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  1. Sorry my friend, can't help you with this question.
  2. Of course, my friend! Just grab it! Waiting for your verdict. m60 1-35 OBJ Without supports.zip - just models https://drive.google.com/open?id=1D5IjDNmRxRZYXIzfh5EfMM2tP2Bn22Nw m60 1-35 OBJ With supports.zip - ready to print with resin printer https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Mu-jogilH9zl-uFG-19DoRJFhQmRyNU2 If you can't download it, just let me know.
  3. Thans Gino! I have paint all parts today in gray color and they looks more detailed now. I will post pics later. I'm not sure how Shapeways works, but no, i don't plan to earn money on that models. I want to give all that stuff for everyone for free. I made the models couple of month ago, but I needed to make sure that they can be printed normally. So now all people who intrested in that models need to discuss my result, maybe i need to improve something.
  4. Sorry guys! What's now? Can you see the photos? Let me know, please!
  5. Hey guys! Here is update. After 3 months of 3D modeling, 3D printing, testing, and modeling and printing again.... Sagami mounts, m60s, and spare barrels are ready to paint and glue. Photos are not good, sorry for that. That's because of the orange colour of the resin, it can't give enough contrast. All parts of Sagami movable/workable so i can adjust m60 as i need in the future. Gray primer is next. To see haw all the parts looks in hight contrast. If it Ok, painting next.
  6. Just beautiful! Want to make this two birdies too... But need to finish my uh-1 and mi-24 first. I envy you, man!
  7. Mate, it looks cool! Do you planning to make a dio?
  8. Oliver, my friend, congratulations! You finally finished this project. To be honest, it became a little sad from the fact that this global building is over. I hope you will soon return to us with a new, no less ambitious, and even more perfect project! Thank you for the inspiration you give us all.
  9. Congrats, Oliver! It looks just great! Wish to see closeup photos of your figures.
  10. Cubs2jets, man, you've made a great job, thanks a lot for that!
  11. Why some decals (navy star and navy text) are faded, but scorpions looks like the new ones? Do you faded that decals with thin layer of paint?
  12. Congrats, Oliver! It looks super mega cool! But still wondering, what if it will be with red tail?..
  13. My wife and I laughed at your message for 5 minutes. Half a gallon of tears flowed from my eyes ... Great joke about stereotypical Russians 🤣
  14. Hi Snake, I will not rip out my hairs because there is almost nothing to rip, unfortunately... Copy that about front sight. Thanks! Still working on 3d m60, and still waiting for resin for 3d printer. I didn't post cdr file yet, only png. Can't find the right one. Maybe tomorrow I'll give it to you. Thanks for the offered help with the Coreldraw, but I'm good with it. More than 10 years experience in graphic design, so I'm sick of it. Now I use all that software only for my hobby. Got you, about Rostov :) What did you
  15. Copy that! No top cover. No hanging ropes. Don't sorry! Thanks! Now i see wy some PIGs has short barrels. I have one short barreled m60 from Daragon's Vietnam Seals set, and thought is some kinda mistake, but now i see it's correct. Thanks again! I'm still in progress. Learming 3Ds Max software. Trying to create correct and (most important - printable in 1/35 scale) M60 3D model. More than 6 weeks passed, but i'm still in the same place. It's hard to create proper model, because i need to balance between realism and printability. If i make
  16. Thanks my friend! I guess gunners use that crates without top wooden covers? Did they used the same crates for grenades and for m60 ammo belts?
  17. Copy that! Where is that picture from? US or some combat point? And about Huey restoration, it was my dream too. Ofcourse my dream less real than yours till i'm living in Russia? here is not too much Hueys 🙂 But maybe, some day, who knows... I dream at least to see Huey in reality. Till that i'll try to do my best with my 1/35 Huey restoration. I remember a day when i was 7 years old maybe, and i saw some assembled 1/72 Huey gunship kit at local model store. I was asking my parents to buy it, but they don't. And now 28 years have passed since then, and I did not give up try
  18. Hi Snake! Thanks again and again and again! Sorry for my late respod. Was stucked with my 3d printer. Chineses cheated me with resin, now open disput with them. And i still don't know your name!
  19. Thanks Oliver, Wish i own it... I have Werner's Wings DVD (bought it 7 years ago) and 3 more gigabytes of other photos and PDF's, but is still not anough for my greedy soul.
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