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  1. ok so except for that picture all i have done was glue together the sidewinders and the sparrows ill post more soon
  2. ok so iam using flicker so if any body can tell me what code to use to post pictures then u will be seeing more stuff on hear
  3. ok so i have taped it together to see how it will fit so like i said it will be a top gun movie plane
  4. ok so i have decided to build the f-14a tomcat i have and do it as the one from the movie top gun and i even have pilots to go with it. i know this kit is from 1986 so there isn't a lot of detail so i will be adding detail by any thing i can find so that means photo etch resin bits of wire and any thing else i can to make it it look real.
  5. ok i am in with a 1/32 tomcat from revell with top gun markings but which jet form the movie?
  6. so my grumman stash ia in 1/144 scale 2 F-14d tomcats in vf-31 in 1/72 scale 1 F-14a tomcat from hasagwa and a F-14a top gun 1986 movie release now for 1/48 wich is what i have a lot of hear we go hasagwa 2 f-14b and 2 f-14d tomcats accurate minatures tbm/tbf combo set 2 acadmey f-14a tomcats 1 italira f-14 a 1 hasagwa f6f hell cat 2 eduard hellcats and now for what i have a lot of revell monogram stuff 1 1/48 appollo LEM 1 a-6 intruder and 2 ea6b prowlers and about 25+ f-14 tomcat kits from monogram and revell and 1/32 f-14a tomcat
  7. i have a few but ill thing about one to post. since i am a huge grumman fan. but where is ever body getting those grumman banners at the end of there post ? i want one
  8. my self i have a few hellcats i am going to try and get built and i have a avenger and also 2 tomcats i would like to get done if i could ever get a photo etch set i need. so from now till December i will be very busy
  9. dutycat can u fix the link so i can see your shuttle pic because when i click on it all i see it the photo shack main page that says please log in
  10. catfan

    p-51 air racers

    so i am going to build the p-51d air racer with the name of sumthin else from the 1988 time period but what i need help with is 1 is with the ***** pit is it like a normal p-51 or was it changed if any body has a picture let me know. and what kind of prop was on the plane? i am modeling in 1/48 scale
  11. catfan

    avengers help

    nerdling can you post or sen me a copy of the instructions showing what i would have to change to make my tbm a flight 19 tbm like what to get rid of
  12. catfan

    avengers help

    thank ever body for clear things up for me
  13. catfan

    avengers help

    OK so i got a very good deal on the accurate miniatures white box kit that has 2 kits in it so you can build a TBM-3 and a TBF-1c so my question with this i kit is which parts do i use and which ones do i not use because like on the clear parts tree there are 2 dashboards and as for the tbm-3 i want to build the flight lead in flight 19 so was that avenger a normal one or was it different like did it have the ads radar on the wing? and dose and body have any good pictures of the interior so i know what it should look like with all of those box's and wires like that are on the sides of the front fuselage?
  14. i just found out that testors is getting rid of there floquil and polly scale paint lines so if u like reefer white and other colors they make then stock up
  15. i have finally solved this question after watching the movie and the TV show and looking at pictures i found on line that were taken on set in the 80's the color is Polly scale C&O enchantment blue put a whit base coat then this blue on top of it it drys flat but that is the color
  16. i will be putting pictures up tomorrow
  17. i am very happy to say the my first corsair four this build and the Revell contest will be done before the 15th in time for the revell contest and i will try and post pictures hear. so stay tuned
  18. so i am having a weird problem when ever i right click to open a new file to put pictures in it says compressed zipped folder how can i get it back to normal so i can make folders to put pictures in?
  19. i thought of doing this for parts of RENO air racers
  20. wow i am glad i am not that bad but i think this guy should find pictures of the jets he is going to build from every angle like i do. then if i have a paint question i can look at a picture and see how it looks. now when it comes to the TPS color stick with the 3 grays and find the best ones that u can get where u are and remember with all of the weathering and touch ups some times u cant see the color and that really goes for the top of the jets
  21. i am wondering what kit he started with?
  22. so i am intresed in a few of these so how can i get one?
  23. catfan

    p-40e pro modler

    i need help i have the p-40e in 1/48 the pro modeler one and is the cockpit from a P-40e? or what type of p-40 is the kit cockpit?
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