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  1. Kurt H.

    How would you rate the 1/48 scale Phantom kits

    It sounds like you have what you need. The Academy B does indeed have a true thin wing. I also had a lot of trouble with the Monogram F-4 canopies. I waited until the end to glue them in place, and they just do not fit. The rest of the model turned out great, but with the canopy issues, it looks like a four year old built it. That experience taught me to test fit the clear parts early in construction, and not be afraid to sand and putty clear parts.
  2. Kurt H.

    How would you rate the 1/48 scale Phantom kits

    I have found this one on ebay before, and asked about it. It is a very basic kit from the early 70s. Italeri can be tricky. The older Italeri and Testors Boxed kits are best left to collectors. There are more Italeri kits currently available which are based on the Esci tool, which have engraved panel line details. The Esci kit is not bad, but it has very basic detail. The Current Italeri kits are almost as expensive as the Academy kit in the US. I tend to agree with this statement: And in addition, for the British Spey engine Phantoms, Hasegawa is your only choice. So, what variant of the Phantom do you want to build?
  3. Quick update. I applied the blend coat of light green. This was hard, the paint was thinned 70% thinner, 30 % paint, and it was so thin I had turn the pressure really low, and it was tricky to pull the trigger back just enough to get smooth coverage, but pull the trigger back just a little more and it would flood the surface. I will need to keep working on the technique Next time ... dark green, fs34079
  4. Kurt H.

    AFV Club F-5E USMC Aggressor

    Quick update The Quickboost seat arrived a few days ago. Last night, I painted it gray. Today I painted the headrest, and the seat cushion. This photograph was taken with the flash, so .. damn it looks pretty bad. It looks better under normal light. Any way, once this dries I will need to paint the straps and the buckles.
  5. The video I mentioned describing this technique can be seen here . There is some variation in the tan, but not as much as I hoped, I applied a final blend coat that was a little too thick. The Q-tips are from a previous airbrush cleaning session. I took a closer look at the spray booth pictures, and i did not realize how much trash is in the spray booth ... woops I should clean it up.
  6. When I painted the bombs, I forgot about the stripe. The best way to do this with paint would be to paint the forward end of the bomb yellow, mask the band, and then paint it Olive Drab. So, I painted an area yellow over the Olive Drab Next, I masked the area I guess a yellow band would be with 1mm tape then sprayed more Olive drab Then a quick coat of olive drab It does not look perfect, but better than nothing. I also did the light green marble coat see ya all next time This time I made it a little easier on my self by drawing the color demarcation line on the primer with a pencil. It was also a little easier to follow the line of the tan where the green meets the tan. The Dark Green will be the easiest since the other two colors are already there, I will just need to fill in the black areas.
  7. After the drama of a problem with my compressor, I got the parts I needed to airbrush again. I applied the top coat to the Tan The effect was a bit over done after 1 coat, but I came back with a second pass, but the paint was a little thicker and covered a little more, so i got a little more coverage than I hoped. There is stil tonal variation which is not apparent in these pictures. I was thinking of applying the light green marble coat but I am pretty tired so I will continue this one later
  8. Kurt H.

    *whining* Failed regulator

    I got the part from Grainger and i am able to airbrush again. 😃
  9. Kurt H.

    *whining* Failed regulator

    Grainger has the part, and it says I can pick it up tomorrow. yay
  10. Kurt H.

    *whining* Failed regulator

    The new regulator arrived, but I need to get a 1/8 to 1/4 fitting for my badger hose. I had to use the one that it came with to screw the regulator into my compressor. I was unable to remove the fittings from the regulator body so I could not swap them from my old regulator. I can not get to a store until the middle of the night, so hopefully walmart has the fittings, otherwise i will need to wait to go to lowes
  11. I was trying to track down an air leak in my compressor, a badger Million Aire. It kept loosing pressure and running even if I was not using it. I sprayed soapy water on all the fittings but could not find the leak, so I took the regulator off and all the fittings, as well as the pressure gauge and added teflon tape (again) . I put it back together and the regulator kept hissing and i could feel several places air was coming from it, and I could not control the pressure. What ever was wrong I must have done fatal damage. The tank also had quite a bit of water. I ordered a new regulator, but no airbrushing for a few days until it arrives. 😥
  12. I applied the tan marble coat. I still had trouble getting used to using the Sotar 20/20. I am using Mr Color lacquer, thinned with Mr Leveling thinner. I swear as I was painting, the paint thickened. It acted like it was clogging and started sputtering. I had to dump the paint, flush the airbrush, and add thinner to the paint. Any way, I got through it. here are some pictures
  13. Kurt H.

    Vallejo Model Air...The low-down?

    I have used model air a few times in a situation where I could not find a particular color in any other brand. I did not spray fine lines, but used it to spray a large area, and it seemed similar to Ammo of Mig paint. It cleaned up easily with soap and water, and iwata airbrush cleaner. It can be sprayed out of the bottle, I also used a few drops of Ammo thinner and it worked well. I did not try X-20a or any other alternative thinner. Every compressor/airbrush/hose combination is different but I would start at 25 PSI at your regulator and adjust accordingly in order to get the desired result.
  14. Ouch, That is a pretty nasty gap in a hard to reach place. Your attention to detail with this build is a great example of craftsmanship.
  15. Kurt H.

    AFV Club F-5E USMC Aggressor

    It is not my first choice either, but it is the only kind of paint I have handy in the color I wanted. The quickboost seat arrived today, so I can move forward with this model.