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  1. That's what happens when you huff kerosene. ! All kidding aside, I wish I could be there.
  2. I had heard that there was a problem with ios8 so I did not install it. Looks like it still not fixed.
  3. I do occasionally cause I can't seem to remember how to do certain things that I did in the past ! I guess I can use my age as an excuse. I've watched some utube on weathering and detailing cockpits.
  4. "As for the disco ball? Just someone's idea of fun I'm sure...wait...FUN!? I thought the Navy did away with that?! " FUN is now against US Navy regs ! They'll have to investigate that situation.
  5. Kudos to Food City for doing this great commercial to honor our United States military ! Thank you canadadry1 for posting this. My Father passed away 2 years ago, 1SG US Army Ret.
  6. This GB would motivate me to finally build one of the military transports that I have. Got to get with Draw Decals to see what I need.
  7. Anybody have this they are willing to part with?
  8. Know when to step away from the modeling bench when you are getting frustrated and things just don't seem to be going well !! Step away, take a deeeep breath, listen to some music, get a drink of your favorite beverage..... think good thoughts.... and when you've calmed down, get back to the bench and start working like nothing happened !!
  9. I recently purchased a H&S Silverline and it came with a quick connect fitting on the airbrush. I went to their website and found their fittings and adapters parts listings because I wanted to be able to use my Iwata Smart Jet compressor with hose. I found the quick connect adapter for my size and type hose fitting and ordered it along with the cleaning tool and paint cup covers. The quick connect is really nice. The H&S airbrush works great and is really easy to clean.
  10. Thanks for the link and article Brian. Very interesting read. I may just have to try that out. BTW, I joined your site.
  11. Just like a bird ! Really cool. What I want to know is who was on the wing taking the photos ? !!
  12. Amazing! ! The clarity and colors are so vivid. Just staring at each one, you almost feel like you are there. Now if I could only get pictures of my models to look that good.
  13. Wow ! Very informative and cool site. I've used the Acryl leather paint before but did not do any wear or weathering effects to it. The color is good straight out of the bottle. I'm going to study that site some more to get some pointers and techniques. I would like to be able to do some figures even half as nice as done up and shown. Thanks for the link and sharing.
  14. Great looking models ! The dioramas are really nice and look almost real. Good luck to you and your fellow modelers. I know you are very proud of this expo and you should be, looks like it went well.
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