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  1. This is not surprising, but it is sad to see them go. Back in the pre-internet days, the Squadron flyer was a door to a whole new world of manufacturers you may never see at the hobby store. They had the stuff that you might have only heard of by reading magazines. Even into the early 2000s, before the emergence of Sprue Brothers, the Squadron website was one of the big players, and the coming soon page was a great source of information for new releases. They also had great customer service over the phone, or by email. For the past 10 years o
  2. Oh cool, a new GB. I am glad to see the idea lives on. I figured the Showdown GB would be the last. Good Luck. 👍👍 😀
  3. Thanks! 👍👍 And I did finish a model which was stalled for 23 years this summer, a General Lee I started when the pro modeler 1969 Charger was first released.. back in 1997. Sometimes it isalvageablele, sometimes it is not.
  4. Sometimes. I threw out a revell A-7 which I was building for a GB .. it was a cheap kit which I did not do a great job on, and I figured it was not worth going back and finishing. It was a relief to get it out of my life and get something off the shelf of doom. Too many other models and limited time and attention span for me to go back to something which would need a lot of remediation to look acceptable.
  5. Great subjects so far. Now what about the current kits do you find lacking, what do you expect in an all new kit, and who do you think would be a good candidate to release such a kit?
  6. In recent years many new manufacturers have emerged, and released new kits of subjects which were due for a refresh. Recent examples are the HK models 1/48 B-17G , The AFV club 1/48 U-2, and the forthcoming Revell 1/48 SR-71. What are other subjects due for a new kit which is currently only filled by an older kit? This is not a wish list request, but a discussion of subjects which are in need of a modern kit, and why you might think it would be a good investment for a manufacturer. I think the F-4 in all variants is due for a new kit in 1/32. The Tamiya kit was release
  7. I watched the first episode. I agree the film is a tough act to follow, but I like the idea of bringing the story to a new generation. The Mercury program was still in the collective memory of most of the population in the 80s, and many of the people involved were still around. It is not in the collective memory of much of the population today, and many who were involved are no longer with us. It is also a little tricky to get used to the new actors, as the actors in the movie are the ones I associate with the role. I guess what i am trying to say is that it is a good time to te
  8. Thanks guys! With the KH kit, I was surprised the finish came out as good as it did, I was just trying to get it done, and wrap up this project, and I did not put as much care into the paint job. I think It benefited from my recent experience with the Monogram kit, and I was more used to painting with MRP, so I had a better idea of what to expect. They are both look great on my shelf. And yes, Picknpluck, get that Monogram kit out, it was a fun build for the most part, just remember to reinforce the seam on the top of the fuselage from underneath, and prepare for batt
  9. I declared "Voodoo Vindication" a tie. The paint job on the Kitty hawk kit came out a little better in my opinion. These are both great looking models. There are some issues with the landing gear from my fumbling so they are not up to competition standards, but they are both great looking models I am proud to have on the shelf Monogram: Kitty Hawk: together:
  10. Well ... how do these models stack up? KH on the left, Monogram on the right. I reviewed this build thread, there were things I forgot about. This is a really tough call. Monogram: Advantages: Better detail on some parts, most notably the seats and the wheels simpler assembly Drawbacks: Raised panel detail difficult to pose flaps closed Kitty Hawk Advantages: Engraved surface details much better wing to fuselage joint and fit Disadvantages: multi-piec
  11. Well .. better late than never Both models are done monogram: KittyHawk: I just finished the last fiddly bits on the KH and took pictures. I will follow up soon with more pictures and my conclusion Thanks!
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