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  1. Kurt H.

    Kitty Hawk RF-101A/C

    I have not pre-ordered one, I am just waiting for one of my favorite shops to list the kit. No sign of it yet here in the United States. ⏳
  2. Kurt H.

    Academy 1/48 F-4B BUNO 150479 VF-151 1973

    I am working on the B now, I test fit it with the wing taped together and It seemed like I could muscle the gear leg in place so I glued the wing together. I hope I am right. If I build another academy phantom I will probably re-engineer the whole assembly with tubing and pins for a stronger assembly, so it attaches like the gear leg in other kits.
  3. Kurt H.

    Phantom or Kurt H

    I tried hiding one comment but I seem to have managed to hide the whole thread. I Have fixed it. Thanks for letting us know. Sorry for the confusion.
  4. Kurt H.

    1/48 von Richthofen's Fokker Dr.1

    Nice work. I understand the aggravation you describe during final assembly. It always seems like you need 3 hands to keep things aligned and apply glue. I am glad you finished, and thank you for participating!
  5. Kurt H.

    AFV Club F-5E USMC Aggressor

    I am still working on this one. I have just been too lazy to upload pictures and update this thread. I posted a thread in the Jet Modeling forum about the intake colors. I got a lot of feedback, and decided on white. After I painted the parts, There were a few posts which made me thing silver might have been better. Oh well Next, I assembled the intakes and rear fuselage The fit of the parts is good. I am still not used to modern kits. The tolerances are much finer, and the parts must be perfectly cleaned of flash and sprue nubs to fit properly. There are several parts here, and keeping them aligned is difficult for me. I continued to work on the forward fuselage. Filler was carefully applied I have spent the past few days carefully adding parts and sanding/filling the seams. There is so much delicate surface detail, it requires great care while sanding to avoid damaging the detail. It is slow going but I want to have a nice model Now That I see this pictures on a good size screen, I see where I need to do more work. Thank you for looking ...
  6. Kurt H.

    Alternative To Flo-Quil Paint

    I use a Badger paint mixer just about any time I use a bottle of paint. It works very well. I also use eye droppers to remove paint from bottles for airbrushing, so I rarely get paint on the threads of the bottles. I think I went nuts buying floquil in 2013 when word got out they were going to be discontinued. The paint is not opened, and Tower hobbies shipped the paint in the boxes from floquil, so it has never even seen light. so Hopefully it will still be fresh If I ever end up using it. They still offered Dio Sol at the time. Mr. Finishing Surfacer 1500 is a thinner version of Mr. Surfacer, hence the higher number. It applies easily, and when thinned with MR Leveling Thinner levels beautifully, it is sandable and just generally everything I like in a primer.
  7. Good start. I have never seen that box before, and I thought I have seen all the 80s monogram boxes. It is as though it is a transition from the whitebox era of the 70s to the painting era of the 80s.
  8. Kurt H.

    Hasegawa F-4S USMC Detailed build

    I want to glue the cockpit in place and keep moving with this model. To assemble the fuselage, I need to attach the intakes. The Fuselage requires modification to install the Rhino intakes. Here was my first try to cut the fuselage as directed Ouch! pretty rough. I tried scribing the face of the intake from the inside of the fuselage... score and snap ... but It took a bit of plastic with it. 🤦‍♂️ Ok, but the intake fits: I can fill that gap with styrene and CA, or milliput .. or something. Unfortunate, but not insurmountable. Next I made room for the Aires Exhaust. With the experience gained from the first fuselage half, the other side was easier, and came out much better I also cut a second seat from the casting block The seat on the left is one I cut off a few weeks ago, and it was a little lop sided. I applied tamiya epoxy putty to square up the bottom of the seat. The one on the right I cut from the block tonight, and it was just a little easier. These seats are kits upon them selves, I just wanted to ensure they fit in the cockpit. I will work on the seats seperate from the rest of the model, since they will be installed last. Next task will be to work on the fit of the Instrument panel to the coaming, as a few of you have said it is a trouble spot.
  9. Thanks for the details on how you are making the decals.
  10. Kurt H.

    Alternative To Flo-Quil Paint

    I was pretty sad when Floquil was discontinued. I hoarded many bottled of my favorite colors. I really like the different shades of silver they used to offer. You might look into mr finishing surfacer 1500 as a new primer. As far as the other colors, Tru Color paint emerged as Floquil went away, and they have many of the railroad colors. I have not tried them yet. They call it a solvent based paint. Hope it helps.
  11. Kurt H.

    Kitty Hawk RF-101A/C

    Did this kit make it to the U.S. yet? Freetime hobbies is taking preorders for the "second shipment", but I did not notice it come into stock there. I have not seen it show up at Sprue Brothers yet. I now have alerts set at a few different retailers for this kit. I have waited this long, so I can wait a little longer.
  12. Kurt H.

    Best uses for peg board in the hobby room?

    I had pegboard above my bench at ont point. Many of the hooks and tool holders were too big for the tools we use, but I did find a pegboard basket. It was useful for placing frequently used bottles of glue, filler, et cetera within easy reach, instead of taking up room on the work area,
  13. Kurt H.

    F-5 Aggressor intake colors

    I am working on the AFV club F-5E for the top gun GB. I have looked at pictures on the internet and I have ssen many pictures where just about app parts of the intake which are visible from out side the aircraft are the same color as the fuselage, but I can not find a picture looking down the intake to see what color it is. Many other aircraft are painted white inside the intake, but I can not find a definitive reference to work from. Any thoughts? what did you do if you built an F-5 ? Thanks
  14. Kurt H.

    Paint for airbrush

    Off the top of my head: MRP Alclad Testors Metalizer I have used AMMO of Mig, and Vallejo model Air right out of the dropper bottle but it works better with a little bit of thinner.