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  1. i would like to add something to this. i my self i am using 3d printing to start my own business where i will be making conversion sets so any body can build rare bear or strega or even the RB-51. and what i love so much about this technology is they can model any shape or curve out there and you will have it in your hands. now i did for a long time try resin casting but it never worked for me so i went this route and in 1 week from now i will have my parts in my hands and yes i will post pictures.

  2. to RKic i wont use cat fan productions or racer bits. because it says noting about what my business is but in a week from now i will have the parts in my hands so i will be able to post pictures of what i am offering.

  3. OK so the name of my bissness is called scale unlimteds. and i will be providing in 1/48 scale for now conversion parts to turn any model in to a Reno unlimted air racer so for right now i am making parts so you can build voodoo or strega and yes i will be doing all of the mustangs. but of course i will be doing rare bear and other reno air racers

  4. ok so back to the mustang question. i did finally find the part that shows what i need for the left and right side walls of the plane but there is this one part the hydraulic hand pump. now in the kit they say paint it in a metal color i could see that on a war bird from now but during WW2 would it be the same color as the cockpit and would the little knob be red

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