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  1. https://etd.auburn.edu/handle/10415/595 one of the best aviation reads I'ver ever encountered. has navy and air force (more emphasis on USAF, and SAC hijacking tacair) before, during, and after the war (lessons learned,how mistakes happened, and how that applied to the teen series, A-10) entertaining and FREE at that link in PDF form. top read most people have seemingly missed. its a jewel.
  2. background music or movie on. make sure I have whatever I'm trying to emulate references ready (learned the hardway my memory is not as photographic as i wished)
  3. First step is you allow "What-ifs?" so we can see more of what could have been 😘
  4. Indeed! and I low-key noticed a stunning lack of diversity-- its very cringe and super yikes. We will win because diversity is our strength. and they have less so we are ergo, stronger. The only flag i'll salute. The Chinese fear this flag. you win 50 internets today, John. OMG this is everything 😍
  5. Wow nothing about inclusion, diversity, power points, safety, or integration of LGBTQ+ or pride month. These push overs don't know anything about what its like to be a 21st century warrior in 4th generation social media battlespace. low tolerance acceptance space.
  6. Joe Biden will call time on the JSF ROBERT GOTTLIEBSEN 11:04AM NOVEMBER 9, 2020 For Australia the biggest legacy of the Donald Trump presidency, apart from the China change, has been his appointment of clear thinking rational defence chiefs. They replaced a group of US defence public servants that had made serious mistakes and so were in constant denial. They let the US fall behind in many aspects of defence technology – particularly air power. I have no doubt that under President Biden there will be no going back to the old days and, although he will never admit it, he will be tha
  7. Maybe one day theyll finally get this thing working and in service. https://www.flightglobal.com/defence/saab-to-insource-gripen-e-work-as-supply-chain-falters/140698.article Whoops wrong jet
  8. Greece is making noise that they would be more than happy to take those formerly Turkish F-35s. https://theaviationist.com/2020/11/22/greece-officially-requests-urgent-purchase-of-second-hand-f-35s/ its just great to have them finally onboard the 5th generation club, it only took 14 years past the USAF and 4 years later than the Marines. Who knows, they may even go on a deployment someday with them.
  9. NAS Lemoore is currently home to 16 F/A-18E/F Super Hornet strike fighter squadrons and is the only home to U.S. Navy F-35C Lightning II Fleet squadrons: VFA-147 “Argonauts,” VFA-125 “Rough Raiders,” the F-35C Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS) and the most recent addition, VFA-97 “Warhawks,” who will begin their transition to the Lightning II next year. from a puff piece about building a hanger a couple weeks back: https://hanfordsentinel.com/news/nas-lemoore-s-newest-f-35c-hangar-tops-out-major-milestone-during-construction/article_b9948ffa-c433-5f9e-9fb4-fe543bd544a9.
  10. https://a855196877272cb14560-2a4fa819a63ddcc0c289f9457bc3ebab.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/18217/f-35_lightning_ii_program_fast_facts_-_november_2020.pdf 2021 in about 41 days and nearly 600 produced, all 3 variants in service. Japan ordering more, in the running in 3 more nations...
  11. I don't think theyre going into the other niche quite like you think. and you can look at current 2030 plan and get what they idea is. this is being an trip flare and harrassing force, and hosting coordinated fires if a sub is found until even more assets move in. basically watchmen, but you need special stuff to see subs. its hard to make predictions, especially about the future however, as for the "new sheriff" the defense stocks are climbing already -- you can compare the 8 years of the VP slot with libya, syria, yemen, afghan, Iraq II ISIS boogaloo, surges and Russian c
  12. almost feels like you didn't bother to understand the article you posted.
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