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  1. My Eagle Transporter

    Thanks for the comments. I have always struggled with figures and I am taking it on as a challenge this year. I've done a bit of work on the Eagle, but these are the first photos. I will get caught up. Vern
  2. My Eagle Transporter

    I have been working on my Eagle for a while now, but haven't taken any pictures yet. I am working on how to brush paint figures and the astronauts are my latest effort.
  3. what do people use to post pictures on the forum

    I started using Flickr.
  4. Brush Painting Figures

    A question for the hive mind... I am teaching myself painting figures with Vallejo Acrylics on some 1/48 scale figures. What is the best process? Face first? Large areas? Light to dark? Vern
  5. Revell 2018 releases

    Beat me to it. Vern
  6. New Airbrush Question

    I have both. I recommend the Eclipse from an ease of maintenance perspective. Much easier to clean. Bulletproof brush. Vern
  7. Multi layer decal question help wanted

    I let each layer dry overnight. Vern
  8. Primer Disaster Help!!!!

    If the bond is that weak, soaking it in Simple Green should take it off pretty fast. Vern
  9. Salt weathering technique - video tutorial

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing. Vern
  10. Chrome parts

    You can use Simple Green, but it can take a while. If you are impatient, like me, use Purple Power/Castrol Super Clean. White vinegar can also strip chrome if there is no clear coat. Vern
  11. Touch ups after decaling

    It should. Test, test, test! Vern
  12. Using Perfect Plastic Putty

    Tamiya thinner also works well to remove excess PPP. Use a cotton swab and wipe off the excess. Seam filled. Vern
  13. Question on hasegawa 1:48 F-16C

    The box art is a block 32. You can tell by the blade antenna at the base of the vertical stabilizer, the antenna bumps on the side of the vertical stabilizer, and the grooves on the turkey feathers. Like Camus272 said, it will likely have the sprues for a GE engine instead of the Pratt & Whitney engine shown in the box art. Vern
  14. What is a good airbrush for a beginner?

    I recommend an Iwata Eclipse for a first brush. Excellent performance and easy to clean. My model club uses them to teach kids how to airbrush. Damn near indestructible. Vern
  15. Oil Wash With Enamel?

    Also, avoid student grade oils. The pigment clumps when over thinned. Vern