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  1. @dylan Indeed, they've managed to conjure up over a billion dollars in hornets and hornet upgrades the last few years, and now the CF-18 contract is 14 billion as opposed to the 9 billion it was for 65 F-35s. This is fascinating when one considers that 9 billion was "too much" if you want to stay compatible then its basically 5th generation or bust, and theres no interceptor on offer anyway. You should really read the above. NORAD commitment is basically 5th Gen commitment. No amount of ramming new avionics into a Hornet or god help you a Gripen is going to get to t
  2. They know Canada can't afford them and of course their entire sales pitch is that the Super Hornet is a natural growth of the Hornet, so a natural fit. Canadians can't be trusted with new technology, Its too scary and Boeing understands this. They think Canadians are children 5th Generation is for big boys! its a great excuse to reset the CF-18 replacement process yet again. They'll end up rejecting the F-15 just like the good old days, but can stretch the CF-18 replacement another 5 years at least. How would you like to have them f
  3. I think the current plan is C's possibly Es in the future. They should probably replace any A-10s the F-35 doesn't replace first. Oh yeah, I went there
  4. 6' 6" and hes in submarines? Oh lawd Congrats on a successful command, but I also understand that bittersweet feeling
  5. I don't doubt that, We should look at not buying enough F-22s to begin with more often.
  6. To quote a great Canadian "Stand up straight with your shoulders back"
  7. https://curve.carleton.ca/system/files/etd/de37d537-9719-40cd-9f24-b0c12d50ad18/etd_pdf/ad978be1079fa74df0c16e949d21cea9/richardson-onehorseraceastudyofinteroperabilityincanadas.pdf Fascinating paper especially for all the Canadians. , it remains unclear how open or competitive the process can really be, given the nature of Canada’s alliance commitments and the related interoperability requirements for the future fighter. Stephanie Carvin illustrates Canada’s larger procurement dilemma: Canada is constrained by the requirement that its military be interope
  8. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-vaccine-adverse-reactions look at these bunch of tinfoil hatters
  9. When Tanks aren't even a measure of survivability on a modern battlefield anymore but that oks because you're a "flying tank" I'll paraphrase Alvis on this meme as well "A person not even able to explain the advantages of the F-35 before being slapped and shouted down the the A-10 is the 'best' with no evidence or context? Seem's like a good summary of the internet" The old and outdated comic style add to the very "up to date" nature of the whole thing as well. too bad they didn't make it black and white. Don't get me wrong I like it. Once th
  10. Well its an art. it took years to get here, but we made it Thanks I'm here all week folks Thats a redacto ad absurdum. So, I can crash into you? I think it´s my personal freedom to have vodka and a car, use it to drink and drive and crash into other people? Why should I be limited in my freedom to drink and crash into you? Or do I get something wrong?? hahaha. Don't worry guns are going away here soon enough I'm sure. The police are being defunded too though, so this will make anti gun enforcement "i
  11. Denmark first F-35 Looking Fresh (despite last weeks tempest in a teacup thanks to CSAF)
  12. Thanks brother! I had it back in February. kids did too. Just figured it was the flu. Later described my symptoms to a navy doc (this was in november 2020) and he laughed and said i described it to a tee. Kids got it, but it was only fevers (weird fevers, high and then done, then back with a vengeance...hmm) took them to the pediatrician who said "yup flu go home" (remember this was February) . SWMBO no symptoms, fine. her whole work had it (works at a hospital) . The entire state was coughing before the first case was ever officially "discovered" and then began the lockdown games
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