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  1. Correct And as for you saying "this comes from the Corps itself" yes and no. It comes from the commandant who was a former Pacific forces commander... so its kind of like the "why if I had my way!" List but then he got promoted to boss and now he can have his way. Theres nothing wrong with a Pacific boss looking at the biggest kid on the block and tailoring his force, but now hes got the whole world to be ready for and is still going whole hog on his old Pacific plans. I can promise you if the CMC fell off the earth tomorrow a lot of these plans would be "adjusted." To put it mildly.
  2. Oh?? I've heard that one before. Never gets old. That's the magic phrase before we get involved in 2 more. So close! Theres already people saying the next big show is going to be central and south America. Would really hate to get smoked by some cartel guys for lack of armor. Mexican Marines got wiped out fairly recently by sicarios in fact. Luckily we would never get trapped in such a silly predicament! The big mentality shift and the danger, is that the Marines who have always prided themselves on practically and realism are going to fall prey to the "we buy big ticket items and sit on them for the ultra sexy mega war that could happen" while ignoring the actual real, violent, pertinent war that's actually occurring. Americas 911 force is now only going to take calls from The west Pacific. And this before we get into the fact that China doesnt need to win with the military. They own NBA we got to see that recently. They own silicon valley. We are for sale, and they have the money, and they're buying us. Why they would mess that up with military force I have no idea. It's a battle of influence and they have more now. The NBA will gladly throw that whole freedom and democracy thing under the bus for the china market. They actually reprimanded employees siding with people protesting for liberty. Theres no amount of military force that fixes institutional rot and subversion, and that of all lessons is one we should have learned in the global war on terror. Turns out theres no amount of shooting tommy taliban that will get a farmer to trust that well bribed corrupt central government we are backing.
  3. Short On Pilots, Marines Debate Size Of F-35 Fleet “Our continued inability to build and sustain an adequate inventory of F-35 pilots leads me to conclude that we must be pragmatic regarding our ability to support" the program," Gen. David Berger says in a blunt new 10-year force design plan. By PAUL MCLEARY on March 27, 2020 at 1:50 PM WASHINGTON: The Marine Corps’ inability to recruit enough pilots has led the commandant to question the F-35’s place in the already budget-constrained Corps’ future plans, a potentially huge shift for the service that first fielded the Joint Strike Fighter and fought harder than any other service to build it and buy it. “Our continued inability to build and sustain an adequate inventory of F-35 pilots leads me to conclude that we must be pragmatic regarding our ability to support” the program,” Gen. David Berger says in a blunt new 10-year force design plan. He calls for an external assessment of the aircraft’s place within the service relative to what he’s being asked to do in the National Defense Strategy and the forthcoming Joint Warfighting Concept, a document the Joint Staff is expected to wrap up later this year. Berger not only singles out pilot shortfalls, but also notes high costs of maintaining and flying the F-35B as factors he’s weighing “in reconciling the growing disparity between numbers of platforms and numbers of aircrew.” The general has been very clear he does not expect his annual budgets to grow at any point in the near future, suggesting the best case scenario is that they remain flat as he wrestles with fleets of aging planes, helicopters and vehicles which grow increasingly costly to maintain. The new document also makes it clear Berger has had enough of the service’s Abrams tanks, which were so effective in Iraq’s Anbar province, but offer little utility on small islands in the Pacific. A series of wargames conducted between 2018 and 2019 led the Corps to the conclusion that the tanks are “operationally unsuitable for our highest-priority challenges in the future,” the document states. While questioning time-tested and iconic weapons like Abrams tanks, and the massive capabilities that the F-35 can bring, “they’re looking at the totality of the force” said Dakota Wood, senior research fellow for defense programs at The Heritage Foundation. “Berger has been very bold in saying we just can’t afford to have small batches of everything,” so he has set out on a path to bear down on what is most critical to fighting a war in the Pacific against a modern Chinese military. The new force design is slated to phase in over the next decade, but the changes will be seen as early as the fiscal year 2022 budget, slated to drop next February. That gives the Marines months to build their case for reimagining the force, which includes buying new capabilities like mobile rocket artillery and long-range fires while scrapping legacy platforms like heavy- and medium-helicopter squadrons and towed artillery. The plan also calls for eliminating law enforcement units, bridging companies, three infantry battalions, and anti-aircraft units. General Dynamics, which makes the Abrams, and Lockheed Martin, which produces the F-35, will certainly have opinions on these moves, as will the other major prime contractors who build the helicopters and ground vehicles and artillery systems to be tossed over the side and the lawmakers who have plants in their states and districts. “Resistance to change is likely to be strongest for programs that already exist and have stakeholders that support them,” RAND analyst Jonathan Wong wrote in a short essay, but the jury is out on how Congress and Defense Secretary Mark Esper will eventually weigh in on these issues. It’s not just industry who will want in on these discussions, but policymakers in the Pentagon and lawmakers on the Hill, as well. “There’s going to be a lot of pushback by people who aren’t up to speed on these current issues who are reaching back to their own previous references of 10, 20, 30, years ago,” Wood said. “Tanks are awesome in urban warfare environments, but if you haven’t thought about the operating environment the Marine Corps will encounter in the near future, these ideas might be difficult to understand.” Berger appears to be keenly aware he needs to bring the rest of Washington along with him: “A certain degree of institutional change is inevitable when confronting modernization on this scale, and that type of change is hard.” How hard will become clearer as Berger and his deputies get out there to evangelize for their vision of the future. Pilots hate him! Learn this crazy trick for fixing pilot and personnel issues
  4. Marines have been a tradition "middle" capable of fighting in big wars along with the big boys while also laying claims to being "small war" specialists. Which works because "big army" doesnt like those much traditionally, And we've had far more "small wars" than super power struggles the last 70 years. No shortage of light units get viciously exposed by relative light armor or even trucks with HMGs mounted. Not meant as a criticism to the other services but the CMC has seemingly succumbed to the "but your little real war interferes with my grand hypothetical war plans!!" Concept Marines have traditionally avoided. Functional not theoretical In 2011 for example the USMC was involved from Libya to Japan (with lots in between) and it took a lot of shuffling to keep it all going. theres a point where not even a spitfire can be in two places at once. Remember that Marines are the odd ones out. We only exist because we're useful, and we cant lose battles. https://www.csis.org/analysis/marine-corps-radical-shift-toward-china Littoral Combat Ship- the service!
  5. Surely theyll have plenty to spare as they slug it out with the Chinese themselves Did you watch this too?? Yeah it's pretty crazy that even in dirt-i-stan the deuce and a halves and Humvees need armor, cant leave the fob without it, but surely that's a crazy outdated concept? It's a gambit and it's a big one and I think it's actually so far afield that the next CMC will be "recentering" a lot. The hemorrhaging of people and gear in exchange for UAV and other not yet invented vaporware is spellbinding. Lastly the symposiums and briefings about China have not exactly been generous in US capabilities if anything a wider range of capabilities are required not betting the farm on the idea of high tech supporting fires will save the day.
  6. not just the Marines, no. is this supposed to be serious?
  7. The CMC has confused a theater strategy for a service wide force structure. The USMC has prided itself on being "America's 911 force" and force in readiness jack of all trades from full on invasions to disaster relief and everything in between. This basically makes the USMC a 1 dimensional cold war force, with the binary logic that if it's not good for China, its not worth having. So all those other inconcenvient wars we have to "bother with" with the last 70s Years, from the Koreas to the Afghanistans are just going to have dial 911 for someone else. Which basically makes the USMC useless for anything other than hanging out in the Pacific waiting for a war that will likely never come, and if it ever did the USMC would massively expand anyway (the USMC in 1941 was 54,000 Marines and ended at nearly 500,000.) And whatever plan or force structure will go out the window overnight. That's about all for now. The internet is alight with everyone pointing out this is beyond x many of this and y many of that. The Marines have just shifted away from over 100 years of its core concept
  8. There's no amount of funding for the CDC that can make for a responsible society. its up to the individual as it always should be, citizens need to be better prepared from the start. if everyone prepped you wouldn't see the run on guns and food and TP. You need to be your own master, in charge of your own welfare not relying on DC budget battles to break your way. The CDC budget could be quadrupled and it still may not have mattered in terms of if people have enough food on hand, or even basic survival preparations. Its "shameful" people are relying on DC bureaucrats to save them. this lesson gets relearned the hard way over and over again. What amount of funding could we have given the CDC to help Europe ? this is about as political as I can get. If I go any further I'll get the thread locked down or banned so I won't A lot of this could be mitigated if people weren't relying on someone to come "Save them" No idea how this changes the landscape going forward, but the limitations of government are already being seen and perhaps people will learn again, at least for a while. And thats not a political thing. People are already doing the hard math that turns out, theres no amount of beds that can handle a stupid population. The safety net will never be big enough. The best thing you can do for your country and the first responders and CDC is to not be a victim. Youre one less person for them to worry about in an emergency. If we all took care of ourselves, it'd be a lot easier to help those who genuinely can't help themselves I'm very bitter because my local and state government had to do things like ban fossil fuels by 2045, and we banned grocery bags for the city (very helpful and super convenient to bring everything in by hand), and we have passed a whole bunch of laws here none of which had to do with the big problems their supposed to be handling. My state per capita has the highest number of seniors in the nations and our concern is free city bus fair. There no infrastructure planning or emergency preparedness. We are worried about banning things 2 and a half decades away. now all these "smart people" have found themselves woefully unprepared for basic things like disease. They don't have the planning or the capacity and they know it. The things they thought mattered just 2 weeks ago look like a bad joke now. I mean the loss of freedoms has been great but the micromanagement has been almost as good. Thank god I won't be using plastic bags, while my neighbors drop all around me. we've had a massive crime, poverty, drug, and homeless problem for years, so my bar was very low already but theyv'e somehow manged to slime even below that.
  9. I can't stress this enough and this is what a lot of people are missing "are you afraid of the corona virus?! what a loser!" No I'm worried about catching ANYTHING at a time when our medical system is already severely stressed and having to go seek help at the highly infectious area. I don't even want one of my kids to need stitches. So theres nothing wrong with playing it overly cautious right now because people still have not caught on as the gripe about toilet paper; YOU ARE OPERATING WITHOUT A SAFETY NET RIGHT NOW.
  10. its not media hype in healthcare world I can tell you that.
  11. This is peak supply and demand. Its all fun and games until its not. Whether you think its justified or unjustified. If there is a run on something due to even the perception of scarcity it does indeed become scarce. in which case you experience a shortage. once the run on TP began, you were faced with either playing along and making a rush yourself, or taking a risk that it will return, or you're set for possible weeks or months of shut down or quarantine.. not my first panic. Sometimes you get to feel stupid, and other times very relieved. A lot of people have tried to explain that the goal here, is to be one less burden on a stressed system. its actually a form of civic duty to be self sufficient in an emergency so the less fortunate or less prepared can get help while you coast along until it passes. no drama. the issue is people should have been doing that (prepping) steadily every week or every other week for years. not all the last month or whatever in a panic. For some reason the people who think bad times actually exist are made fun of, and there's seemingly no one to explain the concept I just outlined above which should be taught in schools. BONUS: when people feel confident and prepared they're much harder to manipulate by the media or other opportunists. I will not be wasting the cops time to have them get me groceries, which is good because if things get bad enough they won't waste their time either
  12. No chance, not just because I have a large stash (though I am selling what I can) its that I'm a ridiculously slow builder
  13. Seeing as they kept making sure to paint the Bats in 2018 as a hot dog outfit with a cavalier attitude toward safety and selfies (Cardinal sins) I thought it would be worth a post
  14. http://alert5.com/2020/01/31/co-of-vmfa-225-fired-for-making-low-level-pass-during-sundown-ceremony/ slightly on topic? CO fired for low level pass during sundowner ceremony
  15. *Laughs in California bullet train.* As I alluded to earlier its more than money as well. might have to revisit this one. The last guy did a big infrastructure package. while also expanding wars and winning peace prizes. good times. Reform is really the answer. if 90 percent of your money is being wasted the solution shouldn't be "dump 190 percent more money" to get the job done. even things like education are in some dire straights AND its looking fairly outdated and outmodded in a lot of different ways. Absolutely astounded in the days of smart phones we still have the kiddies sitting in classrooms like its the 1800s chicago-model factory preparation/education for factories that have long died. yet we keep the model? why? oh right teachers unions. Is it working? well working is a complicated. Can we prescribe the kids drugs while developing adolescent brains? what could go wrong. I was in school in 1990s and even then we knew this stuff was disco era. it was outdated in 90s, 30 years later...whew. not to mention a lot of it has been infiltrated and become predatory at the higher education levels. its a scam. In fact now the plan is to bail people out of it by rewarding the scammers. no other proof its garbage than the fact that not the .gov is talking about buying it up, because otherwise its valueless. its not worth the money. yes. There is a swamp. its not what a lot of people think. Its far more bland but no less cancerous and potentially fatal. You can see my sigline, that hasn't changed in years. my point was we may want a standard a little higher than "so long as the commies aren't on mainstreet life is fine" and 2. That we should basically formally break away or take other official diplomatic courses to end these relationships instead of just sandbagging. In other words, lets make the divorce official instead of quitting our job and sitting on the couch until wife gets the hint we aren't contributing anymore and tosses us. in both cases the result is the same. The former is preferable to latter though. if we want to say for example "our commitment to NATO is when a Russian tank crosses your border-- a direct incursion. And thats it." and not say "well I never liked that dictator either lets just go bomb him and sow chaos and genocide in the name of nation building and muh democracy" which you know not even the US really employs technically since we are a constitutional republic (on paper anyway, its getting rather heated as of late) I don't know if we can get through anymore. People are too well programmed at this point. They're disturbingly well conditioned. And anyone who is different is branded some evil terrible name and then quickly cast aside. Its extremely bad. What I mean is there is a fellow from CT who branded the current C-N-C many bad names, and then unfollowed him on social media (such conviction) meanwhile though he made sure to actually expand the military under this same C-N-C because Sikorsky, GE, Colt, Groton Boat etc. are in his state. Its all a game. symbolic change vs real change. Did you ever hate "Hitler"so much you demanded he be even more heavily armed? and you buy him new helicopters in the form of Sikorsky VH-92s? Billions of dollars in weapons and new helicopters vs unfollowing him on twitter. Whew that'll show em-- but people fell for it. its not that the US is "deeply divided", slightly its always divided somehow. the issue is that you have a lot of people who are actually very united on a lot of fronts, but the decision makers, lawmakers, reps, etc are not on the same page to put it mildly. So far example you can have people across the political spectrum that agree the military needs to be curtailed. our foreign adventurism needs to end etc. But you have a bunch of the people you vote for (regardless of their party) who refuse to do that. you can't vote your way out. Both parties are unbelievably hawkish, they're more than happy to "come together" when it comes to renewing the patriot act or expanding the the government and then telling you "how hum, we just can't agree on anything!" youre getting a distressingly bipartisanship pro war, more waste, less accountable and less individual rights conglomeration You got adventurism with W, then we vote in O to stop that and reverse it- but surprise! hes actually expanding it! haha! so the one thing everyone wants is the one thing they refuse to give. and people throw up their hands and go "how about this orange guy at this point, it doesn't seem to matter-- left right, smart, dumb, black, white, the free fall continues, lets get an outsider at this point, and I don't really care what he breaks, because the last guys already busted it very nicely indeed" the entire US foreign policy of the 21st century has been a disaster to the point a lot of people are convinced there's an invisible hand at work, because its not only self destructive, its obviously self destructive. As i said the Chines re dumbfounded the Russians are getting increasing tired of it. even the whole "muh Russia rigged it" thing is the establishment going "how can we ignore what people are trying to tell us, while also laying the ground work for yet another war?! I got it! Russia!" its absurd on its face. its so unbelievably embarrassing that I knew it was fake because if it was anywhere remotely true they would bury it deeper than an Epstein hidden camera. The worlds largest super power with a 700 billion a year military got smoked by a backwards has-been who's economy is about the size of Brazil? and our massive post 9/11 security and intelligence state just utterly failed to pick it up?? were they too busy watching kids post cartoon frogs online? and you want to tell everyone that? one could dance naked on a table at a NATO summit and it would be less damaging than telling our allies that Russia is actually running our country via hacking and deciding who runs the last global super power. I'd have to admire them if it only it was true. Silly us, trying to change regimes in places like Afghanistan. you didn't just use hacking to mess with them? LOL. just LOL. Remember when we lured Russia into Afghanistan to waste time and resources and hasten the decline of their empire? we would never be so stupid would we? not for 8 years, but 18 and counting? sign me up. All through the 90s I read about how smart we were to dupe and waste those dumb dumb Russkies... You could make the argument its always been like this. Smoke filled backrooms where things are really done, how the sausage is made yada yada. Whats amazing now is just how badly the mask has fallen off. Politicians can't wait to tell you how happy they are to take your individual rights and/or your property-- they literally run on it. and just because the war on terror, drugs, poverty, etc hasn't worked, thats no reason not to try the same with guns. Itll be great. hey we might just get closer to Zambia than you realize, I can't get a full auto AK on a street corner, but if the war on guns goes like the war on drugs, I'm not far away! see always a bright side. Always wanted a full auto. anytime I hear "threat to democracy" stand by, thats some guy who's about to use that as an excuse to ramrod something bad through. or tell you the importance of shipping your job overseas for the common good or shutting it down because a swedish teen whined about it-- but don't worry your new tech job will be here any decade now. They don't even hide it anymore. theyre treating everything as a mandate. Look at Virginia. there's some notion that if they're voted in even on thin margins thats now a mandate. "lets take a vote and then do what we want anyway, and don't even bother to hide it, half of them think they can't run their own lives without a massive government program anyway" I have no representation where I am. They call higher headquarters in NYC or California and check in with them. if california wants our coal, gas, and oil industry shut down, well by god we are doing it. who needs jobs anyway? this is the party of the blue collar workers? no thought about whats best for the locals using local government. This is more "smart power" in action! and we are approaching anarcho-tyranny and the nation is pretty much a managerial state already. Theres a massive credibility gap thats a mile wide by those who's programming hasn't taken.
  16. The F-35 was the first time I ever heard of that nondescript fellow riding it. He really wanted that for his home state. Really makes you think.
  17. its about 2.4 billion, but who's counting? I don't think its going anywhere. the latest budget was bipartisanly approved of course which is deeply comical in some cases actually expanded by the folks who are super duper mad at the current commander and chief. you'd think it would be crazy to fund and give such weaponry to a commander and chief who we are convinced is so evil and dangerous and racist and all. but they actually voted to give him even more firepower than orginally requested. luckily one of the big authors of the additional spending un followed him on twitter though (And I'm not making that up)
  18. I agree. Theres no successful track record, which is what I was alluding to. The solution to someone showing criminal irresponsibility is to give them more responsibility? there is absolutely no reason to think the US government can fix the problems it has, let alone take on more of them. There was a swede joking about this on F-16.net. that his country took a vote and decided for world peace so they barely needed an air force now. its an increasingly small world. even if we decided to set up an awesome sauce closed sphere, Theres no reason to think that sphere will be allowed to exist in an era of global sized competition. In other words america can become a safe space, but it won't matter in a un-safe space world. maybe John is right to gripe. Its increasingly a welfare apparatus. like I said the old dinosaurs see it. the objective of killing people and wars is not the objective now. its being a political petri dish to advance social engineering. Its more important that certain identity politics boxes are checked than it is to make sure they're competent. And once that becomes the standard look out. on social media right now there is a female chief getting raked over the coals because she only promotes fellow females. the weeds spread. If you look at whats happening you'd swear its an enemy plot to subvert the military.
  19. india and china are more than 3.7 billion combined? see my sig line. its "generous" just not the way you think people who think we can raid the defense budget for money are in some very rude awakenings. Its not that I don't understand its a lot-- because it is--, its that its not enough to make up for whats being proposed by a lot of people running for office. Cutting even 200 billion isn't going to be some windfall in a budget thats 4.7 trillion. and proposals what would bring it up to double digit trillions per year.
  20. yep. but I don't see that getting any better. If we are going to say a man can decide (self diagnose?) hes a woman one day, its really hard to tell him to be quiet, and that hes wrong, and that the doctor says thats not what he is. We then furthermore can't tell the doctor he is wrong, and this "woman" is stunning and brave. But then be mad when people say they don't trust doctors and those vaccines. the older I get, the more i understand that emperor has no clothes story. made no sense when I was younger. yep. But for some reason that came up. I shouldn't say for some reason. its so they can say the CO ran an undisciplined cowboy camp and drop him (drop him easier-- heads were gong o roll, but it looks like they couldn't find more to be mad about). while kind of not working to fix the myriad of failures elsewhere. why on earth was that bad gear still in rotation? it was in rotation because that's all there was. Why was that all there was? well thats a bigger question. Marines make do. always have, always will. thats one of the reasons why this happened at all. "you mean we aren't using primo air force approved gear? why I never!!" there was no red flag because all of this was distressingly normal. Youre tired? we're all tired, sir etc. it becomes very hard to tell the difference between old crappy gear that is just usual dangerous, and old crappy gear that is SERIOUSLY dangerous. Ive seen "worse" squadrons and units than that, and no one died. I don't know if it got fixed but for YEARS there was a very famous squadron at Yuma that was notoriously bad and permanently miserable. no crashes. that I can recall? Their gear worked. by hook or by crook. They got to work a lot of weekends as the constant punishment maybe that was it. They didn't lose aircraft though.
  21. why do you hate diversity, comrade? we are all equal, since we are all equal we are all interchangeable. Dunning Krueger effect --the country!! but yes you are right. to bring it full circle: are we really trying to say selfies and naughty call signs got those men killed? if not, why was it brought up? If only you guys didn't have naughty names and adulterers in your ranks... yeah it wouldn't be functioning gear and time to get proficient with it that would help-- just gotta clean up the lingo and take more cold showers.
  22. All those intellectuals haven't been able to solve even basic problems. Ronald Reagan was famously a dumb dumb, yet he knew after the 1983 Beirut bombing to leave. "Smart power" decided to take iraq and afghanistan and expand it into even more wars, drone strikes, regime changes, while also surging in afghanistan and then "returning" to iraq oh and just for good measure lets just launch a thumb into the Russian eye with the eastern european games we have been playing (and playing very poorly) did I mention Gitmo is still open? this has been absolutely disastrous. its not "anti intellectualism" per se. Its the rejection of everyonein charge going "gimme the keys, I'm a smart guy and I know how to drive, you just rest your sleepy head in the back, I'm waaay smarter than the last guy" and he proceeds to drive the car off the cliff. That doesn't look likely to get any better anytime soon. at one point you just say "why not that orange dude from reality TV?" the one nice thing I can say is the Chinese are absolutely confused by what we are we doing. They can't make any sense of it. So its foreign policy so bad our next closest power rival is utterly dumbfounded. I don't know if theyll ever figure it out. Russia isn't worried about figuring it out, I know that. I turn 37 next month. When I was young I encountered these problems. again, we are on the upswing, we can solve this! Most things are getting worse. These problems aren't being overcome. California is collapsing. My neighborhood is now packed with California "refugees" who can't wait to tell me how much better and smarter they are than all us country bumpkins. while also voting for the same stuff they just ejected from. isn't that odd? why is the migration so one sided? probably nothing to do with anything. We re clearly doing something right. They were doing something wrong. Solution? move and make it wrong here too. fantastic. I doubt this thread will have much of a lifespan. its just the simple fact that all these things, all these institutions all these rules and laws that were supposed to make things better have basically failed. Are we a democracy or a constitutional republic? there seems to be an awful lot of confusion on this. What if the "information super highway" we were promised actually makes people more gullible, more prone to misinformation? What if "diversity" actually makes people more divided and exacerbates tensions instead of relieving them? What if the "party of science" decides men can decide to become women, but then laments anyone who question global warming after such fickle declarations? What if your government spent millions in taxpayer dollars to facilitate the acceptance of this. what if they enacted laws about proper pronouns? What happens when science become politicized? can people be faulted for not trusting "science" in that case? What if the smartest guys in the room, aren't as bright as they thought? we watched the "whiz kids" get over 50,000 Americans killed. are we stuck on repeat? What if you dumped heaps of cash into a welfare system that even decades later didn't make a dent? 1980 "we just gotta get the schools fixed". 2020: "we just gotta get the schools fixed" What if after decades of voting for the same people to fix things, they remained unfixed? what if they actually got worse? "well I'll move!" good luck dude its going national. The policies that havn't worked in small test cases are about to be super sized. soon you'll have no where to run. What happens when the people who think coal is killing the planet share the same group of politicos that are supposed to represent blue collar coal miners? who wins? where do the jobs that replace them come from? who wants to set up shop in West Virginia anyway? Thats not California or New York or India. What if the people who continually failed to make this work rather than being purged were instead recycled endlessly with no accountability for decades? what if the people who are supposed to conserve, don't really conserve anything? (in case anyone thought I was being unfair) What happens when the media can't be trusted to get the story right? and I don't just mean not get it right, but cover it at all. What do you know about Syria? it seems complex is there anyone out there who could maybe shed light on that or is there something going on with a celebrity tweet? Medias biggest power is what it DOESN'T cover. Theres a simple solution to all this. Demonstrate competency. Show you can win some wars and maybe you get more new fun wars to play with. Fix the VA and maybe more people will trust you with healthcare. Run the military efficiently and maybe get a return of people who want to be civil servants. This stuff is decades in the making. Its not even the current admin. The Current admin. is the result of this stuff failing. they need to take things they have control of and show they can do the job, then ask for more stuff when people saw they did well with what they had. we won't do that, but a man can dream. I don't mind anyone who is not impressed with the intellectuals. They aren't doing anything impressive. Theyre running some of the greatest cities and states into the ground and insolvency so thats nice. as I said its a gambit. its an attempt. the US is rife with "great ideas" that turn out to be not so great. from prohibition to the war on drugs. the trick is realizing its not working and trying something else. instead its "Well this prohibition stuff really works, we just need to do it harder" look at all the big ideas being championed the last 25 or 30 years. how is that working out?
  23. Bored, John? You're seeing the bias of information saturation. we've had accidents and failures before. worse than this in fact. during times when the military was "fixed" and "broken" the difference is you didn't hear about all of them. or didn't get the play by play you do now. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_Ramp_disaster go cut the budget by 50 percent, and dump into other "social welfare" that's also criminally mismanaged. There's nothing you've said above that doesn't also apply to nearly every other sector of government. in fact one could argue the US military is one of the few institutions that actually "work" as low as the bar for "work" can be set. The other way this doesn't work is cutting the military 50 percent but maintaining the same alliances and commitments means you'll see more issue because the work hasn't reduced but you're now trying to do the same things with half as much." need to re-cajigger the alliances and military commitments first, and then from there reflect military size and force structure to suit it. the last part of that is, the notion of any outcome short of red hoardes marching through main street is acceptable. I mean Red Japan, a united best korea, and communist Australia do sound pretty awesome. As long as its not my main street I guess. But don't worry. we are de- prioritizing the whole "war thing" as fast as possible. All the old crumedgeons and dinosaurs who warned about anything other than the task at hand creeping in are being proven right. its all coming back to roost. The only way this works is get the cigar chompers to come in and start bashing heads around. and throwing out all the dead weight and doing all the non PC stuff the military has been doing post tail hook back into the bottle. The only solace I can take was that all the Marines that died that night were up to date on all their immunizations, dental, suicide prevention, sexual assault training, LGBTQ awareness, safety briefings, the dangers of drinking underage, and that all their paperwork and haircuts were in perfect order and social media protocols. little things like radios and rescue plans, well I simply can't be bothered. little things like making sure everyone was rated, ready, awake, and gear functioning, or even up to date, is just too much hassle bro. even the silliness of the whole "there was adultery!" and they "used sexual call signs!" (a callsign having to do with sex? why I never...) Once upon a time that stuff was the nothing burger it was. Work hard, play hard. I don't care as long as you SOBs are ready to kill people when I pick up the phone, has now shifted to this. I'm fine with dirty mouths and clean jets. hung over bodies, but working gear. For some reason we are supposed to be mad about this? Now everyone is sober as a judge, but the gears busted. There was definitely failures there, but even the stuff they uncovered that are being used here are subterfuge. The issue was gear failures and keeping current. These are hardware issues. and preparedness/ Management issues. lack of communication throughout. They're already laying the ground work for why this won't be fixed next time however and you can already see it. it sounds like the CO was hoisting red flags constantly. why was it ignored (Psssst because this is the new normal) "well our gear sucked, and we were using stuff that was outdated/bad rated" Is that it? or was it your squadron adultery and sexually explicit call signs? uhhhhh. This would seemingly be the case as with happens with so many things, one or two differences could have broken the whole chain that lead to disaster. if they adhere to the sleep schedule, if the NVGs were better, if the pilot rating was kept better track of. Leadership is overloaded. They deal with far far more BS than they did even 10 years ago. What happens is basically you give them impossible tasks and they just try to survive until they can move on or move up. The solution for not being able to get the square peg to fit into the round hole is to sacrifice otherwise good leaders for not accomplishing the impossible. Someone in your squadron was in an inappropriate relationship? what do you mean you can't manage a Marine All Weather Fighter Squadron with ancient equipment and the personal lives of every Marine in your command while simultaneously adhering to every policy from gay pride to sexual assault to suicide prevention to family counseling? You can have a managed Mil base 90210, or a top of the line fighter squadron, rarely both. You just impale leaders. Thats the conclusion everyone I've talked to has come to. We will just keep firing people until we find the unicorn that can manage all this. oh and then we just need every unit leader to be a unicorn. It can't be managed. You would have heard about none of this if not for this tragedy. But when it happens, suddenly the microscope comes out and low and behold theyre having the same issues nearly everyone does now. None of the legendary Marine leaders would suffer this. Luckily they didn't have to. Theres no one out there who just gets to lead or manage a bunch of disgruntled young men anymore. Leadership wouldn't know what to do with the "your unit is composed of ill tempered, though generally obedient 19 year old males only who are unmarried and don't have financial issues, no children or divorces. I mean they drink too much, but they don't usually drive" probably die of euphoria I'm betting. They literally wouldn't know what to do. theyve never been in that environment. only the "new normal" Theres almost no one who predates the tailhook scandal. The good are getting out, they take their experience and knowledge with them. I tell people not to join. I had an A-1 candidate, absolute hard charger who was told (before I could even talk to him) not to bother with the military. people are avoiding joining. Nothing to do with the administration or Border walls this is all the "someday thats gonna bite us" coming to bite us. word is out. My kids won't be joining. You're seeing "institutional failures that can no longer be covered up by money. " There no amount of fuel you can pump into a punctured tank than can fix the leak. Schools have abandoned that boring old education stuff so their kids can play protestor. Environmentalism is replaced with celebrity teenagers. The FBI is inventing evidence to get spy warrants in secret courts against politicians they don't like. the constitution has become a suggestion, faith in institutions is (with good reason) stunningly low. cities openly define federal law, counties openly defy state law. there is no amount of money that can fix this All policy is a gamble. You change it with the idea that it works out. What happens when it doesn't?? And What happens when you've conflated policy with the very concept of human progress and it doesn't work? Keep jamming the square peg? reverse the very notion of "progress"?? when I was growing up the idea that was taught to me, was that he had this baby in the bag, we just had to fix some of the trouble spots and teething issues. for example. Once we get all this racism taken care of with the police everything is all set. But decades later we still have racist police. what then? what happens when these aren't "teething issues" but fundamental policy incompatibilities? We just need to give the schools more money, so you do but the product gets worse. What happens when your welfare program isn't helping? but you've set it up so any kind of policy change is seen as the death of progress?
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