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  1. When they were used by NASA, yes.
  2. I'm glad I saw this before I got there on my build! Vern
  3. I painted the cockpit tub, but forgot to take a picture. The seat is going well, except... I managed to lose the ejection handle. Freakin' little parts for my sausage fingers. I have the Eduard set on order. Here's the seat. The landing gear wells are base coated, with the main gear well coming along nicely. I did the paint pour tonight. Crap, did that make a mess! No building until maybe Sunday. Visiting the daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter this weekend! Vern
  4. I have the Revell, Aurora, and Starfix kits. The Revell is the most likely candidate for the job. The Jolly Green Giant just doesn't get any love 😪 Thanks for the info! Vern
  5. Next question - kind of related to hardpoints. When the F-16 XLs went to Edwards, were the cannons removed? Vern
  6. I'm looking for a donor kit to build up a decent HH-3E in 1/72 scale. Which one would my best bet? Vern
  7. Does anyone here know the details for a hardpoint on this jet? I know regular F-16s have 3 bolt holes and an access plate for a wing weapons pylon. Worst case is I will use another F-i6 as a guide for scribing. Thanks! Vern
  8. I bought this kit a few months ago from a friend. I am going to do it OOB and in the NASA livery. Cockpit tub and ejection seat are assembled. I filled the seams with Vallejo Plastic Putty. I've also base coated them with Mr Color Dark Gull Gray, but haven't taken the pictures yet. I like the Kinetic kit includes the throttle. I assembled the two sections of the intake trunk and filled the seams. I'm going to do the pour method to paint these. One thing I love about Kinetic kits is the amount of extras. I tried to make my load
  9. Nice work. As always! Vern
  10. Indeed. Happy New Year! Vern
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