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  1. Fellas, I have lost part B25 one of the idler? gears from the Trumpeter SA-6. I don't want to toss this kit out as it is primmed and waiting for paint. PM if you can help a guy out. Thanks, Andy
  2. Fellas, i have lost one of the front wheels for the trumpeter 35th scale SA-6. Anyone have a scrapper kit i could get one from? Will pay a reasonable price for it. Thanks Andy
  3. titan8251

    1/32 Trumpy Super Bug accessories?

    Used the Steel Beach stuff here. Verlindin seats and SB exterior set. Andy
  4. titan8251

    Kitty Hawk 1/32 T-28C "Warbird"

    Looks good man. Can't wait to see it done. Andy
  5. titan8251

    1/48 Italeri S-2E Tracker VS-30

    I got some bench time in this weekend and finished up the operator stations in the back. Not 100% accurate but good enough for gubmit work: Andy
  6. titan8251

    1/48 Italeri S-2E Tracker VS-30

    Okay, time to get started on this thing again. I took a break and built a Tamiya P-47M as to break up the build so I wouldn't get bogged down. I started scratch building some interior stuff in the back as quite a bit is visible through the windshield and the windows. I also cut out the overhead hatches in the back and will scratch build some stuff in the back: Bulkheads that will help fill in the open areas. Will add some PE from the spares box to dress it up. strip plastic to simulate the stringers. Scratch built the floor which will have the operators consoles. the quilted sound proofing area is foil from a nut can that i embossed over the plastic ribs to simulate stringers in the back. I have cut out the other overhead hatch and will scratch build the hatches.
  7. titan8251

    Kitty Hawk 1/32 T-28C "Warbird"

    Looking good man. The engine came out great dude! Keep them coming Andy
  8. titan8251

    Kitty Hawk 1/32 T-28C "Warbird"

    Engine looks good man! Very nice and dirty. Gonna look good when it's all done! Andy
  9. Fellas, for sale is the Hasegawa 1/48 AH-64E kit # 07414 with upturned exhaust sprue U. Not the Taiwanese boxing but the US Army boxing. Asking 65.00 shipped in Conus. OCONUS will be extra. If interested email me at titan1401@aol.com.Andy
  10. titan8251

    Kitty Hawk 1/32 T-28C "Warbird"

    Looks good Brent. Keep it coming! andy
  11. titan8251

    Kitty Hawk 1/32 T-28C "Warbird"

    Good start man. Glad to see you back in the hobby brother. Keep the pics coming. Andy