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  1. so at a model show not long ago a Friend of mine won a raffle and gave me the old amt/ertl 1/72 EC-135C looking glass  but there is a big problem it has no instructions i have looked all over the internet and google and have found nothing can any body help so i know if any parts are missing?

  2. On 8/30/2017 at 1:23 AM, Homer said:

    Thanks hotdog.  I think your photo above gives me the idea to mount the ceiling LED forward (there's the most space there) and bounce the light off on the inside surface of the tiled beanie cap, which I'll try to line with reflective tape on top of the light-blocking paint layer.


    Tracy, I would be happy to try to scale the interior parts to 1/100, but I don't have a Tamiya shuttle to try it on to confirm that it will fit.  I made the 1/72 model to be as thin as possible (0.6 mm thickness on the unsupported walls) so I don't know how reliably it would print at 1/100 (0.45 mm thickness, presumably), but we can certainly try.  Please send me the cavity dimensions.

    homer where can i get your 3d printed set from how can i get one?

  3. On 8/26/2017 at 5:46 AM, X-Plane Fan said:

    The axisymmetric nozzles used on the F-15 ACTIVE (also known as pitch/yaw balance beam nozzles) had a very unique look to them. When parked they would also relax into a slight downward position. 




    tony do have any more photos of the ACTIVE f-15?







  4. ok so from what i have seen thanks to finn and twong   the shade of blue on the jet meaning the stripe color in one page the roll out photos the blue looks dark then on the PDF file i opened has a sample of the color and its very very bright blue.  so i guess the next question is what shade should i pick? go off of the photos or the chip?

  5. so this next year i want to build a model of the very first prototype f/a-18 hornet  in 1/48 i have the monogram kit but i need help finding more detailed photos of the jet like the art work on the rudders so i can have better decals made for it  can any body help?

  6. 9 hours ago, anj4de said:

    ..."Alert 1 this is Eagle 1, you're clear to fire, "Splash the Zeros"...:-)



    @Anders...I want a later -A as well for my Zotz Miss Molly decals...but do you know what I will do? I will just buy another one :-)


    BTW...I love the two different Sidewinder versions on the same plane! Both included in the kit! Enough weapons btw for two fleet intercept loads!

    Now searching for the 203 numbers and the bird's serial...I already have the kill marks!

    any body know the serial numbers of the jets used in the movie??

  7. i am so sold on this kit i have been saving decals i have of the F-14 for a long time. so when the right came out i could use them well it looks like the ultimate tomcat kit will be out what i am wondering is what kind of weapons this kit will have

  8. yes i am back finely got a new password that worked

    as for this kit i cant wait for it to come out. and there are 2 cats in this fight one is the Tamyia kit and the other is this one the AMK kit and i will not make any judgements on ether till the come out and people build them and post pictures the AMK i know the make good stuff and saw there MIG that they make and it goes together easily and have not heard one thing bad about it so when they come out then ill make my choice

  9. so i got a airfix P-51d in 1/24 scale but the problem is there are no wheels bays to speak of at all so i ether need to build my own or find a resin one for the kit so my question is if need to build the wheel bay what are the dimensions for it? and what i mean is how tall are the walls of the landing gear bay?

  10. i think the we need 2 pilots in it in stead of just one in ever new revell tomcat i have bought the left side of the pilots face is melted off and get rid of the long line that goes straight down the middle of the top of the jet its not there on the real one also fix that indentation on the left side on the top its near where the spine blends in to the back of the jet it has sort of a pill shape every revell kit i have its there and it gets deeper and worse

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