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  1. Hobby easy, has the new one in stock. with the big bomb 💣
  2. This maybe old news The B-52H is out. https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/gt4k0wjahzxakxvrzazl.html?t=1543143167
  3. Thank You Kotey, they look great. Very comprehensive, I look forward to the 1/72 decals.
  4. Looking at the photos, of the Su-34 Khibiny pods at the first phase of the Syrian intervention, I could see any fences on the pods. So choose your Time line for Your Su-34. Naked SU-34 2018. Photo: Uses Ushakov
  5. It would be good, if we could get some close ups, of the newer Aircraft. Maybe let us see, what other changes have been made. 🔍
  6. "Осла" Donkey, To end this now, I stated it was a different shape. and still you have a dig at me. You have done the same thing on Britmodeller over The B V Translation.
  7. Andrey, when will the 1/72 Su-34 decal sheet be released ? Thanks
  8. Осла the 2018 vent is clearly a different. ✅
  9. I noticed, the the tail stinger vent is a different shape. Photo Andrey Neyman
  10. Mr Roof, is correct. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10547647
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