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  1. You can go to the website of Hannants to type the keyword "Pakistan"
  2. I finished this kit on 29th October , 2017. This Trumpeter kit included of wolfpack design ejection seat, Master Model metal pitot-tube, Meng AIM-9L and DP Casper decal.
  3. I saw the picture about ROKAF RF-86 from Squadron F-86 Sabre walk around.
  4. I found several photos from www.airliners.net and searched some information through google. The tails are converted from original parts.
  5. Thanks, waiting for your great job.
  6. I finished this kit on 19th April , 2017. This kit included of Kasl conversion(cockpit,air intake FOD, exhaust nozzle & rocket pod), True detail ejection seat, Hasegawa weapon and Hi decal.
  7. Wonderful! I cannot image this is converted from Hasegawa old kit.
  8. Thanks for your support I'm also waiting for your great work!
  9. Did you usually go to the hobby shop "Huong-Yeah/Huong-chang" (URL: www.afv.com.tw)in Taipei?
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