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  1. Hi, If anyone has a 32scale A-4M USMC Lo-Vis decal please PM me. Thank you :-) Chris
  2. Absolutely stunning work and good choice on the marking too. Definitely one of the best F-18F work in 48 scale. More pics pls!!! ;)
  3. Thank you everyone :blink: Very glad a fictional aircraft can also be accepted :wacko: Managed to take advantage of good day light and took some close-up pics of the VE-1, thot i share them too Thank you for viewing :o
  4. BIG CONGRATULATION to you, my friend!!!!! Thank you for this very wonderful initiative and allow us to learn from u! You r a true master of your art :) :)
  5. Nicely done :) Especially the intake.. :) . May i know if tat's a kit original or a resin seamless intake? thanks!
  6. Hi all, Like to share my latest creation, the 72scale VE-1 ELINT Seeker from Hasegawa's Macross series. A pretty straight forward build except i replaced the front fuselage with another 2-seater kit, the VF-1D. In my opinion, the VF-1D has a more correct 2-seater profile and sleeker line than the original design. It took me a good solid month to complete, mainly focusing on painting and decaling. Hope u enjoy the pictures Here i put my other Valkyrie, the Black Aces side by side the newly finished VE-1 for some group photo shoots. Something i long to do the since the first day i bo
  7. Finishing my 72scale Hasegawa VE-1 ELINT Seeker and hope to go back to my F-2B now tat Afterburner has released a very nice decal set for it...
  8. Hi Falcon, Nice nice work...:salivating: It is always encouraging to see model at decalling stage, please keep 'em pics coming Cheers!
  9. Supergru, This is truly some amazing work, i admire ur skill and courage totally. Never have i expect the academy flanker to need tat kind of surgery... tat said, i m also thoroughly depressed, becos without ur skill, perhaps my academy flanker will never be built... May i should wrap it up as Christmas present for the neighbor's kid :huh:
  10. Hi Spejic, i can't agree with u more. it is indeed a kit tat isn't so straight forward. Strangely though, i went on to work on my second kit right after this one.. and guess wat? it's the VE-1...LOL Stay tuned
  11. Yo Janne, glad u dropped by Thanks for ur kind words but i have my reservations on the 48 scale version... then again, tat's another story for another thread altogether...
  12. Hi sharkey, Here's a link : Macross Black Aces Do note the weapons, as in all Hasegawa aircraft kits, are sold separately... yah, i know, it sucks...
  13. Hi everyone, Just finished my Hasesgawa 72scale VF-1J in "Black Aces" livery and thot i share the joy. I did this almost straight out of box, minus some minor touch up here and there. Painting wise was also pretty straight forward as well, with pre-shading and followed by base colors. As i kinda like the brightly colored markings as it is, i decided to do it almost void of weathering and coated semi-gloss finishing, just to give it that eye candy feel. It feels good to be able to finally finish something, and a subject tat actually didn't involve any research.. . I'll let the pictures do t
  14. Hi Miguelgala from Agentina, Greetings Thank u for ur wonderful compliments. i m glad u r starting ur prowler project. It makes me happy to know i can help give alittle inspiration to a fellow modeler from across the world. Unfortunately i hav yet to hav the opportunity to look at the Kinetic prowler but i m sure it should be more accurate than the monogram/revell or the airfix version. In fact, with the abundant of recently released AM stuffs on the prowler, i personally feel it is never a better time to build the subject b4 it is retired from active service. Sure i'll be glad to help whe
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