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  1. has any body hear built a model of the EA-18G super hornet that was painted in the 3 tone blue colors for the navy centennial wth the lighting bolt on the rudder and the #55 on it?

    and the the prowler that was painted in blue on top and grey on the bottom? i ask because i want to build these but i am having a problem matching the blue colors used on these jets

  2. so i scored some monogram F-15s in 1/48 scale at a model show they are the c model but i know i can also make them in to a f-15a model but i want to add some photo etch to the kits to dress them up like some of the vents on the out side of the plane so on Edwards site i see ones for the hasagwa kit and the academy one so i guess what i am wondering is which one would fit?

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