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  1. You have a lot of good suggestions here. Sometimes if i am feeling lazy and cannot find a cable is to compose an email on my phone with gmail, then save it as a draft. Then on the computer open the draft email and save the picture.
  2. What's the best kit you built in 2017?

    If you followed the Modern Luftwaffe GB, you might remember my Eduard/Hasegawa F-104 It was easily the best model I built in 2017, and probably ever. It was a great leap forward for me. Lots of firsts .... First successful use of PE First successful use of resin First model I finished where I achieved some level of tonal variation and weathering First time I resisted the urge to use as much putty as possible I still need to work on my photography, but here goes
  3. I was excited to see this reissue as well. Since I will probably never be able to own the actual truck, I figured I would build one. It does have buckets for the headlights in the grille, but the headlights are the dreaded chromed plastic variety. I have been looking into ways to make more realistic headlights. I did not look into the tires as carefully as you did. I want to build this one stock and lightly weathered. I did not like these trucks when they were around, but I have grown to really like small pickups, and especially old ones which were simple, and rugged. And now the small pickup is all but extinct. This is a kit I am excited to build if I can solve the headlight problem.
  4. Best F-5E in 1/48

    I got mine last week. I agree, It looks like a nice kit. I was inspired to build an F-5E aggressor after finding the Furball decal sheet, and watching the F-5 episode of wings on you tube.
  5. Sr-71B Testors 1/48 NASA

    I have one of those on my shelf of doom, and I am also building it as the SR-71B. And it is at about the same stage as yours. Please keep posting, it is an inspiration to finish mine.
  6. Red Star Scale Models

    I have been wondering about that myself. They had a unique selection of products, including MRP.
  7. Flight Demonstration Team GB

    Up to 14 votes. I am sure you can find something in the Black Friday sales to join in with.
  8. Best F-5E in 1/48

    Thank you everyone. AFV club aircraft are not sold everywhere but I have tracked it down at two of my approved vendors.
  9. Black Friday Disappointment

    With Squadron, the frustration comes from they way they push the sale. They send very effective, well written emails which stir up enthusiasm, and it is so tempting to click the link and go shopping. Since it is a big sale, and you need to spend a lot of money, the easiest way to get there is to buy big expensive kits for which you may not otherwise be able to justify the expense. A couple years ago the sale was something like spend $500, and get 50% off. By any measure, this is a good deal. I figured it would be a good time to get a few Trumpeter and Tamiya 1/32 monsters. So much stuff was out of stock, I could not even get to $500 with anything I had even the faintest interest in. After that experience, I do not bother with squadron sales.
  10. Black Friday Sales

    I shopped the Furball sale. I almost bought some furball decals the other day from a retailer, but something told me to hold off, and it worked out for me.
  11. Best F-5E in 1/48

    What is the best kit to start with if I wanted to build an F-5E aggressor? Thanks
  12. Tamiya X-22 questions

    From what I have read they are supposed to be about the same strength, not a hot as hardware store thinner. The difference is that the yellow cap thinner does not have the retarder that Mr Leveling Thinner does. And about holing your helicopter model, if you have not installed the main rotor, can you insert a piece of sprue or a dowel in the hole where the rotor assembly would go? Otherwise, I guess your only choice is what Joel suggested.
  13. Tamiya X-22 questions

    I am not sure about the compatibility with Future. Future seems to stand up to a lot of paints. However, since you have already invested the time in applying decals, maybe test it on a paint mule? What are you thinning the X22 with? I use Mr Leveling Thinner with the X22 and it dried pretty quickly. I was able to carefully handle it within an hour. What is the subject of the model? maybe we can offer suggestions on how to hold it.
  14. First Airbrush and Compressor

    That compressor should be suitable, it has a regulator and a tank. My only suggestion would be to look for videos on youtube to see how loud it is, and whether the noise it makes is acceptable for your living situation.
  15. First Airbrush and Compressor

    This is really a tough question. Based on my experience and long odyssey through the hobby I have very strong opinions on what airbrushes I like. However, what works for me, may not work for others. And what works for others often does not work for me. A lot of it depends what you are building. What scale and subject matter do you like to build the most? If you are building cars , a paasche H might suit your needs perfectly. If you build 1/700 scale ships, a fine detail airbrush may fit your needs best. A compressor and airbrush are a big investment to start up with. At the same time, if you go too cheap, you may find you want to upgrade both pretty quickly. I agree you should check out Don's airbush tips, and I would suggest Paul Budzik's videos on you tube. He does a really good job explaining the different kinds of airbrushes, and the best use for each one.