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  1. There is a school of thought that having traces of lacquer thinner in an airbrush could cause problems with MMP. The idea is that it can contaminate the paint. It seems plausible. Aside from MMP, My experience has been it is absolutely no problem using different paints in 1 airbrush. Mr. Color, MRP, Floquil, Tamiya (lacquer or acrylic), Model Master, Ammo, Model Air, no problem. I second the suggestion to use a separate airbrush dedicated to metallics, it is very difficult to get all the metallic particles out when cleaning, and you do not want random flakes in your
  2. The fun thing about badger airbrushes is there is enough parts interchangeability that you can make the airbrush you want. The SOTAR head assembly is available separately. So ... you can take any of the legend series airbrushes and install the sotar head. Just for fun one time, I created a single action sotar using a badger 200g and shorter handle available in the catalog: You can do the same thing with the 100 side feed, the badger 150 bottom feed, et cetera. The Sotar V has a larger cup. But that cup has a notch in the top. The c
  3. Old thread, and I replied four years ago. I have since tried several shades of Mr Color lacquer ... you might like the "Super Silver" . It has a similarly fine pigment as the Floquil stuff. There is one called "Shine Silver" but it has really large flakes so it is not suitable for the same tasks as old silver. The Tamiya LP "Flat Aluminum" is also a good choice.
  4. Ouch .. tough situation, even the ZM F-4S is out of stock everywhere. There are a few Hasegawa F-4S on ebay at varying prices. Good luck.. I understand the problem, it took me a while to find an F-4S.
  5. I built the Arma Ki-84 Hayate and it fit like legos ... I think I only used sandpaper where I used too much glue. So yes, other companies are able to reach a similar level of quality. I can only guess Tamiya puts a lot of extra effort in to the design, and refinement of their model kits, far more than most manufacturers. They hold themselves to a higher standard. This attention to detail is also apparent in the packaging, and presentation of the kit, and the full color marking guide.
  6. It was just never the same after the two big outages we had a few years ago.
  7. I realized I was among those who would join the chorus of those who wanted a 1/48th RA-5C. When It came out I never got one. So I had to make it right and it showed up today. It has a copyright date of 2004 ... so it is nearly 20 years old. I remember the kit was not well received at the time ... and it was really expensive for a 1/48th scale jet. But the cool thing about trumpeter is that most of their kits seem to always be available, so I was able to do my duty and get one after whining that I wanted it all those years ago . Hopefully I'll get to it someday.
  8. I have several TwoBobs decal sheets for F-5 aggressors with names like "PACAF Gomers" and "Nellis Gomers" . How did the F-5 get this nickname? I always thought "gomer" was an impolite reference to the enemy during the Vietnam War. Thanks for any insight!
  9. In the Kinetic C-17 thread Paul Boyer joked about creating a company called "Limbo Models" - the idea being to actually release all the announced but never released kits. Rather than hijack that thread I figured a new thread would be more fun., and bring this idea to a wider audience. What are other vaporware releases that just such a hypothetical company could release? Many eventually did come out. I remember in the early days of internet forums there were people who "knew someone who knew someone" that were certain a particular kit would be released soon, or a f
  10. Last year at the Omaha NATS they confirmed it was coming. It will be a cool kit when it arrives.
  11. The Scale Modelers Critique group on facebook has a Discord. From what I can see it is not very active. I am sure there must be scale modeling Discords out there but I do not know for sure. I use it with a group of friends for different video games. It is a great tool.
  12. I only saw this after getting home on Monday. 😟 Glad you were able to make it though.
  13. That was fun to see notification pop up for a post from 8 years ago 😀 And now since I posted this we have 3 more new Phantom Phamilies of kits ... Zoukei Mura Meng Tamiya And I have not finished a Phantom since like 2016 or so 😔 So now in 1/48th roughly in order of appearance the Phollowing Phantoms were released in 1/48th Pre-historic kits (more toy than model): Aurora Entex Fujimi The Era of Accuracy ... models, not toys: Revell (venice beach) Monogram Italeri Esci
  14. I believe at this point they get the Navy to help with Growlers as part of the Joint Force concept. I think that is what it is called.
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