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  1. That is one of the earlier releases. It has its challenges, but it builds up nice with care. Bon chance! Vern
  2. Happy Saturday, All! I am looking to resurrect an AMT XB-70 build with the Italeri decals. I received the sheet yesterday and thought I could find the kit instructions online. No joy so far. Does anyone have a sheet they could scan or know where I can find it online? Thanks! Vern
  3. Yup. TER-9As don't have the hardware for GBU-38s. Loaded GBU-12s on TERs in a slant load (outboard station and centerline). I don't remember the BRU that was used on the F-16, but that's used for the GBU-38s in a multiple load. You can always go parent rack... Vern Retired F-16 bomb loader
  4. Vinegar can work as well, but it won't touch a base layer. Round2 puts something under their finish. Vern
  5. I did not know about the multiple schemes. I'm glad I asked. I do put an additional gloss coat on to protect the decals from weathering. Thanks so much, guys! Vern
  6. I have a question on the finish of a hi viz F-14. The upper surface IIRC is flat gull grey and the bottom is gloss white. On the aft area of the engine, just above the ventral strakes, the "NAVY" decal is placed. How should I handle the flat coat on the flat gull grey section? This may be a noob question, but it has bothered me for years. I am contemplating a VF-1 build from when the squadron was on Enterprise. I also have a Monogram 1/48 scale F-14 that I want to finish. Thanks! Vern
  7. Very sad about this. I depended on Squadron when I was in Iceland. I also shopped them when I lived in Georgia and the closest hobby shop was 40 miles away. Vern
  8. This is what I use. I'm throwing it out here for the filter can, aka the booth bong. It works pretty well for us. Pat Amaral is a member of the CoMMiES, which is the main club I belong to. Homemade Spraybooth and Filter Vern
  9. I need to follow this thread. I have read Rick's guide many times, but he says there are other people smarter than he is to complete the guide. Vern
  10. Very nice! I have done some organizing in my shop with HobbyZone modules, but I need to do something like that. Vern
  11. Do you sleep, Phantom? Great work! Vern
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