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  1. 1/48 RF-4 Phantom. Which Kit Is "Good"?

    I checked all the boxings of the RF-4B I have, and they all have both the short and long burner cans.
  2. How to Fix Future Pool

    Airbrush. I got the technique from the The Scale Modelers Critique Group on facebook. The X-22 is thinned with Mr. Hobby "Mr leveling thinner" . while the X22a is till wet, you apply a light coat of 100% Mr Leveling thinner. Test this technique on a paint hulk first, to get the hang of it. It works very well, here is a picture of my Enterprise model where I used this technique: before: after:
  3. How to Fix Future Pool

    I had the same issue with pooling. I sanded it carefully with 400 or 600 grit. you just have to be sure it is fully cured. I stopped using future as well, Tamiya clear works better for me. Before I stopped using future, I had better luck brushing future with foam brushes, and If I saw a pool forming I would work it with the brush, spreading it out, or trying to soak it up with the brush, or even a twisted up piece of paper towel. good luck.
  4. 1/48 RF-4 Phantom. Which Kit Is "Good"?

    This is good news, It is nice to see they made an effort to improve the kit.
  5. 1/48 RF-4 Phantom. Which Kit Is "Good"?

    The family tree gets twisted. In the 80s, Italeri had a 1/48 phantom series, some of which were boxed by testors for the US market. They had raised panel lines. ESCI also had a 1/48 family of F-4s, I know at least the C/D had engraved panel lines, but suffered from shallow intakes, shallow exhausts and only decals for cockpit detail. So to my understanding, what is now in an Italeri box is Esci plastic. (correct me if i am wrong) If you want to see my struggle with the Testors kit, look here . Someone with better skils could undoubtedly do a better job, but you can get the idea of the kit is like.
  6. Good searchwords on ebay

    When I search on ebay I try to catch as wide a net as possible so I search in the category toys and hobbies > models and kits> because you never know if someone might make a mistake and put something in the wrong category. For months my favorite search term was rf-4c but I finally got one. Does anyone else like to search on ebay just for fun to see what is out there? Sometimes I do. It is kind of like a game and I like to see how the prices what models I am interested in are trending. There are other fun things to search for, like "pro built" and it is very interesting to see the difference in what "pro built" means to different people.
  7. Shelf Queens Pt. II GB

    You could start a thread in the "General discussion" area I am sure it would be interesting for people to see. and to bring this back on topic, after I hijacked the thread (sorry) here is what I want to finish for this GB It is the Anigrand 1/72 C-133. I spent a lot of time getting the fuselage to this point, then found one of the wings was warped .... after I glued the halves together I still need to figure out how to address a few other things, but I would like to finish this one, and this is a good opportunity. And some more candidates: A-7 from my "Happy Anniversary" GB, Rareplanes A2D sky shark, Hasegawa F-16, and Rareplanes p-43. Then some automotive subjects The General Lee I started when I got back in the hobby in 98/99 . I can not remember why this one stalled. I think I was unsatisfied with the paint job. The Camaro is a project to build a low buck street machine. I could not figure out how to get the weathered look I was going for.
  8. Shelf Queens Pt. II GB

    This does not seem to fit the rules for this GB, but I am really interested in this one. How did it do at the NATs in 1983? Do you have any better pics? What paint did you use? I mean back in 1983 the choices for paints were far more limited and you seem to have a lot of shades of natural metal on this model.
  9. Shelf Queens Pt. II GB

    I would love to
  10. 1/48 RF-4 Phantom. Which Kit Is "Good"?

    You are correct, The USMC kit (pt31) is what you need for a late RF-4B. The kit named 'USMC' has the decals for the black phantom in the box. The included thick wing is correct for the later RF-4B, just not the earlier thin wing variant. There were also at least two special boxings of the RF-4B. 09839 "VMFP-3 special" and 09973 'VMCJ-2' It gets confusing. It would have been easier if late RF-4B was designated RF-4J , which would have been a more accurate designation. Also, if Hasegawa offered a scribed panel line B/N then they could have offered an early RF-4B by using the sprues for the B/N wing.
  11. 1/48 RF-4 Phantom. Which Kit Is "Good"?

    I found this thread too late, looks like you have a lot of good advice here. I can only add that The RF-4B "USMC" is the easiest to find RF-4B. The kit goes together very well, the best part is the way the side camera windows fit. They fit from the outside, and it is impossible for them to fall into the fuselage. The only problem with the Hasegawa RF-4 series is that they are not in continuous production. If you want to build an early RF-4B, Royale Resin has a Hasegawa thin wing conversion set Once you decide what you want to build, you just need to be conscious of which burner cans you need to use, slotted or un slotted stabs, and slatted or unslatted wings. If you are not sure, ask here on ARC, as you can see we have lots of phantom experts.
  12. Are wish lists still allowed?-in 1/48

    This. The last time I looked into it there was also a kit from Fonderie Miniature , and a resin kit from Collect-aire, both of which are out of production. A good modern kit of this would be nice. I am still waiting on KH to deliver the RF-101A/C . Everything else I want in 1/48th has been done. I do sometimes wonder why no one else has a had a go at the B-17 in 1/48, but it is not on my wish list.
  13. What to build next

    I chose Jets. I think everyone should have a phantom in progress at all times.
  14. Specific kits you sold and bought back later?

    I have switched interests a few times. At one point, I decided to focus on car models and purged a good number of planes. The ones I ended up buying again: monogram b-36 Monogram F-104 Monogram F-84F Hasegawa F-4C/D (I got sucked in by a limited issue Bicentennial boxing .. this was before the academy phantoms) Hasegawa 1/32 TA-4J The inverse of your question about getting an improved kit of the subject, once ZM announced the F-4S, I got a good price on a Hasegawa F-4S, a kit which until that point, I did not see very often on ebay.
  15. ProModeler Blue Angels A-4 1/48

    I looked in my Pro modeler Blue Angels kit, the intake parts are on Sprue J. On my A-4M, it has sprue Q for the intakes. according to the hasegawa kit tables at http://modelingmadness.com/splfeat/kr/has48e.htm The Q sprue is indeed the larger intake , so we can conclude the pro modeler kit is the E/F kit. No big deal, I know everyone is just trying to help. Thanks.