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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/thef35/status/1211712139242684417 FORT WORTH, Texas, Dec. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) delivered the 134th F-35 aircraft for the year today, exceeding the joint government and industry 2019 delivery goal of 131 aircraft. One hundred and thirty-four deliveries represent a 47% increase from 2018 and nearly a 200 percent production increase from 2016. Next year, Lockheed Martin plans to deliver 141 F-35s and is prepared to increase production volume year-over-year to hit peak production in 2023
  2. The first one wasn't exactly realistic either. LOL Maverick could have "broken time" got out, went back in. Crazier stuff has happened, believe me. reality is stranger than fiction because fiction has to make a little sense
  3. Well it was the USSR in the 1980s with the original but there were no names named, and it was a red star, and of course it was borrowing from the Gulf Of sidra incident, which was Libya. The Original wasn't about World War III afterall. but some sparring. The US Navy's sole kill this century is from Syria, and not China. My brother showed me this preview and it did its job well. I watched it and thought "Well, it might not be a CGI suck fest." IF i see it. And thats an IF. my expectations are pretty low. Most of the movies i see today my expectations are near basement level. I just wanted to see some spitfires in Dunkirk. That worked out of course, but that was my level of expectation. "see some spitfires" so "see airplanes" is my level of expectation Top Gun 2. Its kind of sad how cynical all these bad movies have made us. If this was 10 years ago most people would be pretty darn excited about Top Gun 2, and 15 years ago with Tomcats still in play? foggit-about-it! people are incredibly jaded now. We need a star wars movie to pull us out of this dark sad post vietnam film funk...oh wait. Forget i mentioned star wars 😞 or maybe just bring back the Tomcat? 😄
  4. with Camoflauge you never can tell because you can't ask if anyone didn't see anything. following the war you'll notice a lot of transports and other big wing airplane also got camoflauge compared to the big white MAC scheme. A lot of that was evaluation from the very new at the time Red Flag exercises. just like nature if youre not a predator you'd better be able to hide from them. Paint may seemingly make no difference, but its one of the few defenses some attack aircraft have, and its not fool proof but it hopefully makes life just hard enough or distracting or confusing or disorienting (false canopy meme thread!) to the "predator" for the "prey" to escape.
  5. https://www.savetheroyalnavy.org/photo-essay-first-british-jets-land-onboard-hms-queen-elizabeth-westlant-19-part-3/ absolutely Mad Lads!
  6. based on what? saved how? by not flying them?
  7. J. T*****u vows to scrap F-35 fighter jet program Troubled effort to buy new fighter jets to be replaced by 'open and transparent competition' CBC News · Posted: Sep 20, 2015 10:11 AM ET | Last Updated: September 20, 2015 Happy anniversary Canada!
  8. Less actually, as the plan is aligning more with the Navy. if there was a big pendelum the swing is going back to the maritime side as opposed to the generally Land locked 2nd land army GWOT. No angst here, every Commandant changes the F-35 order. I'm sure big picture the following CMC will change it more (which in the Marines means change it back somewhat) The only thing I'm curious about is the amount of C's went from 80 to 67, curious to see how many more past 80 we get now.
  9. Theyre going to rearrange some things not sure of how much yet. The more immediate issue is (once again) the navy's shortfall on getting enough F-35C squadrons going. Moving C's to the front of the line. (With the F-18 going not until 2030, but 2025. After switching spots with the Harrier) Chesty puller has heard that Marines are obsolete before, then Korea, and he got to meet the Chinese soon thereafter too. You need to be more subtle.
  10. I'm a little less free every year since.
  11. Hoping Mighty Canada will have an Air Force as advanced as Poland.
  12. 1 minute in, prop stops, cuts to view over water prop running, cuts to crash prop stopped again. Not the end of the earth but not a great sign either
  13. Another company has pulled out of Canada’s competition to buy new fighter jets. The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence and Airbus Defence and Space informed the Canadian government Friday of their decision to withdraw from Canada’s future fighter competition. Airbus had been offering Canada the Eurofighter Typhoon. Last year the French firm Dassault informed the Canadian government it would not be taking part in the competition. It had been planning to offer Canada the Rafale fighter jet. The $19 billion competition has been dogged by allegations it is designed to favour Lockheed Martin’s F-35 stealth fighter. Postmedia reported earlier this year that the requirements for the new jets put emphasis on strategic attack and striking at ground targets during foreign missions. That criteria is seen to benefit the F-35. In addition, the federal government changed criteria on how it would assess industrial benefits after the U.S. government threatened to pull the F-35 from the competition. Industry representatives have said they will carefully review the Canadian requirements before making their decision to bid. The work needed to prepare a bid will cost the firms around $15 million each. The decision to pull the Eurofighter from the competition leaves the F-35, the Boeing Super Hornet, and Saab’s Gripen. It is unclear whether Boeing or Saab will continue in the competition. And then there were 3...
  14. from earlier this summer. Cool pics though.
  15. Shipping is included in the price to anywhere in CONUS. If international make sure to get in touch with me. Paypal preferred (friends and family works best, and if you have money in the paypal or an attached bank account there is no fee for either of us) but USPS MO works too. PM if interested. I really want to avoid EBAY and I'm trying to price these to move, but Ive also been out of the model buying game for sometime (SWMBO, KIDS, life etc) I need these cleared out yesterday. I know its sales 101 not to tip your hand, but I have to sell these. I try to check here about twice a day. 1/32 1/32 Trumpeter f-14D Tomcat $140 1/32 Trumpy Mig-23 MLD Flogger $105
  16. And Dunkirk will make more money in the end. Watch. They tried this with Lucas's failed Tuskeegee Airmen movie, which tanked. Oh well. One day theyre going to beat that WWII horse, and no glue will come out.
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