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  1. what i think needs to happen is somebody needs to buy the bisness from the owner and take over the operations cuz a lot of us like heilcopters and need his stuff meteor protuions is all ready gone i can't take a nother company dieing so fast if i had the money i would buy cobra company and keep it from dieing some body needs to buy them we can't lose them
  2. catfan

    f-14 other

    i have an idea because the tomcat group build is coming up soon and i know a lot of people whant to build a tomcat for it my idea is what other 1/48 scale tomcat can you get if you cant find or afford a hasagwa what would be the other any ideas ar welcome :D :D
  3. josh1971 i have the same f-14 you have i bought mine at a show for 10$ so i am intresed to see how it turns out and it is revell because the cat on the box is vf-84 jolly rogers im lucky the orginal decals are with it and still are usable i can't wait to see how this will turn out
  4. now it is my turn to say somthing about this i have built only 1 f-14 in my life and that was when i was 11 but i have done so many new models now i think i could attack a hasagwa cat. but the revell F-14 is a perfict place for people to try and build a f-14 with out braking the bank do you even know why the hasagwa cats are so expensive its no the plastic its the white meatl wheel hubs in the kit thats why the kit in are store witch is $70 and hasent sold and we have had it for 3 years
  5. to day i saw the coooolest thing i have ever seen. i saw 2 marine ch-46 sea knight at tree top level hauling but to fight these fires we have around hear. but i didn't have a camra so if they show up to marrow i weel try and have a camra with me
  6. catfan

    Tomcat GB

    ok u twisted my arm im in im doing the 1/32 f-14a revell wolfpack vf-1
  7. qustion to stealthy1 i am intersed in the hasagwa f-14's and i have these box numbers 9786,vf-14 9776,vf-84 9797, vf-2 bounty hunters 9814, vf-213 black lions so my qustion is if you have any of these can u let me know witch ons have parts to make B and D models out of if you know please list
  8. any help on this from u guys would be aprecated
  9. to all hornet fans i need your help the f/a-18c im doing is buno is 163708 vaf-147 nose number #400 cag jet cvn-74 cvw-9 2002 timeframe cam decal sheet 48-114 i am making the plane from the hobbyboss f/a-18c so what i need to know is are there any upgrades in need to buy from maw decals or any body else also what would the load out be for this jet from this time frame caus all i could find in pics shows the jet with 3 fule tanks any help u might have would be helpful
  10. to all cat lovers i need your help do we know what f-14's had the square programmable tactical information display in the rio possion and who makes that part in 1/48 i think avonix dose if they don't than who? the part im talking about is in the f-14 daco book on page 94 and 95 any help would be aprecated
  11. catfan


    i love choppers those are really nice it make me whant to go out and buy 1
  12. it is 164343 the cat i qustion is from the yellowhammer models decalsheet iraqi freedom heroes #1 the second air craft on the sheet on bord the uss abraham lincoln late winter &spring 2003 the number on the nose is 106
  13. to all tom cat fans i need your help i am building a model of f-14d mrs heidi from VF-31 tomcaters from the 2003 time period but i need to know where to put the right wepons and what it should be on it if u know please tell me :)
  14. hi darren when can i see the acadamy resin nose and f-14b and f-14d upgrades back in stock?? i have a lot of cats wating :lol:
  15. how did u do the rivets on the body panels??
  16. wow can't what to see the harrier from true lies can u share what u have??? and i just saw a harrier today flying i forgot how frecken LOUD they are
  17. i have been a f-117 scince i heard about it but i got to see 1 in 1990 right after the gulf war ended and got the pilots auto graph but ever scince the i have seen the black jet in differnt places and the last f-117 i saw in person was aircraft #782 with the us flag on it and i do have video of it i plan on buliding 4 of the in 1/48 scale any ideas on what kits to buy to do this??
  18. i also want to see how this is going to turn out but that sucks wingnut that u had a flood i had 2 in my apartment so i know the felling
  19. i will be doing all models of the cats the A's B's and the D's and will use resin pats to replace what neets to be and even the last 4 to fly and movie f-14's if i cand and of corse the aggerssor cats if u have any ideas let me know
  20. i will be bulding in 1/48 scale 30 YES 30 f-14's as a tribute to the cat but i like the academy bombcat as a staring point and it comes with a lot of stuff but witch is betert revell monogeram or the academy and don't say hasagwa i don't have that kind of cash so what is ever bodys opion on this??
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