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  1. Yes, I have two pictures from this site dstorm.eu and this draw.
  2. Good morning, there has been more photo on this machine AH-1W No.160800? I have got only two, which I'm found on internet. I'll initialize its construction. Thank you for help.
  3. Good morning, I glad, that Cayuse like.
  4. I would like to present a new decal sheet and resin sets from Armycast. more info on www.armycast.cz or Facebook
  5. Yes, I used Werner's Wings minigun.
  6. instruction on assembling the RB Minigun http://www.rbmodel.com/picture.php?dir=35B123
  7. Hallo all, I make great progress on well- 6 last weekend. I am finish decals, light operational dirtied and new metal gun barrel on M- 134 from RB model.
  8. Hi from Czech republic. I'm made some work on OH-6. Into these phase, is everything painting by the help of masks that the me friend made.
  9. Hallo, nice work. This model I've on the table too. I am like, that the I'm described intelligible one possible progress cementation canopy on these eggs, because my English isn't good.
  10. OK gentlemen, I'll attempt something write. no, I'll used decals from kits. Building of these birds isn't hard. Model isn't complicated, but is able to come on several problems. 1.I recommend patch up front part body with tail separately and then both halves body to one another. Because there will originate unsightly edge. 2.When the paste in cockpit to the body, whether plastic or resin, originate after perimeter light spaces.. These spaces be enough obliterate two-part sealant cement and slick down water. I use Alteco epo puty. 3.When the I am be sticky canopy on Defender, so I am h
  11. It'll problem, because my English isn't good, but test oneself. Answer of build will be here
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