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  1. Thank you for watching and see you again with the Saudi Tornado soon ;-) Merry Christmas to everyone
  2. Few details more to go on....... And now finished! You can see more pics in "Display Case" on this forum at this link: Italian Tornado ECR Revell 1/32 Thank you everybody to following me until here, was long trip :-) Soon The Saudi Tornado will appear here....just little break to take breath ;-)
  3. Here is my Revell 1/32 Tornado Started in 2009. If you interested in W.I.P of this model can go here: Step by Step Tornado ECR 1/32 to be continued.....
  4. Thank you sir :-) I am going on with this Italian Tornado. Some small esthetic details on the elevator, the inlet board appear nude metal on the Italian actual airplane flying, so I replicate by a metallic pigments from Ushi van der Rosten website. Easy and fast to apply that. Instead about the heavy weathering of the 50-05 subject (that's why I choose her) I try to make signs of technician's shoes. I use a couple of dark grey pencils. By this gum I can attenuate the contrast of pencil signs See you soon
  5. Hi friends :-) I am doing oil washing as usual, nothing special, but.....means the end is closer!! Take a look Bye for now!
  6. Nice comment tobiK ! I appreciate :-) After a short "fight" with TauroModels decals for stencils the step is over. Unfortunately decals are a bit over dimension and too much darker than real color on the Italian Tornados, so I decided to "kill" the contrast by a very light coat of base grey....and let's check de difference ;-) On the left side the elevator treated, on the right elevator as came after decal application. I like the result and applied to whole model so I get the correct general effect of weathered plane. After that I apply much dirty spot and flow dirty lines every
  7. Ciao Davide, thank you for the detail concerning the landing gear, I check lot of pics and seems you are right. I will consider to do something if possible without destroy my previous job on the front landing gear. Mean time I am painting small details on the surfaces.... See you soon
  8. Fantastic job! I like it very much! Bravooooo :)
  9. Ciao fellows, The grey is done! I spry 11 shadows of grey on to this model to replicate the basic weathering before washing. Now I can proceed by paint all small details on the surfaces (antennas, panels etc.etc..) Take a look of result until now. See you soon at next step ;-)
  10. Painting job is on going, very long and delicate mixing of different grey color (until now I apply 9 different grey shadows on the upper surfaces. I exceeded with dirty area from the engine reverse system. Here the differences between the original and my model.
  11. Painting update on the Italian Tornado. She will be with Grey camo so I made a "chess board" between panels by white and different grey shadows, then a classic preshading whit dark grey.
  12. Tire were painted whit Tire Black Gunze Acrilic by airprush, then a ultra dliuited coat of grey was added to the circumference. After that I mask the tire and spry the gloss white of internal wheel. Oil washing inside the white and light coat of clear matt on the tire. That's all. Ask me if you need more. Ciao
  13. Hi guys, today I have question for you. I have strange idea to replicate the following subject, even if I don't like much special color airplanes, but this one in not too much excessive and can break the boring grey came of Italian tornado..... The problem with that is no decals for 1/32 scale are available on this plant in this life.....I should wait for the next century age probably, so I am wondering to print decal by myself. What I need should be a very big scan of 1/72 decal sheet from Italeri box (tornado special colors) box N.1336. I need only the two figures about this subject. I
  14. Details are done ! a macro of landing gear for better appreciate the look! I am really sorry this kit is not Tamiya level......nice bird, it should be. See at the next
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