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  1. If you wanted to thin them even more, the mild lacquer thinners are useful, like the ones from Mr. Hobby.. Mr. Levelling thinner, Mr. Rapid thinner , Mr. Color Thinner, or the Tamiya Lacquer thinners. MRP does offer a thinner as well. Like A-10 Loader stated above, clean the airbrush with regular lacquer thinner .
  2. And nearly 3 years later ... many of my wishes came true! Revell is close to releasing a 1/48 SR-71 Roden released a 1/144th C-133 The B-26K has been released by ICM, it just has not made it to the US yet I am not too optimistic for the others. I have what I need to build a thin wing RF-4B, but I know the F-86H would be a hard sell to make a case to go through the expense to develop and tool. In the automotive world, word has leaked AMT is finally going to re-issue the 1978 Bronco, one kit I have been waiting forever for. I just wish the B-26K wo
  3. They seemed to slowly draw less and less interest. There was also sentiment that the Group build calendar was an impediment. Once a group build got enough votes, it could be several months before a slot opened for the build, at which point enthusiasm for the build had waned. There was even an occasion where the person who set up the build disappeared before the build started. It also became harder to get enough votes, and to attract participants. It was fun while it lasted.
  4. You can try with spray cans using rigid masks made of something like a manilla folder, slightly raised from the surface of the model. I remember reading about this in FSM back in the early 2000s. Since the mask is raised ever so slightly from the surface of the model, if you are careful you can get that soft edge you are looking for. The other way I have seen is to use artist oils, and then you can blend the demarcation line since the paint takes so long to dry. There is a video on youtube where someone demonstrated this technique. I have not tried it, but it did look intriguing.
  5. I think the ICM B-26K must be sitting on a ship waiting in the harbor.... It seems to be taking forever to show up at US retailers. I am not worried about running out of kits, but paint could really become a problem.
  6. I am selling various kits on ebay, and I look at what the same item sold for recently, and in some cases they commanded a high price, so I set my prices accordingly. I mean, why leave money on the table?
  7. I get them as I need them, but I also stock up on staples, like flat black, semi gloss black, white, and metallic shades.
  8. It has happened to me twice. The first time was the AM 1/48 B-25B ... right after it was released. I got the fuselage halves together, but it ended up what I call "stair stepped" there was a pretty bad step, and If i tried to fix it by sanding, I would have to remove a lot of material, and if I managed to do that, it would look stupid. I was unable to get the halves apart so ... I ended up tossing the kit. It really stung, I was having fun building it up to that point. I tried the Trumpeter 1978 monte carlo ... and got all the way to the end and found the ride height was way too h
  9. At this point I have 1 subject left I would really like to see, but I am not sure if it would be popular... 1/48 F-86H After seeing the F-86H at the Strategic Air and Space museum in Nebraska, I wanted to build it. I have the kit in decals in 1/72, so at least I can build one. I just like unusual variants of well known aircraft.
  10. 91 % Isopropyl alcohol is very effective to remove lacquer. you can immerse the model in the alcohol, or wipe the model with the alcohol. If my understanding is correct, putty is really just a very thick paint, so anything which will remove paint will also eventually remove putty, but not as quickly. Oven cleaner seems to work a little better on enamel than lacquer. I have not tried brake fluid on lacquer. I hope it helps.
  11. The C was reissued briefly in 2019 ... it was blink and you miss it. I did not realize it was over two years ago until I double checked. When Hobby Boss released their 1/48th A-4 I hoped we would have an alternative to Hasegawa's highly irregular release schedule. They have released the M, E, and F but no early skyhawk yet. I love Hasegawa, but the variants I want to build are always the hardest to find, so it is very frustrating sometimes.
  12. I am serious, Hasegawa was the only one to make new tools of the Phantom in 1/48. There were not a lot of new tool 1/48 phantoms during the Hasegawa Phantom era. Hasegawa worked their way through all the variants, but the B/N and the C/D were practically castoffs, until the Academy C/D the only engraved panel line C/D was the ESCI C/D . To get an Engraved B/N you had to massively re-work a J. The short nose variants, with the exception of the J/S really needed a modern, engraved panel line kit, which took until 2012 when Academy dared to challenge Hasegawa's dominance with t
  13. I have received my Tamiya phantom. It looks nice in the box, but the real test will be to build it. It is amazing how the phantom went from being ignored for years, and now we have 3 new 1/48th phantom kit families. Hasegawa did just about every variant, but the very important C/D , and the B were never done with engraved panel lines. Since 2012 we have new kits from Academy, Zoukei Mura and now Tamiya. Who would have thought Tamiya would release a 1/48 phantom kit? It is a great time to be a phantom phan.
  14. This linked article is a blatant ad for a cleaning kit on amazon ... and a reply to a 10 year old thread .
  15. It is great for filling tires, but like A-10 loader said, it is not enough to run air tools. But .. It is enough to to use an Iwata LPH80 mini hvlp spray gun if you want to get into spraying larger areas.
  16. You mean the color cup, where the tube makes a tight turn? I am not sure if there is a way, I did the same thing and I think I ended up throwing away the cup.
  17. You will need: An air source (usually a compressor) An Airbrush A hose to connect the airbrush to the hose paint thinner Lots of practice some way of moving Fumes from the room in which you are spraying, such as a spray booth helpful things: Interdental brushes for cleaning mixing cups or tattoo ink cups for mixing paint out side the airbrush Disposable droppers for measuring paint and thinner Extra needle and nozzle plastic jaw pliers I am sure i am forgetting something, but hopefully you
  18. Nice work restoring these. I am glad to see you posting again, I am not sure if you remember me, but we used to talk on the old PSAB chat, and I remember your work on the model cars magazine forum. -Kurt
  19. This is why it is so important to research a company before you buy, this same story has been repeated for nearly 20 years.
  20. Yes, I do. I am not sure how to describe it, but unpainted plastic, just looks like unpainted plastic. However if it is painted well, with smooth, even paint, it looks so much better.
  21. I know it sounds silly, but I want to be sure. I have heard people call the animal of the same name "Crackle" and "Care-a-cal" . Which is correct for our favorite decals?
  22. There is really no set ratio, just keep adding thinner until it is really thin. Or like Chuck said, you can try the restorer if the paint has really thickened in the jar. I noticed this too. I have added thinner to the airbrush cup, but you really need to be sure to try to stir it to the extent you can in the cup.
  23. Chuck1945 pretty much said it all. I can only add that I have thinned Mr Color to nearly the consistency of MRP with Mr. Leveling Thinner, and it worked about the same way as MRP. I think I ended up with more thinner than paint.
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