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  1. I broke through the motivational problem and got back on track with the kitty hawk kit. I painted the intakes, gear bays, doors, and the exhaust parts with the same techniques as the monogram kit The intakes were painted with Mr Surfacer 1500 white, and the turbine faces with AK extreme Metal aluminum Then all the doors, flaps, bay parts, etc One thing I noticed on a lot of parts, is ejector pin columns, as demonstrated here, I find this somewhat disapointing But I carried on and assembled the intakes, exhaust parts, and glued them in the fuselage These parts were clear coated with Aqua Gloss in preparation for a wash I started with the decals for the cockpit. The decals are somewhat thick and did not seem to settle at first, but after Solvaset, and sitting overnight they snuggled into place It is easier to keep going once a little progress is made, so stay tuned...
  2. Another interesting showdown, looking forward to it.
  3. Perfect example of a showdown. In this case, the old established kit has successfully fended off a challenger. nice work phantom!
  4. I had a now discontinued badger spray booth on a rolling microwave cart when I had a similar living situation. The spraybooth was about the size of a microwave, so it was just the right size. the cart was similar to this: https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-Microwave-Cart-Wheels-Chrome/dp/B073P2KKXS I drilled holes through the bottom of the booth and the wood platform, and secured the spraybooth with screws and nuts. The spraybooth mentioned by others in this thread should fit.
  5. I have started priming parts on the KittyHawk kit. I lost motivation when I realized I had to do all the things I was already finished with on the Monogram kit all over with the kitty hawk kit. Then, I saw just how many parts were on the kittyhawk sprues and it felt overwhelming. But I must carry on. For this kit, I decided to try Badger Stynlrez... It is an acrylic primer which is well regarded. I have tried it on test hulks, but not in production I read on facebook and forums that you just hose this stuff on. While it was wet it looked like it was pulling away from the edges, like a bad gloss enamel spray can. but as it dries it settles down some of these parts might require another light coat. I am still here and building I have some real life stuff to deal with, but be assured I am watching this GB carefully.
  6. Wow a month has passed.... I have been working on this one, but i was busy during the holidays. Any way, I have started using oils to get a little more variation in the color, and to try to acheive gun soot and and exhaust staining Now I just need to wait several days before proceeding, oils take a long time to dry.
  7. I agree with Phantom, really nice recovery. this was an interesting subject, thanks for building these for this GB!
  8. Great work as usual. I like the step by step evaluation you are doing here.
  9. I really like what you did with the tape / panel line effect.
  10. As you have often said... Goood.....Gooood....
  11. I will use the hasegawa kit to build a VF-1 bird. I like a challenge. The hasegawa kit looks good, but hard. I will just need to verify the gun port details. I have a recent microscale sheet with the VF-1 markings, it is a nice sheet, It is the inspiration for this build. I have a grande vision of a VF-1 tomcat over the end of the Vietnam war.
  12. Thank for the pictures and the explanation. I got the Hasegawa kit from the stash and I see the different beaver tails on the sprue. I found some VF-1 specific boxings on ebay for between $45 and $68, which seem to be within the range of other Hasegawa Tomcats. But the price for Hasegawa tomcats seems to vary wildly. So many markings options, It looks like you could spend a lifetime building Tomcats and never get to them all. Thank you again for the help.
  13. I have looked for this answer but I am having difficulty finding it. I remember seeing a few comments where it was mentioned F-14As used by VF-1 Wolfpack were different than other F-14As and the Tamiya kit is not accurate for this unit. In a different discussion there was a comment that the only valuable Hasegawa F-14 is the VF-1 Wolfpack release, as it is the only variant Unique to Hasegawa. What makes the VF-1 Tomcats unique? I have several F-14 decal sheets but The wolfpack is the one I want to build. I have the Tamiya F-14A, a 2000s issue of the Monogram F-14A, and the Hasegawa "VF-2 Bounty Hunters" kits. Surely I can modify one of those.
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