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  1. I suggest you also take a look at this resource... https://www.tornadosig.com/ Check out "Modelling the Tornado" and "About the Tornado". They have a link to the forum and their Facebook page discussion area. The forum has some discussions/information but the discussions have moved to their Facebook page. You don't have to be an IPMS member to participate. John
  2. Hi All, I have several photographic/reference publications for IDS/ECR/F.3/GR.1 Tornados. None of them have any reference to the GR.4. Any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks! John
  3. I requested a replacement from Revell of Germany and they are not available; out of stock and not being produced. Does anyone have a spare or one from a trashed kit you could provide me with? I'll gladly pay for one or even trade a kit for one. To be clear I'm looking for only the canopy and instead of paying for it I have a few kits I would trade for just the canopy. Please PM me or email me at jm190(at)metrocast(dot)net if you can help me out. Thanks! John
  4. Found one on eBay...for $27.31. Just had to use the right search terms! Hi All I’m looking for this kit and I have the following kits to offer in trade. I prefer to trade but will pay a reasonable price to buy one. This is what I have to offer…kits are open but complete. 1/48 Kinetic F-16I Sufa, #K48006 1/48 Italeri EA-6B, #2698 (reboxed Kinetic kit) 1/48 Trumpeter F-106B, #02892. Experts-Choice #48-24 included. 1/48 Great Wall Hobby P-61A, #L4802 1/48 Hasegawa
  5. Hi All, I found these two kits while cleaning out my closet this afternoon! A friend found them at a yard sale and gave them to me several years ago and I forgot about them. The latest copyright date on the boxes is 1973. I'm not a collector so I'd like to pass them on. I'm asking $25 each or both for $45; make an offer if you want. Payment by PayPal Friends and Family preferred; USPS money orders or well concealed cash will work as well. Will ship by USPS Priority, at cost, as tracking and insurance is included. PM me or send an email to jm190(at)metrocast(dot)net.
  6. Hi All, I'd like to finish my Revell Tornado IDS in a "Plain Jane" Luftwaffe Norm 76 or 83 color scheme and markings. I couldn't find any aftermarket decals with these schemes but maybe I didn't look hard enough. It appears that a few of the Italeri Tornado IDS kits had options for what I'm looking for. I'd be happy to pay for a partial sheet to fit my needs if you have something available. Please PM me or send an email to jm190(at)metrocast(dot)net. Thanks! John
  7. Hi All, Please let me know if you have one for sale or what you might be looking for in trade. Please contact me directly at jm190(at)metrocast(dot)net. Thanks! John
  8. Hi All! I'm looking for the F-14A VF-41 "StrikeCat" markings found on 48-655 or 48-1044. I'll take the entire sheet or just the "Strikecat" portion of the sheet if you've got one. Please PM me or contact me by email, jm190(at)metrocast(dot)net. Thanks! John
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