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  1. She be done. Finally. I learned the hard way that Acryl was a poor choice for a black base marble coat. I couldn't thin it down enough to do the work effectively. I did return to the build as part of the CoMMiES Project UFO. The only aftermarket part is a W and D pitot tube. The original ended up being a sacrifice to the carpet monster. The W and D part is stainless steel and looks pretty good on the model. It is hardly a perfect build, but it will look good on a shelf. Just don't look too closely. Vern
  2. Most of my builds on this thread have been part of the CoMMiES Project UFO (UnFinished Objects). I started this one for the Monogram Memorial Group Build, but it stalled out when I ran into problems with attempting black basing. Acryl was a poor choice for the marble coat 😞 It ended up being a pretty good 3 ft model and it will look fairly well on the shelf. Vern
  3. I like them. I started using them on Bandai Star Wars kits and they spray beautifully with Mr. Color Leveling Thinner. Vern
  4. No worries, Arkut. Good luck with your research!
  5. I will throw this out and I may be wrong, but here goes... The only part of chaff/flare systems that are visible on the F-16 are the the magazines. I believe these are standardized across all fighter aircraft. Chaff is in a 6x5 grid. Flares can be 6x5 or 3x5. During Iraqi Freedom, we flew the 3x5. In the cockpit, there is a panel for countermeasures, but I don't think it would be identifiable in 1/48 scale. I hope this helps. Vern
  6. I subscribed to the YouTube channels mentioned here and was blown away by Plasmo's F-18. His accent is tough, but very inspiring. I watched Doog's video on black basing and he is pretty good, too. Thanks for starting the thread! Vern
  7. I love my Eclipse. Agree with RichardL on the finish and cleaning. Vern
  8. What viking73 said. Also, see if you can score some Mr. Color Leveling Thinner. It has pixie dust and unicorn farts in it that makes airbrushing a joy. I mix in a Dixie cup and airbrush about 15-20 psi. Good Luck! Vern
  9. ELO should work nicely on a small spot like that. Wash it with soapy water after stripping the section. Vern
  10. Definitely a HH/CH-3. So many variants of the SH-3, but no love for the HH. Aurora, Revell, Lindberg, and Starfix fill the gap (somewhat) in 1/72 scale, but that's all. I would love one in 1/32 as I worked them in 1990. Vern
  11. Mark: I am really impressed by the quality of your builds and your video work. Do you have any tutorials or build logs? Vern
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