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  1. Parts arrived yesterday! Yay! Vern
  2. I thought I had already posted here that I decided to go in a different direction on the windows on the bulb. No matter what I did, I could not get the holes on the photoetch to line up with the enlarged holes in the plastic. This required me to request parts. After sending a request and a check, and several emails, I am still waiting on replacements. Round2 has been very quick in responding, just not accurate. I also managed to step on the bridge dome, breaking the really small piece on top. Flickr is not cooperating at the moment. Otherwise, I would share photos of my progress. Vern
  3. I think I see the difference. It's very subtle. Thanks!
  4. Have you take a clear shot of the rear? I am trying to figure out the color. Thanks! Vern
  5. Also, there are three different versions 🙄. I am going to put a magnet in the docking collar in hopes of sticking it to my refit. I considered putting it in the hangar deck of one of my 1/350 carriers, but it would be there forever. Vern
  6. Side Quest! Why now? I started off with epoxying a neodymium magnet into the bottom of the Falcon. All the parts are primed. I talked with a friend who builds a lot of Bandai kits and he said using Mr Surfacer would work well. Bandai's plastic does not work with enamels. I will also get to try Vallejo Air on this project. Vern
  7. I finally got going on painting this beast. I am making so many rookie mistakes on this one. While priming the hangar/reactor assembly, I stuck my thumb in fresh primer. I am also making mistakes on the order that I put down color coats to ease masking. More on that in a bit. I really wish Polar Lights would go back to regular painting guides. I am struggling to pick out the right shades from the illustrations on the box. Also, the box doesn't show everything. I am going to have to ask Polar Lights for replacement parts. The photo etch, which I really wanted to use, is just not working out. Laying down Tamiya NATO Black - Unfortunately, the NATO needs to go farther forward. Also, the grill near the top needs to be buff and it would have been easier to start masking that instead of around it in black. Same story on the rear hull. I started with the buff/dark iron mix, but I should have started with the buff and the NATO black. Mario Suarez did a great walk through at All Scale Trek and I should heed it more.
  8. Side Quest - 1/350th scale Millennium Falcon. Why? Because it looks pretty simple and it will be funny. Vern
  9. So, life really killed me on this one. Work ramped up to an insane level. There are still gaps and a pretty nasty paint run that needs to be sanded out. I also tried to design paint masks for the engine skirts and the interstage between the S-II and the S-IV. My measurements were off, so I need to try again. I did get the F-1's primed and painted last weekend. I am planning on batting them with aluminum foil. Primed with Mr Surfacer Black 1500. Alclad Steel. Vern
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