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  1. I know it sounds silly, but I want to be sure. I have heard people call the animal of the same name "Crackle" and "Care-a-cal" . Which is correct for our favorite decals?
  2. There is really no set ratio, just keep adding thinner until it is really thin. Or like Chuck said, you can try the restorer if the paint has really thickened in the jar. I noticed this too. I have added thinner to the airbrush cup, but you really need to be sure to try to stir it to the extent you can in the cup.
  3. Chuck1945 pretty much said it all. I can only add that I have thinned Mr Color to nearly the consistency of MRP with Mr. Leveling Thinner, and it worked about the same way as MRP. I think I ended up with more thinner than paint.
  4. I used hardware store lacquer thinner to clean my airbrush after using the same combination for a clear coat. It is just like cleaning after any other paint job, but since the paint is clear it is harder to tell when the airbrush is totally clean.
  5. I seem to remember this as a pattern, now I can not remember specific instances of this but I want to say there have been a few instances of a manufacturer releasing a less desirable variant first, and the more desirable variants later. For example, with the P-38, with the P-38F many people will run out and get it because it is a P-38 by Tamiya. then later, many will also go out and buy a P-38J later. But, if the J was released first, the P-38F may not sell well at all. Seems like a reasonable strategy. I am a Phantom Phreak so I will get every Tamiya Phantom, but I really lo
  6. This project lives! Through a lot of fiddling I got the intakes to fit a little better. To address the step, I decided to try Apoxie Clay, after watching Paul Budzik demonstrate how to use it. As I like to say, primer will reveal the truth. Thanks for looking, I really want to see this one to the end.
  7. I remember reading the magazine the where you did the review, I thought it was really cool how you tackled that huge project. And to keep on topic .. I really need to build something with Caracal decals .. I have so many sheets but have yet to use one 😳
  8. Another one which will probably be around forever is the 737 .. the first flight was in 1967. There are just so many of them that they will be in service in some form or another for a long time, even after production ends.
  9. Looking good. It is hard to translate a paint pattern to an F-16... I lost my mind trying to draw the pattern on an F-16 I painted. It looks like you did pretty well with the freehand camo. Glad to see you are sticking with it... The group build goes ever onward.
  10. That is a good deal. I already have that kit otherwise I would jump on it too. I would imagine it is the same kit as the one you already have, but it is hard to have too many Spitfires.
  11. Oven cleaner works well, as well as bleach, so does purple degreaser, sold under the names "purple power" or "super clean" If there is an undercoat under the chrome, which will look like a clear or yellowish layer, you can use isopropyl alcohol to soften it, and then work with a toothpick to peel and remove the undercoat. If this is a Salvino JR model kit with the super tough plating, then it is much harder to remove. Hope it helps.
  12. This would motivate me to build an A-10. KursadA you out there? 😀
  13. you can download the directions here: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/monogram-5813-f-4j-phantom-ii-mig-ace--952956
  14. I have a bagged AMTECH EC-135N/E ARIA/ALOTS "Snoopy (same kit with a different fuselage) If you are in the US I would be happy to part with it if you still need it.
  15. What exactly do you hope to accomplish? What makes you think the hobby is dying? There are more manufacturers offering more products than ever before. So many specialty tools, different lines of paint, supplies and accessories. I would argue the hobby is stronger than ever. Yes I miss local hobby stores, and it was fun to have model kits in every store. But times are different, and there is a lot more out there than even 15 years ago.
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