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  1. with Camoflauge you never can tell because you can't ask if anyone didn't see anything. following the war you'll notice a lot of transports and other big wing airplane also got camoflauge compared to the big white MAC scheme. A lot of that was evaluation from the very new at the time Red Flag exercises. just like nature if youre not a predator you'd better be able to hide from them. Paint may seemingly make no difference, but its one of the few defenses some attack aircraft have, and its not fool proof but it hopefully makes life just hard enough or distracting or confusing or disorienting (false canopy meme thread!) to the "predator" for the "prey" to escape.
  2. https://www.savetheroyalnavy.org/photo-essay-first-british-jets-land-onboard-hms-queen-elizabeth-westlant-19-part-3/ absolutely Mad Lads!
  3. based on what? saved how? by not flying them?
  4. J. T*****u vows to scrap F-35 fighter jet program Troubled effort to buy new fighter jets to be replaced by 'open and transparent competition' CBC News · Posted: Sep 20, 2015 10:11 AM ET | Last Updated: September 20, 2015 Happy anniversary Canada!
  5. Less actually, as the plan is aligning more with the Navy. if there was a big pendelum the swing is going back to the maritime side as opposed to the generally Land locked 2nd land army GWOT. No angst here, every Commandant changes the F-35 order. I'm sure big picture the following CMC will change it more (which in the Marines means change it back somewhat) The only thing I'm curious about is the amount of C's went from 80 to 67, curious to see how many more past 80 we get now.
  6. Theyre going to rearrange some things not sure of how much yet. The more immediate issue is (once again) the navy's shortfall on getting enough F-35C squadrons going. Moving C's to the front of the line. (With the F-18 going not until 2030, but 2025. After switching spots with the Harrier) Chesty puller has heard that Marines are obsolete before, then Korea, and he got to meet the Chinese soon thereafter too. You need to be more subtle.
  7. I'm a little less free every year since.
  8. Hoping Mighty Canada will have an Air Force as advanced as Poland.
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