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  1. catfan

    F-5 help

    so dose that mean that each one of these F-5 kits will have the parts i need ?
  2. catfan

    F-5 help

    ok so i will list which F-5e i plan to build first off is the f-5e used in the film top gun aka the MIG-28 now come the others f-5e bruo number 761635 f-53 bruo number 160792 jet has shark nose and LEX extension f-5e bruo number 761570 jet has shark nose and lex extension f-5e bruo number 741536 f-5e bruo number 160792 f-5e bruo number 163207 f-5e bruo number 761541 shark nose and LEX extinctions f-5e bruo number 761591 shark nose and LEX extension f-5e bruo number 730879 f-5e bruo number 730865 f-5e buro number 730975 jet has duck bill nose and lex mods f-5e buro number 741530 standard usaf f-5e buro number 160795 jest has usaf round nose f-5e buro number 741536 jest has duckbill nose and LEX mods but also has tail top antenna f-5e buro number 741539 old air force jet with tail top antenna f-5e buro number 730865 old usaf jet with tail top antenna f-5n buro number 761548
  3. catfan

    F-5 help

    ok so since it is getting hard to find the monogram/revell F-5e jets in 1/48 scale i know AFV club still makes them but which kit that they make now would work to build a F-5e like do they all have the same parts?
  4. catfan

    VF-31 tomcats

    Brian i knew u were cooking some thing up having to do with VF-31 my prayers have been answered
  5. i liked it. makes me wonder if it has gotten essayer to make a model now a Days?
  6. for the recording thing i found some thing at radio shack that will will work even comes with a speaker and runs off of a 9 volt battery
  7. ok so i am building the gas gun vent parts on the left side now each part of the door there are 19 lines per vent peace but its going to be a real challenge getting them all in there
  8. i just tryed and yellow wing decals site is working
  9. ok every body time for a update i was waiting for a new copy of the daco tomcat book because mine went missing so now that i have a new copy of the book tomorrow i will start building the vents on the left nose part . ill post a picture when i get them done. and the cockpit i orded and should be at my local hobby shop soon. but i have a question aires makes landing gear bays for the tamyia f-14 in 1/32 scale do you think it would fit my revell tomcat?
  10. OK so i am about ready to paint my air wolf model and i found out from one of the stars that was on the show that air wolf wasn't black at all it was actually a dark grey green color that was solid not metallic in any way. so i was thinking of using a RLM color maybe RLM70 or what would u guys suggest for a dark grey green color?
  11. i can help with this look at steel beach resin he makes the lumps and bumps u need for the f-14B
  12. ok so i found the sound i need. thank you flight sim guys i just found the sound of a F-111 starting up so that what i will use
  13. don't worried ill post more pictures soon i am working on the gas gun vent grill area. i am building that area. i hope to get the get don in time for decmeber. to day i spent most of my time figuring out how am i going to light this model and what lights it has and what it has to do
  14. any ideas on where i can get engine start up sounds that would sound like a F-14a?
  15. ok so i am going to make the HUD turn on. thanks Andrew for the help. and for every thing else i am going to make the engines light up using flickering orange and yellow LEDs and i will even have a sound chip in the jet so u can hear the engines start. and for the lights on the out side of the plane they will be on a separate system so i can turn them on when ever.
  16. ok so i have figured out how to add the Navigation lights Anti-collision lights Position lights. on the tom cat i will even try to make the engines light up but what in the cockpit be lit up and how will the HUD projection part be lit.if any tomcat pilots on on ARC can u help me with this idea?
  17. no i wanted a digital copy of the book so if i lost the paper book i can look at the scanned one and keep modeling. i have this problem with my daco tomcat book wick i lost yesterday and i cant model tomcats un till i get a new copy
  18. dose any body hear have a copy of the DACO B-52h book as a pdf? so i can start building mine
  19. ok so i am going to try the tape idea for the slime lights it seems to have the right color. and LEDs for the lights the only thing i am wondering about lighting the the white light on the left rudder
  20. so since i live in California ill try and find it if not then ill look on line
  21. any body know where i could get that glow in the dark fishing lewer tape at? would big 5 have it or walmart?
  22. dose any body make a carrier deck i can put the cat on when its done?
  23. ok so the tomcat i am doing has the 2 hole gas gun vent door. but i cut out the grill area. so now i need to build that area so dose any body have a picture that shows that part really clearly so can see how many grill vent lines there are on that part?
  24. ok so since i have till December to get this bird done. i am going to add the fallowing things to it..... a resin 1/32 cockpit yes i know they are made for tamyia but i am sure i can find on that fits photo etch for the inside and out side from eduard resin wheels and fuel tanks from wolf pack just need to find out what style main wheels the top gun movie cats had so for the landing gear i might combine metal and plastic because i want the front lit and stuff like the main landing gear bays will have wire to make them look right or should i buy the resin ones made for the tamyia cat and use those? all of the vents on the air plane will have them added so u can see though and pilots will be added but can any body help me with how they would be painted around the 1986 time frame like oxygen mask flight suit and the like and thank u every body for the help in this
  25. so i am thinking about lighting this bird. but the biggest question i have is how do i light the slime lights. especially the ones on the tips of the wings?
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