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  1. Kurt H.

    The future of group builds?

    I am in with the F-84F to start. Then, if time permits, an F-105. I will help you co-mod Phantom.
  2. Very cool, You are not crazy at all. When I was in high school I built the Monogram New Jersey from the same generation of boxart as that Missouri. I remember it was pretty easy. Getting back to your original post, maybe people are turned off by the 80s boxes with a picture of the model instead of the paintings. I hope the Monogram/Revell memorial group build happens, but I am not sure what I will build.
  3. I look for the oldest feasible issue of a kit. In many cases there will be a sweet spot between age and price. Once you find your kit, can you tell us what you were looking for?
  4. Kurt H.

    The future of group builds?

    I like this idea, Even excluding Bicentennial specials, some Navy and Marine Corps squadrons had some very interesting schemes in the 70s. I think 80% of my decal hoard qualifies for this idea.
  5. Kurt H.

    The future of group builds?

    Here are the ones I have had in my head since this discussion began. Simple concepts with broad appeal. Monogram memorial (maybe revell USA too... Something to celebrate the life and influence of monogram and revell ) Phantoms (f-4 phantom II any scale/variant) World war II aircraft I will participate in and lead any of these.
  6. Kurt H.

    The future of group builds?

    I say we try it. Maybe you can make a new topic in the GB section of the forums called "Group build submissions" and we can pitch the ideas to you.
  7. Kurt H.

    The future of group builds?

    Would be worth trying 1 GB with a quick start date to see how it works? In that case, it would need to be a GB with broad appeal and a kit many people have or is easily acquired.
  8. Kurt H.

    The future of group builds?

    We can call it an expedited GB, 15 votes and it starts in a week. The mods can decide to have other ways of interacting as discussed earlier. With regard to putting it to the top, it does not matter to me, I use the "unread content" button on the top when I visit the forum so I only see the new posts. Try it and see if it works for you. That being said, moving it higher would certainly help.
  9. Kurt H.

    The future of group builds?

    At this point we might need to re-think some things, such as the start dates. With fewer people participating in this forum, I think we can be more agile scheduling GBs. We do have to balance the desire to start the GB sooner with allowing participants enough time to gather kits, decals, paint, whatever. We can have sessions to accommodate different regions. It just depends on what time zone participants are in. Maybe we can also have quick video updates on youtube in addition to the build threads, or each GB gets a private FB group, all kinds of things we can try to re-invigorate group builds.
  10. Kurt H.

    The future of group builds?

    Maybe we can lower the votes needed to qualify for a GB? I had one that stalled at 22 votes. 😖 We do have the Top Gun GB coming up in September. But it is weird to not have any running. I do like the idea Rkic suggests. Coordinating the time for such a session might be tricky, but it might be fun to have a conference where we can show the in progress model on camera, discuss what we are doing, and ask questions.
  11. Kurt H.

    Hasegawa F-4S misadventure

    I want to start this project soon. I managed to find another F-4S kit, this time it is complete, and has the proper sprues. I am updating this thread rather than clutter the forums with another. I have decided to use the VMFA-235 markings from the Furball Lo viz devil dog rhinos sheet. I have found a a few pictures of Marine F-4S from the mid 80s, but they never seem to have any weapons. I know the Marines were not engaged in combat operations in 1985, but I feel the need to hang SOMETHING under this model. Are there any good reference books for Marine Corps Phantoms in the 80s? Would they carry sparrows on training missions? During training missions did they carry practice bombs, or real bombs? I do have the Hasegawa weapons set which has practice bomb dispensers.
  12. Kurt H.

    1/48 A-1J Decals

    I am thinking ahead to possible new projects. I have the Tamiya A-1J, and the A-1 in SEA camo looks like an interesting weathering challenge. I started looking for AM and found the Eduard PE is all discontinued. I am interested in what decals may have been released for an Air Force Skyraider. I looked on ScaleMates and there were not many decal sheets listed. I remember when this kit was released, it was very well received, and If I recall correctly this was in the era of AeroMaster and Cutting Edge. Does anyone remember what was available? I can keep a look out on ebay and from vendors.
  13. Kurt H.

    Kitty Hawk RF-101A/C

    I was there two years ago but I am not sure if I remember seeing an RF-101G. If you are on Facebook, they do seem to be reasonably active, maybe you can contact them on Facebook?
  14. Kurt H.

    Hasegawa F-4S misadventure

    And if anyone is trying to build an F-4S, Sprue Brothers has the Steel Beach F-4S update set for Hasegawa (as well as the set for the academy kit) in stock. My set is on the way now. Thank you Darren.
  15. Kurt H.

    Dream Injection Kit(s)

    A new tool A-26K in 1/48 is a kit I would like to build.