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  1. Glad to see you back to work on this one. Looks great.
  2. Welcome to the GB. This will be a fun showdown, and an interesting subject.
  3. thanks bashace. The only real frustration has been the flaps, I made it hard on my self by closing the flaps and it really took a lot of time and effort to make it look acceptable. The rest has been what I would expect from 1980s monogram. And yes, it is pretty big. So, let us look at what is next .. There is a bit of a gap where the wing meets the fuselage. Hopefully I can perform clean putty work and not make a mess Here is the rear fuselage, both sides are similar, this is a manageable gap Here is the kittyhawk keel, I can fix this, it will just require care to maintain the sharp "stair step" effect of the layers on this area I think I am all set for major assembly of the KH kit, my next mini project will be the burner cans for both kits.
  4. Had a problem with the pictures in this post, I will need to re-shoot the pictures and re-post them. - check back again soon 😄 ----- Major progress with the monogram ... The wing has been mated to the fuselage No going back now, it will no longer fit in the box! I am also moving along with the Kitty Hawk kit, I assembled the fuel tanks. I had to remove the locator pins on the tanks. With the pins in the holes, the halves were noticeably misaligned. The fit of the other major components has been pretty good otherwise.
  5. Yes please. Maybe the "line jets" of VT-7 ?
  6. Wow, nice work. The rescribed lines look good. The comparison shots were also very helpful.
  7. yes, I hear ya... Just check in when you can, I am really side tracked as well.
  8. It ends up the Arii kit is abundant on eBay, and very reasonably priced. I have one on the way so it opens many more options for me on this sheet.
  9. Yep, so one RWB jet for me. The gray scheme with a dark radome is cool look as well. I would really like to do a cloud scheme yf-16 but I do not want to go down the path to try and find a suitable YF-16 kit.
  10. That kit was available for a very long time. I can not find it at any of the usual sources. It shows "backordered" or "unavailable" . If you must have an A-4M, Hobby Boss has one, but the leading edge slats are molded in the retracted position.
  11. I have two Hasegawa F-16As. I have always wanted to do a red white and blue F-16, so I guess I can build one of the FSD options.
  12. It just depends on the kit. But Zvezda airliner kits probably all have engraved panel lines since they are a relatively new manufacturer. I know you said any aircraft, but Is there a particualr airliner you are interested in?
  13. I agree, it is just on me for doing so many. 🤦‍♂️ It is ok, I will get this done, and hopefully mustangs too.
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