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  1. Hurbert Chen

    My 1/48 F-7PG

    You can go to the website of Hannants to type the keyword "Pakistan"
  2. Hurbert Chen

    My 1/48 F-7PG

    I finished this kit on 29th October , 2017. This Trumpeter kit included of wolfpack design ejection seat, Master Model metal pitot-tube, Meng AIM-9L and DP Casper decal.
  3. Hurbert Chen

    MY 1/48 FINISHED RF-86F

    I saw the picture about ROKAF RF-86 from Squadron F-86 Sabre walk around.
  4. Hurbert Chen

    My 1/48 IRIAF Saeghe

    Waiting for your great job!
  5. Hurbert Chen

    My 1/48 IRIAF Saeghe

    I found several photos from www.airliners.net and searched some information through google. The tails are converted from original parts.
  6. Hurbert Chen

    My 1/48 IRIAF Saeghe

    Thanks, waiting for your great job.
  7. Hurbert Chen

    My 1/48 IRIAF Saeghe

    I finished this kit on 19th April , 2017. This kit included of Kasl conversion(cockpit,air intake FOD, exhaust nozzle & rocket pod), True detail ejection seat, Hasegawa weapon and Hi decal.
  8. Hurbert Chen

    Fiat G-50 " Freccia " 1/32

  9. Hurbert Chen

    Tamiya 1/32 F-16C TuAF

  10. Hurbert Chen

    Mirage F1AZ

    Wonderful! I cannot image this is converted from Hasegawa old kit.
  11. Hurbert Chen

    My 1/48 A6M3 Zero Fighter Type22 Saburo Shindo

    Thanks for your support I'm also waiting for your great work!
  12. Hurbert Chen

    My 1/48 A6M2-K Zero Fighter Trainer "Tainan Flying Group"

    Did you usually go to the hobby shop "Huong-Yeah/Huong-chang" (URL: www.afv.com.tw)in Taipei?