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  1. jochemp

    BK117A3 Republic Colombian Navy.

    Good work mate, nice to see something different, thanks for sharing.
  2. I'll be following this one... looking good!
  3. jochemp

    ANG KC-135s

    Great news... hope the Chilean tankers are included too... got this waiting. Cheers!
  4. jochemp

    ANG KC-135s

    Any word on this?
  5. jochemp

    Air Assault 1/72 Colombia

    This one depicts an 1/72 air assault from the Colombian Army Air Assault Aviation Division, from a UH-60L Blackhawk dropping soldiers and a AT-27 Tucano providing CAS. Kits all in 1/72: Italeri Night Raid Blackhawk. Premier T-27 Tucano, used decals from Aztec Dazzling Kings Kfir for the AT-27 Tucano. Caesar Miniatures Modern Soldiers to represent the Colombian Army Soldiers. Italeri Blackhawk, Premier EMB-312 Tucano Tucano Ceasar Miniatures Modern Soldiers Decals from Aztec
  6. jochemp

    Help! Trees For Vietnam Diorama

    some work I did awhile ago... sharing the process. 1/144 Diorama. and the same for a dio in 1/72. Tropic jungle Colombia. Hope this helps... Cheers.
  7. jochemp

    Boeing KC-767 MMTT

    Ended up Second Place in the 4th National and International Model Event in Bogota, Colombia. October 10-11, 2015. 300+ models, 18 categories, 104 contestants. Woohooo!.
  8. jochemp

    Boeing KC-767 MMTT

    The Hasegawa KC-767 World Tanker Combo 1/200 2 kits in one box. Three decal choices, Italian Air Force, Japanese and Colombian Air Force. My choice will be Colombian Air Force KC-737 Jupiter, FAC-1202 Multi Mission Tanker Transport is a conversion of the Boeing 767 by Bedek Aircraft Division of Israeli Aerospace Industries, converted in June 2010 with the addition of wing refueling pods, and a side cargo door. The variant can perform aerial tanker, cargo, and VIP transport duties. The Colombian Air Force (FAC) took delivery of this aircraft in 2010. Decals, three options Bolts for ballast
  9. jochemp

    CD48085 - Vipers against Terror

  10. jochemp

    CD144001 - 1/144 KC-135R

    Great news! Good to hear from this! Thanks KursadA
  11. jochemp

    Algerian Mi-28 Desert Camo

    Nice scheme, always good to see something different!
  12. jochemp

    Mig-29UB Fuerza Aérea del Perú

    Shine, shine... Looks solid mate, Cheers to that! Came out real good, great job.
  13. jochemp

    Air Assault 1/72 Colombia

    Pics from the Expo in Panama City. Late August 2015. As a bonus, two of mine, KC-767 MMTT Colombian Air Force FAC 1202 Zeus, Hasegawa 1/200 and Colombian Air Force Kfir C10 Wingman 1/48. Thank you, Cheers.
  14. jochemp

    E-3A Saudi Sentry colors

    Building an E-3A Sentry in Saudi markings looking for color references to paint it, USAF AWACS are painted in FS16515, this might be right for a RSAF Sentry? Cheers.
  15. jochemp

    Air Assault 1/72 Colombia

    Modified, some more trees, bushes added, for a presentation in late august. Cheers!
  16. jochemp

    E-3A Saudi Sentry colors

    Thank you Trojan Thunder, let's see how it goes, will come back with results.
  17. jochemp

    1/48 MiG-23ML

    Neat Job mate, you have done a good one.
  18. jochemp

    CD48083 - AC-47 "Spooky"

    Thank You, for replying, I found these pics of that bird from last week F-AIR 2015 in Rionegro, Medellin. Cheers
  19. jochemp

    CD48083 - AC-47 "Spooky"

    Any chance that includes Colombian Air Force AC-47 Fantasma?
  20. jochemp

    1:72 Zvezda Su-24 Fencer C Soviet Union

    Neat! good job mate, nice to see this bird showing some teeth...
  21. jochemp

    Jochemp's Vipers Nest

    One more... this time an F-16B Blk 20 From Republic of China Taiwan. Kinetic 1/48 OOB. Thanks for watching, hope u guys like this one. Cheers to viper fans.
  22. jochemp

    Jochemp's Vipers Nest

    The Fleet is growing... Six more Vipers on the bench. Hoi there, Viper Fan here, Still lots of work to do, on a project to built all 25 users (and more!), So far I've got 10 now, Royal Bahraini AF blk40, RDAF, RTAF blk15, FACH MLU, PoAF ADF, RNoAF MLU, EAF F-16D blk40, AMI ADF, TuAF 141st Filo blk40 and IAF (sorry no pics of this one, TDY to friend's home) Kits, Tamiya, Hasegawa, Kinetic, Academy, Revell, Italeri. Enough of the "talking"... here be Vipers Nest... Pics of the a/c. RNoAF 659 Kinetic+Zotz
  23. jochemp

    Army helicopter crews

    1+ (And the sleeves down please...)
  24. jochemp

    Army helicopter crews

    Ay Caramba!