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  1. I’ve purchased m117 bombs in 1/32 and 1/72. They’re good quality and accurate.
  2. Yeah, was hoping for an F-4B by FineMolds in 72nd.
  3. Google tamiya.de F-4B, it's on there...VF-21.
  4. I wrote to Mr. Shigeta of Z-M before the release of the 1:48 F-4J and asked him if he was going to release the F-4 in 32nd scale and his reply was that it depended on how successful the sales of the 1:48 F-4 was. I think he will and hopefully it will be an F-4B/N...
  5. I second that! (F-4B/N II by Academy in 1/32) or maybe even by ZM?!
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