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  1. Thanks for the info, Niels and habu2. I joined the 140th Wing not long after the unit transitioned from the A-7 to the F-16 and the unit received our jets from Torrejon. All Block 30, all big mouths, but a mix of 2 and 4 buckets. Vern
  2. I was hoping to not spend that much on it. I may have to, though. Thanks for the input. Vern
  3. Good Lord, that is spectacular work! Vern
  4. I was hoping you'd reply, Niels. I did find F-16.net has a discrepancy... When I was in the Colorado Air Guard, I worked jets with both 2 and 4 dispenser holes. The oldest jet in the 120 FS, 86-368, had 2. F-16.net says it was a 30E and should have 4. Sadly, all of my friends have moved on from the unit and I can't independently verify the mini-blocks. Could you suggest another reference? Thanks! Vern
  5. Definitely thin it with Mr Color Levelling Thinner. Vern
  6. I am looking for a PIDS pylon that can go on station 7 of an F-16. The chaff buckets need to be on the right side. Thanks! Vern
  7. Good Morning! I am trying to determine which subblock the Block 30 F-16 went from 2 to 4 ALE-40 dispenser locations - 30F, 30H, or 30J. Thanks! Vern
  8. The same here on the F-16. We flew ACMIs at Volk Field WI and at Nellis for Fighter Weapons School. Don't let the 462/2W1s touch them. Vern
  9. I missed the 'and.' Yes, I'm confused. In my defense, I'm a loader and can barely stand upright. Vern
  10. You answered your own question, sir. An expended missile has an inert motor. It can't launch. My experience (17 years loading F-16s) was mixing live and training rounds is a no-no. Yes, CATM-9s have live seeker heads, but they are shorted out to keep the canards from activating. Vern
  11. I want to flip the question around: what are you doing to get people building models? Beyond my kids, I know I have gotten at least 2 kids building. I work make & takes with my club. l ran a 6-hour build at the Loveland Nats. I do demos regularly and help club members with new skills. They help me, too. I can't wait until my granddaughters are old enough to start building. I have to get over prices, but the quality and variety of kits have never been better. Vern
  12. I use Mr Finishing Surfacer 1500 and Mr Surfacer 1200 for a final primer coat. I like using lacquers so they bite the plastic. Yes, Mr Color stinks, but they are FS matched and spray beautifully. I use Alclad and love the finishes. I am branching out into other paint lines. Vern
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