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  1. maker which parts do u have?
  2. niart17 u hit it right on the head. that is my idea is to offer quality parts that look awesome and are affordable and i hope to have the parts soon so i can post pictures.
  3. if u do them in 1/72 and 1/144 scale u have 2 sets sold i need those parts badly
  4. well bashace Red Pegasus decals makes decals for a bunch of air racers. and with the 3D printed parts when i get them i will put up a bunch of pictures showing what they look like and all that when i get them.
  5. so what air racers would people like to build i would love to hear feed back
  6. catfan

    p-51b/c help

    its funny i tried that and all i get are pictures of the p-51d cockpit. even though i clearly put p-51b/c cockpit o the kit i am building is revell
  7. holmes and wayfarer 30 thank u so much for the help of getting my idea across better. i do know it will be easier to show off once i have the parts in front of me. but i love the 3d print idea because i can make any model part i want and it will have the right shape to it
  8. ok so what i will be making are 3d printed parts so people can build any air racing plane out there from sterga to voodoo to rare bear and all of the others i will even be doing models for sale of the miss Ashley2 the pond racer and even tsunami i am starting out in 1/48 scale and will go to other scales also so what dose every body think about the idea? i will be posting pictures of the parts once i have them
  9. so thanks to one of the newer fine scale modeler magazines that had a interview with a company called click2detail.com which is a company that makes model parts using 3d printing. i will be making threw them conversion parts so model builders can build there own RENO air racers so that means the red Barron rb-51 mustang strega voodoo dago red and the other mustangs pulse parts to turn any f8f-2 bear cat in to rare bear or conquest 1 or any of the other bear cat racers. and for u sea fury fans i will be making parts for September fury and also dreadnaught and the only planes the would be there own kits would be miss Ashley2 tsunami and the pond racer no i will be making these in 1/48 for now but if they sell really good then ill offer my conversions in other scales so i need feed back what dose every body think of this idea?? and my stuff will be better than the high planes kits
  10. catfan

    p-51b/c help

    so i have one of the p-51b/c kits that's in 1/48 scale and this is a recent kit because it came out in 2000 and it gives u a standard canopy or a Malcolm canopy. so i am working on the interior. and i am wondering what color on the left and right sides of the cockpit parts would be like. on the right side there are a lot of boxes and also the hydraulic hand pump and on the left there looks to be a lot of knobs and the landing rear leaver. and i get confused because a lot of war birds of that type of plane seem to paint every knob red
  11. so i have Mr color paint and i tried to thin on of there paints so i could air bush it and with no luck it didn't work so could i use lacquer i see in the hardware store to thin the paint so it can be air brushed?
  12. ok so since the contest is over and to many things got in the way for me...i am still going to get the kit finish hopefully by the end of the year
  13. i finished a model in 3 days and went to the Reno air races
  14. i cant wait to use these on my 3 shuttle i have
  15. so i am building a model in 1/48 scale of the p-51d with the name sumthin else which is the name of the aircraft. but what i am wondering about this plane and all Reno p-51s is this with the cockpits are the controls and throttle and every thing else in the same place as a WW2 mustang or are things moved around?
  16. when do u think it will be ready? just guessing?
  17. so i want to build a model of the DC-10 fire bomber so as far as DC-10 kits go whats out there right now?
  18. do we know which b-1 it was like any of the nose art birds like black widow or seek and destroy?
  19. i am in i have 3 shuttles in that size so u have 3 sets sold all ready
  20. pk just try ed A t&t and they couldn't help so i don't know what to do
  21. i still cant get on throw and device i have weather its my computer or phone
  22. so zone 5 is still down i bet it wont be back ruining until after the nationals
  23. my computer can load any web page fine but when i hit refresh for zone 5 or try and get it dosnt load did there servers crash?
  24. ok so i saw planes yesterday and i liked it there are so many aviation references in it i knew the when i saw then and being i am a air racing fan there is air racing stuff every where heck on one of the F4U corsairs in the film was made to look like ira kepfords bird so has any body else seen it and what did they think?
  25. so after looking at these colors life color makes FS-35450 and for FS35622 blue model master has it in there acrylic line look for duck egg blue
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