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  1. my question to you is which marking are you going to do? but both kits are a f-14. and like every body said on hear you can add things to the kit that will make it look great if you have any problems building it let me know i know some tricks to that kit
  2. hot dog if u make them in 1/144 scal and 1/72 scale then i am sold
  3. cool i can finally do my super guppy
  4. i always whanted to build that t-38 from that movie
  5. skyhawk i say go for it do you also do drawing for 3d printing?
  6. this is so cool i think once there weathered i think they will look great
  7. has any body hear built a model of the EA-18G super hornet that was painted in the 3 tone blue colors for the navy centennial wth the lighting bolt on the rudder and the #55 on it? and the the prowler that was painted in blue on top and grey on the bottom? i ask because i want to build these but i am having a problem matching the blue colors used on these jets
  8. vince thanks for the help and every body else on hear thank you for helping. so after i figure out how it works ill post my findings on hear so others can learn
  9. i will find out tomorrow if i need to add hardener to it. if my plan works i will be so happy using real car paint on my models
  10. ok so what i found for a primer was rustolium light grey auto primer. and i also bought some medium reducer and the paint is a arcrylic enamel paint so with the reducer what kind of paint to reducer to paint mix should i use?
  11. so i have a idea on useing arcyilc enamel real auto paint to do my model cars i have i have medium reducer to thin it. but has any body hear done this before??
  12. my big qustion is if i used LED light bulbs which ones should i use in my model building so i get true light to work with. cuz i sure hate those pig tale things
  13. Dave thank you u gave me the answer i was looking for
  14. i guess i wasn't very awake when i wrote that but yes that is what i was wondering is how is that new revell f-16 Thunderbird kit and what block can it be built in to?
  15. i hope it works out i can not wait to use these on my shuttles me my self i am still working on my product
  16. my self i might have a lot i am not sure i have never counted but i am lucky because my sisters kid likes doing models so if there is any thing i know i wont build i can just give to him because i know he will build it one day
  17. so i am thinking of geting my sisters kid the new released F-16 in 1/48 scale so what dose every body hear think of that kit?
  18. capital letters are expensive as a hasagwa tomcat
  19. so i scored some monogram F-15s in 1/48 scale at a model show they are the c model but i know i can also make them in to a f-15a model but i want to add some photo etch to the kits to dress them up like some of the vents on the out side of the plane so on Edwards site i see ones for the hasagwa kit and the academy one so i guess what i am wondering is which one would fit?
  20. ace combat the tomcat you posted pictures of is painted in the 3 greys of medium grey light ghost grey and dark ghost grey. the f-22 is differnt because over the paint it has a semi gloss metallic Shen to it
  21. a update for you all my parts are all drawn i paid the place all i am waiting is for them to print and send them to me. when they do ill post pictures
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