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  1. Darren.... why don't you give us a peek of what you want to release so we can decide.
  2. Wright2626......that would be great! How do want to send?
  3. Thanks for the info! It's good to have. I'll give this gentleman an email and see if he'll help out. Thanks again!
  4. I'll give it a try. Glad you sent the Hobby Boss sheets..... I'm missing those too! Thank you!!
  5. I'm sure this has happened to quite a few of you..... I was in the hospital, earlier this year, for seven months! While I was gone, my wife decided to do some moving around of some things in the house and she moved a whole stack of instructions.......and now she can't remember where she put the Kinetic A-6A/E sheets. Can someone help with a copy of these so I can start the kit? It would really help me out. Thanks!
  6. I've picked up the new 1/72nd scale Eduard F6F-5 kit and, after reading the instructions, have a question for anyone who's already built one. The plastic inserts, Parts E1 thru E4, are they partiality difficult to install on the fuselage half? I'll have to attach with the aid of a magnifying glass (one of those things when you reach the age of 56.........) but I'm just curious how other guys have done with their experience. Other than this little issue I think it's a great kit. And I think they parts for the 'night' version are also included..... minus decals for the version but I'm sure I
  7. I bought a kit of the Hasegawa EF-111A "Eledtric Fox' at the local hobby show we had in Stafford this year. Is this kit the regular F-111A with a sprue to the stabilizer for the 'Electric Fox" version? The stabilizer for the original F-111A should be in the box and if that's the one I would like to build I'll just need to locate a sheet of decals for the original F-111A, right? I've mostly dealt with Navy planes and this one is kind of new to me. Thanks for your help.
  8. Guys.......if you can help me out, I would really appreciate it. The wife did some house cleaning and 'now' I'm missing instructions for the following: Trumpeter Vigilante (49th scale), Academy Crusader (Marine "E" and Navy "J" kits), and the Trumpeter F-8E (32nd scale). If anybody knows if there is a link to download these, can scan me a copy, or know where I can go to get a copy.........I would be eternally grateful. I'm sure there other sheets that she got rid of but I won't know until I get ready to build the kit! Oh, she remains married but has been banned, for life, from the room wh
  9. On the Afterburner question.......... I spoke with one of their reps at the IPMS show, here in the Houston area yesterday, and they lost their rears on that one sheet in 72nd scale and may be afraid of trying it again. But, then again, that sheet they had..............well. I'm willing to bet if they got enough of a 'push' to go to 72nd scale they may reconsider it. I've got a lot of 72nd scale kits that would look great with Afterburner decals.
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