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  1. Fellas, I am starting to thin the stash some and I am looking to move a few kits. Prices do not include shipping. 1/35 Academy MH-60S with the Cobra Company detail set, Black Magic masks, 100.00 1/35 Testors Chevy Gun Truck with resin wheels, crates, stowage, and Tamiya tank crew. 30.00 1/35 Dragon Sd.Kfz.171 Panther G Late Production 60.00 1/48 Kinetic Super Etendard SEM with Eduard Big Ed set 80.00 1/48 Roden T-28C Trojan with Eduard mask, Aries wheels, Quickboost seats, exhaust and cooling grills and true details cockpit. 50.00 1/48 Hasegawa P-38J Li
  2. Fellas, looking to move the following kits. All are complete and all bags are sealed except for the Chevy gun tractor but all parts are there. Academy 1/35 MH-60S with Cobra Company MH-60S detail set. Eduard UH-60L detail set, Cutting Edge MH-60 mask set. Box open bags sealed. $90.00 Kinetic 1/48 Super Etendard SEM with Eduard Big Ed set. Box has shelf wear and open but bags are sealed. $80.00 Roden 1/48 T-28C Trojan. True Details resin cockpit, engine and cowling, Quick Boost seats, exhaust, Eduard mask set and Aires resin wheels.
  3. Hey man, I have the AMT KC-135A with resin engines and pylons to do a R with. email me at titan1401@aol.com Andy
  4. Nice! Can't wait to get this one. Andy
  5. Looks good man. It came out awesome! Andy
  6. That NATO Black almost looks like faded OD green Crazy how "not black" NATO black is. Looking good dude!
  7. Eh...it would be okay....bit of a snoozer for sure. Can't believe this person that refers to himself as Whitey even models!
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