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  1. Actually the wingtips were easier. Three bolts and one connector. The hardest part was holding the rail up while the connector was attached. I'm tall enough, so I used my head 😆 The underwing adapters were trickier in that the connector attached under the flap seal at a really ugly angle. This was the only cannon plug we were allowed to use a screwdriver on to tighten or loosen. We typically mounted the rail to the adapter before mounting them to the jet. Vern
  2. Make sure you check you references. The unit I was in, which rainbowed Colorado and Alabama jets, used LAU-129s on the wing tips and AIM-9 rails on underwing adapters. Vern
  3. Sadly, they went out of business a few months ago. If I had looked everywhere for something without luck, Thompson's would have it. I also liked saying hi to their cat when I visited. Vern
  4. Hatch's Hobbies in Aurora, CO. They've been gone for at least 30 years now. The second one was Coplar Hobbies. They are still going strong. So many stores have gone out of business in the Denver metro area. Very, very sad. Vern
  5. Pavehawks yankin' and bankin'! Ooo rah! Vern
  6. I did one as well for the Revell Monogram group build. Not perfect, but I like it. Vern
  7. I took too much time off from this build to finish other projects. I am back at it. I did a stupid thing a while back and decided to cut off the exhaust fairing from the top and bottom halves of the fuselage and use the one piece fairing. Well, the XL has a different contour than the A. So, I have been fixing that mistake. I started by filling the gap with 0.010" strip. Next, I laminated the fairing to the correct diameter. You can see where I goofed and cut on the wrong side of my scribing tape. Next, sand, sand, sand.
  8. Welcome back, boss. I hope things continue to improve for you! Vern
  9. I have been working on many parts of the build, just not posting photos. Let's start with the exhaust. I found a YouTuber who was building a Tamiya F-16 Aggressor and showed how he painted the exhaust and followed his example. I was very pleased with how mine turned out, so I put a coat of AquaGloss on it, let it dry overnight (I think. It may have been longer.), and decaled. I weathered with a Tamiya Panel Line Wash and sealed it with Alclad Light Sheen. I thought the decals were well protected, so I masked them off and hit the inside with Alclad Flat. Boy, I was
  10. Interesting build. Excellent work! Vern
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