hot water to deal with warped parts. Lots of putty, sand, repeat. It was going well until I put the wings together. I noticed the parts were slightly warped, but I thought gluing parts together would sort it out.... nope it might be hard to see but the wing is curved between the engine nacelle stubs. I am working on this, but I will go into more detail in the build thread. I also tried several things to try to fix the engine nacelle faces ,but could not figure it out, so I shelved this one to work on other models. I feel bad shelving any project, but this one really weighs on me. So, I will try to fix these issues and finish this model.
  11. Flight Demonstration Team GB

    We need just 5 more yes votes. Anyone else?
  12. Flight Demonstration Team GB

    That should be ok since it is operated by the Canadian Air Force
  13. Flight Demonstration Team GB

    what did you have in mind?
  14. Will you guys ease up on the MRP buying??

    I am in the US, I have a small stash of MRP from when Red Star Scale models was still active. Uschi Van Der Rosten in Germany https://www.uschivdr.com/ carries MRP and they seem to have reasonable international shipping charges. The next time I need MRP I will probably try Uschi Van Der Rosten . With the growing popularity of MRP I am sure someone else will pick it up eventually.