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  1. The Hasegawa kit you have should have both intakes, so you are covered there. When I built the SEA camo F-16 I was advised to get the Tamiya Aggressor F-16, which has all the parts to accurately build that plane.
  2. I have built them both. Tamiya has better detail, the surface detail is exquisite, and things like the undercarriage are much more detailed. It also features Poly caps in places. The fit was just about perfect. All the things you expect from a modern Tamiya kit. But .. The Hasegawa kit is still worth building. For an 80s kit, it is amazing. It must have been the greatest kit of it's day. The fit was pretty good, much better than any other 80s kit I have built. One thing I like better is that the upper fuselage half is one piece. The landing gear legs are installed a
  3. Arlington Hobby Crafters, in Arlington, VA in the very early 80s. I do not remember much, but it was pretty old looking inside at the time. I know they had Models, trains, and Tyco Slot cars. I must have been 6 or 7 the first time we went there. The location was close to what was then known as the Parkington Mall. The Mall was heavily renovated into Ballston Common Mall, which I think meant the building the store was in was demolished to make room for the mall. Arlington Hobby Crafters moved to a new location, on Wilson Boulevard. This store was in a strip mall, and was bigger, and wel
  4. Since you asked, here is mine: I worked with 3 amigos decals to make the decals. I painted the red trim on the intakes, and around the canopy. I also painted the red, white and blue stripes on the trailing edge of the wings. It was a fun project, I hope you have as much fun as I did.
  5. This is the product which was discontinued. It is the final incarnation of what was originally called Future. I have seen some people on youtube use a product called Quick Shine , but it does not seem to be exactly the same, it looks like it is a little thinner and it is milky when applied, but dries clear.
  6. Sadly I think Paasche build quality has really suffered over the years. I have a few Paasche Hs purchased years apart. The one from the 80s is very nice, solid, the chrome is high quality, and the threads are precise. The next one, bought in the early 2000s seems to not be as nice, it just does not feel as high quality. then one purchased in 2010s feels cheaper yet, like the threads are not as precise, there is play in the valve, and it just feels "cheap" . I am not really sure how to describe it. I have a Talon I bought in 2015 or so .. and it also just feels low qua
  7. I will have to find the pictures, or take new ones.
  8. I did this in 1/48th ... it was a lot of fun! I went with FS 36222 - On the TV show and the comic the Sky striker looks almost white, and the toy is sorta off white.
  9. Thanks. I had to review the entire thread to find it. To summarize; for various reasons the magnets had to be left out, but one post says you can use a 1mm dia x 1.2mm length magnet to fit the space provided.
  10. My Kinetic Gold F-16A and F-16C just arrived. I did not know about the Magfire feature before I saw it mentioned on the box lid. It says "MagFire compatible" ... But I can not find anything else about MagFire anywhere. Is it going to be available separately? If so, when? it looks like a great feature I would love to try. I can not add much to the discussion about the kit itself, I have not started building, and I don't know the F-16 well enough to judge accuracy, but it does look lovely in the bags. And it has one thing which I really like ... Decals for the instrument panel and
  11. Here is mine, This is the Tamiya F-16C aggressor boxing, with Caracal Decals, and Quinta Studios 3d decals
  12. They say here: https://www.missionmodelsus.com/pages/tips-and-tricks-faq You can continue working as soon as it is dry to the touch, and it is totally cured in 12 hours. I have never used the MM metallics, so I am not sure what else to suggest. maybe try applying decals directly to the paint if it is smooth enough?
  13. Aquagloss is usually trouble free, this is very strange. How long did you let the MM dry before applying the clear?
  14. I am having trouble finding all the posts, so please post 2-3 pictures of your builds in this thread so we can wrap up this group build. Many thanks to all those who participated. There have been many great builds, and it goes to show how talented the members of this forum are, and demonstrates the popularity of the F-16. If we ever get back to Group builds, It shows that a Quick start date, and a popular subject can yield a successful GB.
  15. The Air Mobility Command Museum at Dover has a separate entrance and parking lot. It is located on the edge of the base, so there is no need to enter the base to visit the museum. I wonder if this would be possible at the Navair museum ? I hope they figure out something, it is a Museum I have always wanted to visit.
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