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  1. so I have a academy corsair in 1/48 now in stead of building it out of the box I want to build it as the super corsair that flew around RENO during the 80's now my 2 biggest questions are where do I cut to clip the wings. and dose ultra cast make a prop that I can use because the plane had a sky raider prop but I don't know where to get one.
  2. ok so I found one of my corsairs and the 2 cowling parts I used on another project so were can I get 2 cowling parts for a F4u-1a if I cant get the parts I might turn it in to the chino super corsair that raced during the 80's the kit is 1/48
  3. niart17 the pictures of the real corsair that you posted do you know what type of corsair it is? like is it a birdcage?? or a f4u-1a I ask because it looks like on the interior pictures that the color could be dull dark green or bronze green
  4. so whant to paint my bird cage corsair in dull dark green because black wouldn't look right to me. so who makes a dull dark green that I can use? and as for the salmon color im going with a more red pinky color.
  5. well I am in with my corsair family I have and they are as fallows and 1 kit is in 1/32 scale and all of the rest are in 1/48 1 tamyia bircadge 3 f4u-1a's one in 1/32 scale and the others in 1/48 3 f4u-4s in 1/48 and one fu4-5n and if I can get one in time a F2g one of the f4u-4's I am building for the revel contest. the other corsairs when I get some pictures taken ill tel you what they will be but I will try and weather them.
  6. yea tell me about it I am trying to build a F4u-4 corsair from korea and I want to build it from that time period but any pictures I find of the wheel bays are from warbirds that are flying today so how do I know whats right and what looks pretty to some one else?
  7. catfan

    f4u-4 1/48 corsair

    im building the plane for the revell contest
  8. the idea for this topic is for those of use that are building corsiars. with the help of those on hear to show the colors used on the interior of then and what kind of primers were used and what color the wheel bays were . so if any body knows the awnsers to these quations they can post it hear for the rest of us
  9. catfan

    f4u-4 1/48 corsair

    so I am working on my F4u-4 corsair now on war time ones what color would the main wheel hub be and the ineer part of the tail wheel doors and also on the front main landing gear?? the struts and landing gear doors and wheel bay?
  10. catfan

    Hornet tails

    netz are those in 1/48 scale and who makes them?
  11. i sugjest go to a site called scale finshes .com he sells the colors you need in the milatery secton of his site
  12. now my idea on the color of the X-15 is this. to most people it looks black and it was when it was brand new. but with all of the flying and heating and cooling of the metal. certain parts of the X-15 can change colors to differnt shades of gray and parts can even have blue on them like what you see on the exhust of a motor cycle. and to any body building a X-15 the best thing i have is a CD that i got from muroc models and it only cost me 7$ but is worth its weight in gold because of the pictures it has
  13. so how can i get a copy of the reference pack for the X-15??
  14. i would like to help with the shuttle ssme's on there coloring i saw endevor in person so ill post some stuff in the moring on color ideas to use like what it looked like to me
  15. catfan

    f4u-4 1/48 corsair

    ok so who makes the best gloss sea blue for a kora war corsair i ask because the testors vertion has green in it and i think its more blue. and what about inteior green is there a right shade thats not to apple green?
  16. catfan

    f4u-4 1/48 corsair

    os i have in 1/48 3 f4u-4 corsairs 1 each from acadmey/minicraft,monogram/revell and hasagwa, so wich one is the best and what needs to be fixed on the kits. and while we are add it who makes the best gloss sea blue for korea war corsairs?
  17. loki i have bought a lot but i am build them now. because from the tim of the last post in 2008 to now a lot has happened. but i have now discovered air brushing and some other things i am going to a model show this week end so when i get back from the show i will really be working on them . and yes they are monogram/revell kits because of how cheap i can get them for. so for my building i will be doing my tomcats that are 1 color or the 70's gray and white paint job. then ill work my way to the TPS colored cats. ps any body know a easy way to post pictures?
  18. the ECM blister thats on the F-14b. is it the same one thats on the F-14d the reson i ask is on the F-14b i notice it sticks out more. but on the D it looks more stream lined. the reson i ask is. i will be building f-14b and f-14d so how can i add the parts to my jets?
  19. the tomcats i am building right now. i am trying to represnt the way they apeared in 1981. so what colors should i paint the misseles? white or gray?
  20. well 30 is my guess at how many of the kit that i have so i will try and get 2 done per a couple of months. but i will up date my progerss hear
  21. darren can you also put in the bent refuling probe used by the blue angels. are you thinking of doing a resin set for the blue angels skyhawks? if so let me know because i would like to help
  22. to my fans hear. yes darren roberts is the king when it comes to these kits. i hope to be the prince will i build 30 f-14's will see what happens . the tomcats i am working on now are from vf-41 aka fast eagle 107 and 102 then after that ill be doing the retro jets from vf-213 and other squadrons. and yes every cat i have will be a monogram or revell because of how cheap i can get them. so once i make some progress ill find out how to post pictures.
  23. now it gets more fun. thank you so much for posting that link wh1skea. but after looking at the great photos i found out that there wasnt just 2 tomcats used in the movie with the nose numberes 202 and 203 there were actully 5 to 7 air craft that had the nose numbers so if any body knows what buro numbers vf-84 had between 1979-1980 can you let me know then i can build one of the jets from the film. and again thanks to every body helping because i am shure there are other people that whant to knows this.
  24. i whant to build the f-14s used in the final countdown but dose any body know the buro numbers for the 2 jets that had the dog fight with the zeros in the film? and the other ones i whant to build are the black tail vf-84 jets used in the film Executive Decision and what there buro numbers are. and what decals are out there to model these jets?
  25. dose it also show the changes that the blue angels made to there hornets?
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