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  1. They look great. Thank you for joining the group build!
  2. WOW Thank you so much for this very detailed breakdown of the differences, with pictures. 👍
  3. Thanks guys. I see an eduard color pe set for the Hasegawa F/A-18C ... I need to keep researching to see if there is a significant difference. I only have a super hornet book, so I will need to find some Legacy hornet reference.
  4. I want to join in the 2022 Hornet group build, and since I want to eventually build every version of the Hornet, I figure I will start at the beginning, with the Hasegawa F/A-18A . I prefer to not try to paint instrument panels and side consoles. I have looked high and low and I can not find anything specifically for this kit. I see Sets for the Kinetic kit, but not the Hasegawa. I am OK with regular decals, 3d decals, or color PE. I do have a sheet of generic instruments and MFDs which I can use in the absence of anything else. Thanks
  5. You might like the Grex XGi .. it has silicone grips and a silicone button hat that might help you. Grex also has Trigger style airbrushes that I have heard work well for those who find double action airbrushes uncomfortable.
  6. @Alvis 3.1 are you capable of setting up Group builds by any chance?
  7. I do not think we need to bug him on LinkedIn. I hope he is ok, but if his priorities are elsewhere then we just have to accept that fact.
  8. The cost is definitely not trivial. But if they host it for you hopefully that means you also do not have to be a DBA and sysdamin.... and so forth. Trying to self host a site like this sounds like a real headache.
  9. The Domain name could easily be acquired if it expires. Which is a problem because it could fall into the hands of people who buy domains then re sell them for high price. Now if and when the contract expiries at the hosting company, no one else could take it on without Steve transferring it to a new owner. When I worked at a hosting provider we would actually pull the network cable when someone did not pay the bill. It is automated now, but I do remember pulling the cables and putting a "suspended" sticker on the server.
  10. Oh wow it is already time for this one to start. I need to finish my F-16 and start a Hornet....
  11. I finally got this one to primer But I found a spot that needs more work, this is on the bottom of the left wing. A little putty will hopefully take care of this. Till next time...
  12. Great work, I really like the extra detail you added to the MLG bay, and cockpit. Welcome to the GB
  13. Caracal has a F-84F sheet listed as coming soon, so if you are not in a hurry, that will be the best bet. I might have some cut sheets where I used one option from the sheet.
  14. Thanks for answering the questions Geoff. I just saw this post now despite checking the forum daily. 😞
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