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  1. As an old, retired AF weapons loader, they are OD Green. Vern
  2. Brilliant work, sir. It makes want to bust out my Pavehawk and get back to work on it. Vern
  3. Yup... Someone painted clothes on Diamond Lil down at the Air Force Academy... Vern
  4. True North Paints. The link is earlier in this thread. I am very excited! Vern
  5. I found this in the General Discussion board - https://www.truenorthpaints.com/home. A line of enamels replacing MM enamels. Also heard from a friend that RPM is reducing the Testors product line again. Vern
  6. They have Canadian Voodoo Gray! I was stressing a bit about that for my TOS Enterprise. They also have naval colors. I will have to place an order. Vern
  7. My support as well. Mr Color Leveling Thinner has pixie dust and unicorn farts in it. It cuts Tamiya acrylics beautifully. I am getting ready to jump on the Mr Color lacquer bandwagon myself. Vern
  8. I primed the Falcon with Mr Surfacer 1500 Finishing Black and the Blockade Runner with Tamiya Fine White. Planning on using Tamiya acrylics for the detail painting. Vern
  9. I put a magnet in the starboard docking ring to stick it to my refit Enterprise. Found I need to counterweight it. A lot. I also got some waterslide decals off of ebay for it. Vern
  10. Can do. I screwed up the resin beanie cap getting it ready for the new detail part and am taking to some friends if they are willing to make a deal. I still need to post the pictures. Vern
  11. Parts arrived yesterday! Yay! Vern
  12. I thought I had already posted here that I decided to go in a different direction on the windows on the bulb. No matter what I did, I could not get the holes on the photoetch to line up with the enlarged holes in the plastic. This required me to request parts. After sending a request and a check, and several emails, I am still waiting on replacements. Round2 has been very quick in responding, just not accurate. I also managed to step on the bridge dome, breaking the really small piece on top. Flickr is not cooperating at the moment. Otherwise, I would share photos of my progress. Vern
  13. I think I see the difference. It's very subtle. Thanks!
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