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  1. Nice! I'll buy the stand off of you. I built Rey's X-Wing as Luke's but it didn't come with parts for the Death Star base. Vern
  2. That was my experience as well. Vern
  3. I realized this may be a very recent change in policy. I got my parts a few months ago. Good Luck! Vern
  4. Check the Kinetic website. I needed a replacement part and they were very helpful. Vern
  5. There are some brilliant guys in the paint barn. Beautiful! Vern
  6. I misspoke. The pylons were on 3, 4, 6, and 7. Personally, I have never seen anything on 2 and 8 other than missile rails. Doesn't mean there couldn't be. Vern
  7. I got a Tamiya F-35 for my birthday. While reviewing the instructions, I noticed that flat white was called for on the landing gear & weapons bays and for the intake trunks. Aren't these normally gloss white? Since I have never seen an F-35 up close, I thought I'd reach out to the hive mind and see what you all think. Thanks! Vern
  8. Correct. When I started as a technician with the COANG, we were flying wing weapons pylons with TERs on 2, 3, 7, and 8. 4 jets x 12 BDU-33's x 3 sorties per day with one load crew will wear you out. One of my crew dogs said it reminded of loading B-52s at Utapao... Vern
  9. My old unit! I worked the Pave Hawks when they were new and I was young. Great pictures. Vern
  10. Actually the wingtips were easier. Three bolts and one connector. The hardest part was holding the rail up while the connector was attached. I'm tall enough, so I used my head 😆 The underwing adapters were trickier in that the connector attached under the flap seal at a really ugly angle. This was the only cannon plug we were allowed to use a screwdriver on to tighten or loosen. We typically mounted the rail to the adapter before mounting them to the jet. Vern
  11. Make sure you check you references. The unit I was in, which rainbowed Colorado and Alabama jets, used LAU-129s on the wing tips and AIM-9 rails on underwing adapters. Vern
  12. Sadly, they went out of business a few months ago. If I had looked everywhere for something without luck, Thompson's would have it. I also liked saying hi to their cat when I visited. Vern
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