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  1. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

  2. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    I hear ya. Bottom line audiences are just more genre savvy too. Maybe they had this cool heavy bomber idea and then didn't know where to put it. I don't know
  3. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    Plo koon isn't a human. Beyond all the sci fi vs sci fantasy, vs reality, that spacing part was just completely unnecessary. And it made people go, wait What? Which not good. Again just to end up back on the ship? Just have the x wing pilot or Finn drag her out of the flaming bridge. Just saved 2 minutes and a lot of questions
  4. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    I think it felt out of place because it was out of place. You're 5 minutes into the movie with this episodes ultra star destroyer then in come these bombers on a straight line run to get it. More context was needed You have to set this stuff up. Episode 4 does it so seamlessly you don't even notice Luke going from backwoods farmer with dreams to leading a flight of rebel fighters against a planet sized death gun in about one hour. That's a big leap if not for all the careful stuff happening to set it up.
  5. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    This It's always been science fantasy
  6. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    Exactly We are going to get a new one every year. So if this year sucks? Oh well another out soon. I went to Disneyland last month and was amazed that there was more star wars swag than traditional Disney. It's going to be monetized fully. It's makes yogurts star wars the toilet paper look prophetic. It's very mainstream and you noe have basically 3 sets of movies for 3 generations. And it's not just disney. These movies create an "ecosystem" they are so big that people make money on them 2nd and 3rd hand. Which is why everyone has to shout louder or be more countervailing than the last critic to get clicks and money. From movie reviewers to game makers to toy makers people make money on these movies well beyond just Disney My brother in law refers to the originals as "the boring ones". This is heresy. But he was born in the 90s. The prequels are what he knows.
  7. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    Its a very messy movie. What was so odd about it to me is this movie just goes from A to point C, with a stop in D, before going back to point A. We don't to get to B. Leia is blown out of the bridge just to return to the bridge. Why not just have Poe drag her out without the space walk scene in there, the result is the same? BB8 is just there to make magic happen when characters are cornered from appearing with ships to attacking with an ATST. Dues ex BB-8 OMG that wasn't the real luke! Ha! Hes still alive. oh wait no hes dead (yes I know living force yadda yadda). Why not just kill him off on the actual battlefield? Like I said its just messy. The ticking clock aspect of the fleet and the fuel was interesting I guess, it just doesn't feel very star wars to me. The star felt very Marvel action to me. The Casino? I guess they needed something for the X storm trooper to do. And Poe can't use his X wing so hes got to do something too like lead a mutiny? it just felt very "episode of the week" as opposed to a full on star wars movie. Oh well. We now have 9 major star wars movies. NINE. Depending on who you ask about half of them are good. some say the last good one was made over 30 years ago. But don't worry there are more on the way. They just aren't going to have the same kind of pull that they did, whether thats bad movies, special effects being the norm, harder to impress/distracted audiences, or just plain lack of nostalgia feels or a combination I have no idea, but the bottom line is these movies are going to be more common and less special. They will be taken as a huge "whole" rather than which 1 or 2 or 3 its judged by like it was. like it or not the originals are going to be just more star wars here soon. "the 70's and 80's ones" Not the ground breakers that they were. I see the same thing with the Alien series. Wow the first one! Classic! The second? well maybe EVEN BETTER OMG! A good sequel?! The third. Not good. The fourth? horrific. Prometheus? a disaster. all the Vs. Predator? Godawful. So I am a little tickled when people get excited for new aliens movies. Like they think its going to be 1979 again. or 1986. Have we not learned? you've been bitten like 6 times now. Maybe when 2 of like 8 are good, you get the message? I tried to order the 9 star wars movies from favorite to least favorite and it went like this: 1. Empire 2. New Hope 3. Jedi 4. Oh 5. god 6. don't I can't 7 Empire on Blu Ray 8. Empire on DVD 9 Empire on Lazer disc. I'm the biggest anti post modernist, anti-SJW, anti identitiy politics person I know and I think you are reaching. One could also take the ladies running the show and not too doing so hot. or one could kylo Rens lax parenting as you know. A lesson? I'm going to take a wild guess and just say you don't seem to be too familiar with star wars or it history. No crap its like WWII. Thats what it is supposed to be like. Because no one thought of putting a warhead on an R2 Astromech and launching him at another fighter? well you could, but then you don't have space dog fighting daring do (just like you can apparently get a big old ship, throw on the old hyperspace and take out a whole fleet, and no one has thought of taking the purple hair out of the equation and using droids.) you must have also missed this gem: According to George Lucas's commentary on the 2004 re-release of Return of the Jedi, the Ewoks were directly inspired by the forces that successfully defeated the US and South Vietnamese forces during the Vietnam War - the National Liberation Front, or Viet Cong. Using a combination of guerrilla tactics and more traditional military engagement, the Viet Cong spent much of the 1960s and '70s fighting a highly successful war against the US armed forces, culminating in the latter's total withdrawal from Vietnam. So do go on about the Social justice without realizing Lucas comes from Northern California/Bay Area and works in Hollywood. i'll let you do the math, and hopefully this ruined all the star wars for you forever, and not just the latest. Picture of what Whiny Star wars Millennial might look like: Yep, that ship sailed years ago too
  8. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    That movie blew me away just because I didn't think you would ever get a blade runner remake that wasn't Marvel-ized. Mind blown at slow pacing and lack of dumb action.
  9. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    The only way it "turns everything on its head" is if Rei goes to the dark side. She didn't and she won't. If she had? well fasten your seatbelts. But no. But they killed teh guyze in teh r3d so good after smoke ded
  10. F-35 news roundup

    https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=2&hl=en&nv=1&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=auto&sp=nmt4&tl=en&u=https://www.lequotidien.com/actualites/le-f-35-pour-remplacer-les-cf-18-db74841382806e929c743bfe541e50f2&usg=ALkJrhgCjoyNQDdXAtXPex29zisrX0Zeag I understand that I am a yank and a slow and mercurial one at that, but can someone explain to me how it's not a scandal to knowingly (attempt to) buy an inferior aircraft and invent "gaps" that cost potetebtial billions? The last government was raked over the coals for not showing a full lifetime cost estimate...
  11. F-35 news roundup

    The RCAF has been behind the F-35 the whole time. But why don't you know that? It's not your fault. Here is why: Canadian politicians years before jr, made a rule that the military can't comment on it publicly. So you can find guys in flightsuits from all over the globe that fly F-35s and tell folks from back home why they like them. Exception Canada. It's made things messy because one guy in a flight suit with 2 minutes of explanation can tell you more than a dumb commercial with defense expert children playing with toys. But guess who doesn't get to comment on that silliness? The best rep for Canada has been Billy Flynn, retired CF-18 pilot and bada$$ problem though is he is an LM employee. So anytime he says anythimg people say he is biased lying or both
  12. F-35 news roundup

    That's my point though. A competition was seen as a waste of time and resources, and nothing about that has changed BTW. It's still a waste of time and resources. It was then, it was now. We have seen a few, including the latest from the Danes where the F-35 beats the super hornet. Everytime this happens, mouth breathers pour out of the word work. It's like the old "that's not real communism" joke. It's always "that wasn't a real competition" or "that wasn't actually fair" it doesn't change a single public mind. Canada basically did everything short of a full blown competition-- studies, evaluation, externak audits, review's, they check every box they could short of an actual years long multi million dollar competition that would throw their contracts and timelines into chaos. You can only analyze 1+1=2 So much. Canada fell into paralysis by analysis. And there are tons of pitfalls in the current competition plan as well. Jr. Tried to exclude LM now he's trying to exclude Boeing. That doesn't sound open and fair. That sounds like internal influence already tainting the whole endeavor, which is what people would have said with the last government too anyway. They've already made such a circus that whoever loses this competition can probably pitch a big enough fit to make this look like a farce. And you know what? They'll be right Boeing did a masterful job. Give them credit. They basically waged a "guerilla marketing" campaign against the status quo. I actually saw Canadians on social media who were convinced of impossible numbers. Numbers that Boeing put out. False numbers. No reporter fact checked them so they became "real" (did we notice the interim super hornets costs nearly 4 times what boeing was quoting?) We got the two kids and their toy airplanes. Let canadians Sprinkle in some talk about bribery, run a biased cbc special that makes it all look corrupt. Turn it into political football... I even saw one Canadian say that Boeing would give them a price break because Boeing and Canada had a special relationship. Which is darkly funny in retrospect. It is as Scooby said. JSF was the competition. F-35 won. At no point in any official Canadian capacity was it seen as wise to waste time and money on a contest the F-35 would surely win and not by a little either. 1+1=2. Canadians aren't stupid. They had some brilliant technical and tactical minds on this program. SMEs in their fields. Canadians have even flown super hornets and basically came to the same conclusion everyone does. "While an improvement on the legacy hornet, that platform falls short of F-35" which is why the F-35 beats super hornets.
  13. F-35 news roundup

    I strongly disagree with that. There's a lot to it, but when your air force puts out requirements that only one aircraft can actually meet, and all the evaluations and studies and hell your allies and their studies keep coming to the same conclusion, spending years and millions on a competition is wasteful. It was also a "bipartisan program" as well until it was used against the last guy of course. Some Canadian evaluations put the F-35 So far ahead as to be so self evident that further study or further formal declaration was seen as without purpose. (THAT actually would have helped the F-35) What even caused the initial gripe --and I'm being grossly over simple -- was the long term cost evaluation was carried out to 20 years. This was seen as sufficient by those evaluators who figured that beyond that was more guess than science. Then oversight bodies said they took issue with that since the F-35 would be in service beyond 20 years. So they double that to 40 years then (amazingly!) The cost doubles and its a YUGE scandal!! An external eval by kpmg Canada basically confirmed the numbers out or ooot to 42 years. (At a cost of $2 million btw) So there was some stupidity involved. There were some self inflicted wounds by the previous government. But honestly the entire thing has been blown out of proportion, and its only getting more comical. The statement I posted a few days ago with all the side eyes at Boeing about is about high school drama as you can get lol. It doesnt even seem like it was written by an actual serious government. Right down to the "ill forgive you and we can still go to the dance if you get back together with me" errr "clauses" and "trustworthy partner" warnings Boeing embarrassed these guys. It's not that Boeing just beat them, it's that it publicly spanked them.
  14. F-35 news roundup

    The best word for this, other than petulant, is eccentric. No one knows how any of these terms would be defined, still less how this novel approach would square with Canada’s obligations under international trade law. Which types of “behaviour” would be assessed? What sorts of “harm” would count? The prospect is for still further delays and still higher costs as these highly subjective judgments are worked out, with still greater uncertainty the result. Is Boeing, a major employer in Manitoba, really doing “harm” to Canada by defending itself against alleged unfair trade practices on the part of Bombardier, a major employer in Quebec? A strong argument could be made to the contrary: that by calling out the federal government’s decades-long history of favouring Bombardier, to the tune of billions of public dollars, Boeing is doing Canada an enormous service. The government may pretend that the economic interests of the country are synonymous with Bombardier’s. But that’s no reason the rest of us have to. http://nationalpost.com/opinion/andrew-coyne-fighter-jet-mess-reeks-of-politics-deceit-and-cowboy-economics