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  1. Kurt H.

    My airbrush just died- recommendations?

    Sorry to hear about the probem you experienced. That must have been very frustrating in the middle of painting your model. It looks the the Tamiya HG is a gravity feed airbrush. If you want to fix it, you can probably remove the broken piece of the nozzle with the right tool, Badger uses a 3 edged reamer to screw the nozzles into the head of the legend series airbrushes. This is a similar process to trying to get the broken part out of your airbrush body. If you want a similar airbrush, you might look at the Grex Xgi .. I have used the Xgi for a few years and it is very versatile. The plastic grips are love it or hate it, but I really like them. Th Badger Patriot 105 and Patriot Arrow are also very versatile with the different needle / nozzle setups. For really fine detail, the Sotar 20/20 is a great complement to the Patriot. I have never used an Iwata Airbrush, but the HP-CS looks like a good choice, and it has a floating nozzle so you do not have to worry about the nozzle breaking the same way. Lots of good choices out there, you will probably be fine as long as you avoid the cheap knock off airbrushes.
  2. Kurt H.

    AFV Club F-5E USMC Aggressor

    And next, the brown, fs32019 I outlined the areas to be brown with my Sotar 20/20 . I had the paint thin enough I could practically write with the airbrush, it was like a pen. The really curvy fusealage with all the tight corners posed a challenge, but I got it done and then I filled in the brown with a larger airbrush, my vintage 100GXF with a F needle setup There are some areas of the lighter color which need some more saturation, but not too many areas of color where it does not belong. I forgot to paint some smail parts, but did not realize it until I cleaned all the airbrushes, and was really tired. I will touch it up soon.
  3. Kurt H.

    Monogram 1/48 "Miller SNJ"

    Ouch .. that is some pretty gnarly texture. Did it eventually settle down and smooth out a bit?
  4. Kurt H.

    RM Chopper

    That came out great.
  5. A-26K .. good news. I am not familiar with this manufacturer. How are the kits?
  6. I did a little research. Thanks to http://www.oldcarbrochures.com/ I found a list of available colors for the 1973 Chevy pickups. I decided that the original color of this truck would be blue. I have a bottle of Mr. Color "bright blue" which seemed reasonably close to one of the colors on the page I printed. I decided on RLM 75 for the interior I masked the radiator so I could paint the core support. I also masked the dash to avoid getting too many layers of paint on the instrument cluster. And then ... throught he magic of airbrushing I painted the parts of the body that might still be the original body color if someone had painted the truck in their backyard and the inside of the cab, my research suggested some of these trucks had no headliner and it was just metal on the roof and the interior parts.. I will use weathering techniques to make a mess in the interior see ya all next time
  7. Kurt H.

    Hasegawa F-4S USMC Detailed build

    I have been very carefully working on the seams and mold lines on this fuselage. I got to the rear fuselage, and had to be really careful with the fuel dump. It was also ever so crooked. I noticed a bit of a step on the tail cone, but i could not sand it because the dump post is in the way. I noticed the Steel Beach fuel dump at sprue brothers, so I decided to order it. It looks a little thicker than the kit part. maybe it is more accurate? I have no idea. Any way I decided to take a leap of faith and remove the kit part Now I have much easier access to the tail cone. That nasty seam would surely put me out of contention at the Nats. I sanded the seam, but forgot to take a picture. Since my last update I sanded the seam on the titanium lapped section. In the past, I lost the stepped effect sanding it all flat. This time, I used aluminum tape to mask the surrounding panels, and this prevented sanding adjoining panels. I forgot to take a picture becuase I was on a roll. Any way, next time I hope to wrap up sanding and then spot prime.
  8. Kurt H.

    RM Chopper

    Nice progress. I like the bare steel effect you achieved with the tank and fender.
  9. Kurt H.

    AFV Club F-5E USMC Aggressor

    I finished drawing the camo pattern, and mounted the model on the handle of a disposable epoxy brush. I still had trouble drawing the pattern. It gets so confusing trying to transpose the 2d drawing on a 3d object, especially with the F-5, it is really curvy. any way, I think I got it. I sprayed the Tan. I could only find this color in MM enamel. I have not used MM Enamel for a while. I may have over thinned it, but I Really had a lot of trouble, it seemed like the vicostiy would change as it sat in the airbrush, it would spray as expected, then start coming out wet and heavy. I could not figure it out, but I managed. I have the darker color in Mr. Color Lacquer. till next time....
  10. Thanks for the Encouragement K2Pete! I had the spray booth going after painting the F-5e, so I decided to primer parts on this truck. I have a bottle of AMMO One Shot primer, which I understand is repackaged Badger Stynlrez. I hosed it on with my Patriot 105 with the F (.5) needle setup I have a bottle of chevy engine blue on the way. I still need to decide on an interior color. ok.. well talk to ya later
  11. Kurt H.

    AFV Club F-5E USMC Aggressor

    I had to spend quite a bit of time cleaning my work bench. It was really messy. I started drawing the camo scheme on the model Then I realized I was too tired to concentrate and give this task the required attention. This is only two colors, so it should not be too hard. I get really confused with 3 color schemes. I have tried totally freehanding it by airbrushing just from looking at the picture but I found it was too difficult.I do not think I will do the marbling like I did with the F-84F, but I will include a tiny bit of variation with paint coverage to make the finish interesting. I also need to add some antennas. I will add them at the last possible moment.
  12. Kurt H.

    AFV Club F-5E USMC Aggressor

    I have not forgotten this one, I am trying to juggle 5 models at once. I do not know why I do this to my self. Any way, I have primered the model and associated parts fully. I will give it another look, but My initial impression is that there is no more filling and sanding required How many different kits/parts of kits can you see in this picture? Since Mr Surfacer 1500 dries so quick, I did not see any reason to wait to paint the fuel tank It is Aluminum AK extreme metal This will go on the centerline. I forgot to primer the pylon, but I will do that tomorrow.
  13. I had to do a lot of sanding and filling just to get started. I spot primed the body where I sanded the mold parting lines I will take a closer look later but my initial impression was that the mold lines were gone and little if any follow up is required. I may be too picky with the frame, but there are some noticeable sink marks, so I filled and sanded, and spot primed This looks ok too. I also primered the engine, but forgot to take a picture. I need to pick up the pace to finish in time.
  14. Kurt H.

    F-4S loadouts mid 80's

    I also had trouble finding info about F-4S weapon loads in the 80s. I am working on a Marine Corps S, and finding any reference with anything hanging from the wings to be quite a challenge.