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  1. I probably put in way too much, but I squeeze for about 5 seconds into a cereal bowl full of very warm water. The water ends up looking like very watery milk. YMMV. Vern
  2. I routinely add Elmer's Glue to my decal water. Don't remember where I learned that trick, but it was a long time ago and helps the decals adhere better. Vern
  3. I gloss my decals. It evens out the sheen and protects them during weathering. YMMV. Vern
  4. Phantom, you are a machine! Nice work! Vern
  5. I suggest this as well. Great performance, easy to clean, near indestructible. My hobby club uses them to teach airbrushing and they take the abuse. Vern
  6. Got mine from Sprue Brothers the other day. Good thing, too. I was almost out and had created a plan for rationing... Vern
  7. I've been using Turpenoid and Q-tips. You may have to scrub. Vern
  8. Got another one off of the bench.
  9. admiralcag

    Mr Color

    ebay, USA Gundam Store, Sprue Brothers, my local HobbyTowns... I've heard the supply chain for all goods with Japan is disrupted at the moment. Vern
  10. Here's another one. To be fair, this one was waiting to be finished since early in the pandemic. Vern
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