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  1. This one is ready for primer. I gave it a good scrub with blue dawn and a toothbrush to get some sanding spooge out of the panel lines.
  2. Another week has gone by, and I have spent a lot of time obsessive compulsively working the seams I had this area, the keel looking good, but i noticed some areas which needed re-work Then I dropped the model later and broke one of the antennae near the canopy. I was irritated, and in my younger days I might have gone into bench rage, but I decided to check my references and the good news was only the navigation light was on the RF-101B I found a picture of, so with glee I removed the other blog and sanded the seam I have also made it harder on my self trying to replace lost panel lines, only to have them slightly crooked, requiring filling, and sanding. See ya next time!
  3. Great finish. This is exactly what I had in mind when I dreamed up this GB. I have yet to finish and Academy Phantom, but I am pretty far along with one and I observed the same things you have. What did you think about about the keel section, the area after the exhausts on the Eduard/Academy kit?
  4. Nice progress with 3 at a time. Already in paint with all three. Your observations so far have been very useful.
  5. Good catch with the exhaust trench. Once you pointed out the trench, It is so apparent in the previous post with the kit parts.
  6. Are there any variants of the Tomcat Hasegawa kitted which are not available from Tamiya at this point? Maybe in those cases The Hasegawa can still be viable?
  7. My understanding is that when viewed from above the 3 color camouflage blends in with the color of the terrain in South East Asia, lush green jungle and the tan was the color of the soil.
  8. Nice comparison of the kits, and it looks like the kits came together pretty easily.
  9. As expected this one has come together pretty easily Fuselage halves mated with the cockpit inside. The seam on the fuselage did not require much work the wing came together easily, but I made things hard on my self with a nice glue fingerprint on the left hand side of this picture. I was able to sand the gluey finger print away. and as it stands at the time of this writing, with the major airframe parts assembled. next step is spot priming to see if the seams require work
  10. Thank you for checking in. I look forward to seeing some paint on the Eduard mustang.
  11. Decals really make the model come to life. Moving into the home stretch.
  12. I continued to make progress with the voodoo. I decided to build this one flaps up, so I had to use files and my dremel to make the flaps fit in the up position The Fuselage seam did not require too much work, I am on the second round of putty, sand, prime This part is frustrating, monogram molded several details in place and it is difficult to work the seam in between these details: The seam is very solid, I used the Paul Budzik inspired CA/nail acrylic powder mix to reinforce the seam from the inside. I remember this seam being a weak spot the last time I build one of these 20 years ago. I have more fiddling to do with the flaps, but I think I can get to a stopping point soon and let the Kitty Hawk kit catch up.
  13. I am glad the hide signatures function works. There is another forum where the signatures render the forum unreadable, but the hide signatures feature does not work. 🤦🏼‍♂️
  14. Very nice, It looks like you are in the home stretch.
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