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  1. This is an interesting one for sure. That is a cool decal sheet. And the Hasegawa D ... The early phantoms started the modern kit revolution for hasegawa, but this one still has raised panel lines. All right, just two one more vote. Your vote will help a poor, desperate kit on the shelf finally get built. Can you find it in your heart to vote for this GB?
  2. Just four more votes, Join in the fun, it is going to be great, but we need your help to make it happen. ✔️
  3. This is good news, and very generous of you.
  4. ahh just right, not too gaudy and it is a Robin Olds plane.
  5. Leading edge does not seem to have 1/32 P-51 sheets any more. 😫 The factory fresh look is a good one.
  6. Automotive models opens some interesting options. It would need to be the same generation of the car, but does not have to be the same year. So for example... 1969 and 1978 corvette OK (both C3) 1957 and 2004 Corvette (not OK C1 and C5) I think every manufacturer made a Lamborghini Countach kit, like Don said, there are many Porsche 911s, and the Nissan Skyline is another popular subject. Armour is not my area of expertise, but I have noticed a lot of new manufacturers in the past few years and it looks like they are revisiting subjects with new, more detailed kits. Good opportunity to compare kits. Ships would need to be either the same ship, or the same class of ship to ensure a good comparison ... so something like the USS New Jersey and the USS Iowa (same class of ship) even if they are different fits of the same ship, like the WWII and modern version of the Iowa class. make sense? Any way, I am also acquiring kits for a modern mustang massacre, So far Eduard Vs. Hasegawa .. I have an Accurate Miniatures Mustang, but it is an Allison engined variant and I am not sure if the Allison mustang is a good comparison to the -D 🤔
  7. I never said it was only aircraft 😉
  8. Sometimes I like to take the road less travelled. I am thinking ahead and I want to build the ZM P-51D . I have the Mustang IV kit, it has the parts for a filet or non filet tail. All the decals I find are for very colorful planes with lots of nose art. I would like to build something without lots of colors and checkerboards, and focus on the surface finish. Were all World War II Europe and Pacific mustangs gaudy? Am I looking at post ware ANG markings If I want something subdued? Any thing in 1/32 which would be suitable? Thanks
  9. Just Six more votes, Just think, you can get TWO kits out of your stash, and if you work really hard you can thin your stash by four, or even more.
  10. That is correct. My initial vision for this GB was old vs. new , but new vs new, old vs old, is fine
  11. The over trees sold out at Sprue Brothers pretty quick. I had a Chattanooga choo choo and 2 over trees in my cart, then had second thoughts. I wanted over trees to be able to build several of the decal options. I went back a few hours later and the over trees were sold out. But I got my choo choo, so that is good. I was really disappointed when I missed out on the kit at the Nats. Before the end of the year, Eduard has announced a Profi Pack, and a Royal class release. Lots of good info is in the Info Eduard for this month.
  12. The overtree will not include decals, PE or instructions. There is no shortage of P-51D decals, you can download the instructions, and you will need to decide for yourself if the PE is worth it. That being said, the overtree is a bargain if you can accept the comprimise.
  13. I could not say it any better. And yes I am willing to run the build.
  14. That is some really nice scratchbuilding. A whole cockpit. Can you answer something for me I have not been able to figure out ... how did you cut the curves on that bulk head? What kind of tool did you use?
  15. Just 10 more votes .... Join us, reduce that stash, and show your fellow modelers what to expect with two kits of the same subject. You will be performing a valuable service so everyone will know which kit to build!
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