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  1. Nobody wants to see MORE MASS stuff .....Nobody
  2. T this was the one clown
  3. Wrong pic man, i have a bunch
  4. How about some FANG love? Don't see many Florida ANG anything. Easy to do! ANdy
  5. Looking good Brent. Can't wait to see more! Andy
  6. There was a joint in Bath but I can not remember the name of it. It was a nice shop had a few Hasegawa 72 scale P-3 and EP-3 kits and an okay selection of supplies. That one was in Sacco ? i believe wasn't it? decent shop with RC planes hanging from the ceiling.
  7. Retired Navy. I was stationed down in Brunswick at NAS Brunswick when it was around. (2004-2008). Absolutely loved it there.
  8. Fellas, looking for Aeromaster sheet 48-674 F-105 Lead Sleds Pt. 2 or other Aeromaster F-105G decals. Can buy or trade. Contact me at titan1401@aol.com if you have some you want to part with. Andy
  9. Fellas, I have lost part B25 one of the idler? gears from the Trumpeter SA-6. I don't want to toss this kit out as it is primmed and waiting for paint. PM if you can help a guy out. Thanks, Andy
  10. Fellas, i have lost one of the front wheels for the trumpeter 35th scale SA-6. Anyone have a scrapper kit i could get one from? Will pay a reasonable price for it. Thanks Andy
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