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  1. I see them about twice a week, USAF brand. They are cool and still futuristic looking in my book
  2. I was not exactly keeping up with this, but I am pretty surprised personally to wake up to this news this morning. I think it makes sense as the Australians are "leveling up" now in terms of capability rather than sticking with the less capable diesels
  3. You can, nothing is stopping you except yourself. There's no pressure here. If you built a kit and never posted it on the internet would anyone ever know? We won't. you can make it your dirty little secret. That time you built a model and enjoyed it.
  4. Yup. A lot of this stuff is psychological. You make your own arbitrary rules and then refuse to break them, even at the cost of enjoyment. This is a good thing, like with work or achieving a hard goal, but not for a something that is supposed to be enjoyable. in your case, you had to find a kind of "excuse" to free yourself. (and good for you BTW) OP, not every build should be a marathon. Some people really love marathons, but the most fun I ever have running is the 4 mile course I run near my parents that i've run since I was in high school-- and yes I've done marathons. They don
  5. You don't think the fanbois will be demanding it be in the latest Ace Combat? ðŸĪŠ
  6. are you sure that was me? I've made lots of complaints about PAKFA, but I don't think I ever complained or really cared about the bays. Again, I could be wrong, I sure as hell don't remember that. And its not the first time I've been confused with other posters, I'm not the only brash, silly, person on a lot of forums
  7. do you mean me personally on the side bays? or the general "you" because I honestly don't remember that, and have like 6 years of sleep deprivation going, so I seriously don't remember, also I drink. sidebays seem to be the least of the Su-57 concerns now, so I guess water under the bridge. did I say something about side bays? honest question. I've been shameless on a lot of things, so I don't mind-- but my mind boggles on that one. just the same trash we see with everything new anyone rolls out. the last 20 fighter programs that went over budg
  8. indeed, which is funny because we heard so much about what a dog the F-35 was, and now all of the sudden its "well theres really only one way to do it..." never forget rule #1, its a bad idea until I copy it. And when I do, I came up with it first. 🙂
  9. maybe it means they're capable of shame, the group I mentioned certainly is not. besides, it will take some time for the group I mentioned to fall back to earth. there can be more than one set of idiots. I've learned that many times
  10. Painting definitely... once I realized that paying in sweat and time with masking meant big smiles later with great paint, I started to like masking... (I'm in therapy, and under great supervision, so you need not worry about me.) One of the big things I learned in life is if you learn to enjoy the process, rather than the payoff, you get more payoffs.
  11. The Russian/east bloc responses I've seen on the internet have been pretty comical
  12. If they're laughing its comfortably after the more modern bombers have created a permissive environment for them to operate over. its a fine guess but the timeline is well beyond 25 years in all the plans. Plans change of course, but as of now its the 2070s. Remember that in order to christen the airplane a "trillion dollar fighter" they had to take the timeline out to the 2070s... F-35 Will Fly Until 2070 — Six Years Longer Than Planned By: Lara Seligman   March 24, 2016
  13. We like to give leadership a hard time a lot, but this will definitely fix morale. no need to make tangible, important decisions about that anymore .
  14. 5th generation is entry standard now. This would be like saying they don't need a missile equipped CF-18.. since missiles are the 4th gen stuff they don't need. just guns and some clouds like dad needed. If you're doing NORAD, you're doing 5th gen because thats what's carrying the weight now and in the future. I know Canada puts off the future as long as possible, but its here unfortunately
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