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  1. admiralcag

    Man in Space Saturn V

    Thanks, Pete! The club's name is the Colorado Modeling Militia Enjoying Sci-Fi (CoMMiES). We have some incredibly talented builders as members and, thanks to the Internet, we are national and international. Vince Hoffman is a member. My work is pretty pedestrian when compared to theirs. The interstage has the thrust structure molded on to it, so it is impossible to get upside down. I believe Habu2 when he says its an incomplete fairing. Remember, late '60s AMT non-car subject... Vern
  2. Hi, my name is Vern and I suffer from AMS...
  3. admiralcag

    1/350th scale K'tinga

    Annealing removes the springiness of the brass. The vinegar etches the brass to help it take paint. Yesterday's work - I sanded down the window parts around the bulb in an attempt to make the etch sit more flush. Glued in place. I still need to open them up more. More subassemblies,
  4. admiralcag

    1/350th scale K'tinga

    My first entry here... It was a Secret Santa gift from a friend and graffitied by Colin Cantwell. I have been waiting on the light kit to start. It only took 3 months to arrive O_o. I started by annealing the photoetch. I figured since I was doing this, I would get the etch for my refit knocked out as well. Next, I soaked the etch overnight in white vinegar. While waiting on that, I started gluing subassemblies. Next steps - I need to paint the interior white and decide if I want to sand down the window areas on the bulb to allow the photoetch to sit flush. Vern
  5. admiralcag

    What I plan on building, That aint real GB

    Not intending to copy Phantom, but I am doing my 1/350th scale K'tinga as well. Vern
  6. admiralcag

    Man in Space Saturn V

    I have been slack in taking and posting pictures. I did this work two weeks ago at a CoMMiES Build & Bull. My support rods are epoxied in. First stage glued together. The second stage. Does anyone know what this bump is supposed to be? It looks like it should match up to something, but it does not. And the third stage. She is officially too big for my paint booth now. I have gotten replacement service modules from Shapeways that I need to photograph. Also, I have puttied the seams. I bought some Squadron White after seeing a Trekworks video where he talks about different putties. I was disappointed to find it was very liquidy and not at all like the Squadron Green I have used in years past. More to come. Vern
  7. admiralcag

    Dirigible Aerial Landing Platform

    Yeah, that is pretty cool!
  8. admiralcag

    Finished builds, That ain't real GB.

    Very nice!
  9. admiralcag

    1/350 lit up Klingon battle cruiser.

    I sent a strongly worded email to Monsters in Motion regarding the light kit I have paid for 2 months ago, but am still waiting on it shipping. Looking forward to starting mine! Vern
  10. admiralcag

    Hey, thats not real group build, starts soon!

    If my light kit ever arrives, I can toss in my K'Tinga. Vern
  11. admiralcag

    Man in Space Saturn V

    I was trying to find where I read about the ullage rocket configuration. I searched and searched. When I pulled up Mike Idacavage's build to reference where I was on this one, he had done the research. I was working on the aluminum tube yesterday. I started with pilot holes. I probably should have gone straight to the skirt part, but I opened these up to 1/8". I used my reamer to open them up the rest of the way, testing the tube as I went. I then taped the thrust bulkhead to the skirt and marked the locations. Repeated the process. I assembled one of the F-1 engines to get an idea of how it will look. I think this will work okay... Vern
  12. admiralcag

    Monogram 1/48 F-104C Starfighter

    No pictures today. Airbrush fixed with new nozzle and needle. I sealed the Alclad with Future. Time for camouflage gray. Vern
  13. admiralcag

    Differences in 1/48 Monongram F-104C and G?

    I was talking about the Monogram kit. Built it ~20 years ago and my memory is not what it used to be. Vern
  14. admiralcag

    Photo etch tool’s questions

    Echoing what Kurt said. I have a set of diamond files from Harbor Freight, but I think the Tamiya will last longer. I also have a pair of Xuron smooth jaw wide pliers and a pair of Xuron smooth jaw needle nose pliers. I use a #10 blade as well. Nothing is more frustrating than launching a piece of etch into the stratosphere! Vern