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  1. Pavehawks yankin' and bankin'! Ooo rah! Vern
  2. I did one as well for the Revell Monogram group build. Not perfect, but I like it. Vern
  3. I took too much time off from this build to finish other projects. I am back at it. I did a stupid thing a while back and decided to cut off the exhaust fairing from the top and bottom halves of the fuselage and use the one piece fairing. Well, the XL has a different contour than the A. So, I have been fixing that mistake. I started by filling the gap with 0.010" strip. Next, I laminated the fairing to the correct diameter. You can see where I goofed and cut on the wrong side of my scribing tape. Next, sand, sand, sand.
  4. Plasmo does some great technique videos. Vern
  5. Welcome back, boss. I hope things continue to improve for you! Vern
  6. I have been working on many parts of the build, just not posting photos. Let's start with the exhaust. I found a YouTuber who was building a Tamiya F-16 Aggressor and showed how he painted the exhaust and followed his example. I was very pleased with how mine turned out, so I put a coat of AquaGloss on it, let it dry overnight (I think. It may have been longer.), and decaled. I weathered with a Tamiya Panel Line Wash and sealed it with Alclad Light Sheen. I thought the decals were well protected, so I masked them off and hit the inside with Alclad Flat. Boy, I was
  7. Interesting build. Excellent work! Vern
  8. Finally back to this build after 3 contests (CoMMiESFest, ModelFest at Starfest, and Wonderfest) and one very difficult model. I had to replace the pitot tube assembly on the ejection seat. I broke it during drybrushing. I'm not using any aftermarket on the kit except on the seat. I tried something new on the cockpit and used a toothpick to paint the knobs and switches. Not entirely happy with how it turned out, but I learned. Fuselage has been painted and glossed for the wash. Still need to flat coat and drybrush. I have been w
  9. Excellent, sir! She is on my wish list. Vern
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