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  1. When I mess up, even though it is hard, I will own up to it. It ends up I did not follow the directions carefully There are different parts for the nose between the F and RF versions. 🤦‍♂️ I had to remove the nose cone and remove these parts. They were cemented in place so well Ihad to use a screw driver to get enough leverage Oh well .. 💩 happens. I will now pay the price for my lack of attention.
  2. I spent a lot of time with the seams all over the KittyHawk Fuselage Then I went to test fit the RF camera bay it is a horror show The other side is OK I briefly considered abandoniung the plan to build it as an RF-101 but decided to press on I glued the windows in place with Tamiya Extra Thin. This way they will not fall out I guess I am in for more putty sand repeat
  3. I agree, throwing away the box is great, makes more room in the house... The completed model looks great, and the CA kit is getting closer.
  4. That is too bad about the windows on the Italeri kit. I Think I managed to make windows with Kristal Klear on the Italeri kit when I built the testors AC-47 but i had to glom so much of it on that it looked worse than no window. Thanks for the update, see ya next time.
  5. Welcome to the Group build! that is a great comparison of the kit parts, and about what I would expect, you can clearly see the Hasegawa design philosophy with the multi piece fuselage designed to accomodate different versions, and the P-40 looks like most new airfix single engine kits. Nice work with the prop, I hate it when there is a big seam like that on the spinner.
  6. Hey there, I can not see the picture. I looked the kit up and I see it has not been re-issued since 2003 , and I am not sure how hard the kit is to find. You have two, so my suggestion is to build one now, and save the other for later. I think the only time to really be concerned about saving a kit and not building it is if it is very valuable, hard to find, and not likely to ever be re-issued. Those instances are fairly rare. To research the kits of the other aircraft I would suggest scalemates.com good luck
  7. I have been working on this and I seem to have gone for a while without an update I painted the area of the fuselage behind the intakes, and I panted the intake fences, as this area is hard to paint after the model is complete And in the past few days I assembled the fuselage. The fit of the forward fuselage to the mid fuselage was fine, the aft fuselage seems to have a small step and a gap. I am not sure if it is operator error, or a real fit issue. This build feels more like a scientific study or a homework assignment at this point so I have begun let small gaps and things which do not line up perfectly slide. I have run out of something ... since we do not use bad language here I will not say it, but If you have watched any videos by Doog's models or read his posts, you know what I mean. I will have the major assembly finished soon. See ya next time...
  8. First of all, Welcome to the GB, I am glad you are here. Nice comparison of all the kits. Interesting observation about the box art, kinda of neat how 3 of the 4 have the same pose. I look forward to seeing what you do with these.
  9. That is a very smooth paint job. Looks great.
  10. Great progress. Nice tip about how you glued the wing in place on the CA kit.
  11. Thanks for the update. Maybe you can use the lighter Olive Drab for highlights or on individual panels to get some variation in the finish? I look forward to seeing some pictures!
  12. The frustrating part can often be trying to find a particular Hasegawa kit. Before the ZM F-4S was announced, I decided I really wanted to build an F-4S, so I looked for the Hasegawa F-4S and it took a very long time to find one. So, The ZM F-4S will be easier to find since it is a current product. Marine Corps F-4S, and RF-4B in the late 80s and very early 90s are interesting subjects and an interesting weathering challenge. Let us know what you decide and we can help you pick the right kit.
  13. Ouch, the fuselage required a C-clamp? It looks like it worked. What happened with the enamel wash on lacquer? did the paint get ruined on the Airfix? I am curious about the True north paints, please let us know how they work.
  14. It was a situation where I had to hold the seam together to keep it closed, as though there was a mechinical issue forcing the seam apart. I thought I removed all the sprue nubs. I used tape to hold the seam together but when the glue was dry, the seam still came apart slightly. Filler will remedy the issue. And If you look closely the throttle lever is still gray plastic in the picture, I painted it after the picture was taken.
  15. Wow, great work on the intakes. that was also a great illustration of the issue you found, and how you fixed it.
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