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    Mainly 1/32 scale WWII era both Allied and Axis. Regia Areonautica is the favored.I also build 1/72 scale ships ,PT Boats,MTB's and S Boats too. Civil War ships and boat ranging from 1/192,1/72 and 1/32 scales.I'm very proud to be the moderler for the Mississippi Armed Forces Museum were many of my projects are on display
  1. I,ve heard about these new Salmson A.2 too.I thought they would be released by now.Still just hoping these see the light of day soon. Highest Regards, Gregory Jouette
  2. Hey Guys Mike West of Lone Star Models has a Lewis and a Vickers available in 1/32 scale.Mike also has a new interior detail set for the Nieuport 17c for the old Hobbycraft and Academy kits. Regards, Gregory Jouette
  3. Morning All, A small update for you today.I'm been out of the Country due to family business and a general lack of time as well.So on with the update. Work has begun on the interior details. The upside down airfame. Cockpit floor and fuselage side pieces. :lol: Only took two redoes Lozenge decals applied to the interior of the fuselage halves.I using Doug Bauman's excellent Lozenge Decals. [i Now for the really fun bits, Frankenwing is now completed. If you at the underside of just about any Fokker E.V/D.VIII you'll notice it's far from perfectly smooth as you would expect.What you'll notice is what I call cupping.This caused by the securing the ultra thin plywood to the wing internal frames.I guess it's safe to say you can't expect perfection of the under surfaces when using 1-1.2mm plywood. That's all for now,actually there is more done than shown but photographed yet.I'll post again soon with much more to show.Thanks for taking a look. Regards, Gregory Jouette
  4. Ken, Congratulations on completing your first WWI model. Top it off with it looks very good too. The only thing I would add that's even half way negative would be your wood graining around the cockpit.It tough to get it just right sometimes even for someone who has done it many times and redone it nearly as often.No doubt you'll get there if you hang in there . Check out some of the WWI modeling site on the web you'll find a wealth of information and build tips as well. I wish all this data was available when I build my first WWI kit sure would have been much easier than years of trial and error.Feel free to PM me for the links to the sites I mentioned. Now get up and build that Nieuport 17. Don't be afraid to different techniques, master one or two then learn another.As I said earlier in this thread ,before you know it you'll be building Roden and Wingnuts kits.Possibly rigging with turn buckles and all. Great build my friend. Regards, Gregory Jouette
  5. Aaron, Excellent paint work.Love the old school way of applying the camouflage. Great project,you fella's working in 1/72 scale are amazing. Regards, Gregory Jouette
  6. Helidriver, Your Sopwith is coming along nicely.Don't be afraid of the rigging,just take your time you'll do fine. You've picked a desent and relatively inexpensive kit to learn on which is the best way to go. Get a couple bi planes under your belt and you'll be building wingnuts or Rodens kit before you know it. Regards, Gregory Jouette A long time WW I Modeler
  7. Jeff, Truely amazing build my friend.Love that plywood finish too. Regards, Gregory Jouette
  8. Ken, Your little Nieuport bebe is looking great my friend. Regards, Gregory Jouette
  9. Wing Construction............................. Using information from the November 1989 Fine scale Modeler as a guide,the first bit of business was to transfer the FSM drawings to the supplied kit parts with carbon paper.I should note that in this conversion you will be using all three wing from the Dr.I kit to make up the single wing of the E.V / D.VIII.Once all the pieces are cut out it's really like assembling a jigsaw puzzle. Now on with the Frankenwing construction photos. Left side panel pieces not shown are the right side panel,both side are identical except for they are Handed for left and right. The upper right side panels are assembled and reinforcements added.Just alittle over kill on my part but if you want a strong wing it needs to be done. The new wings upper surfaces and lower surface together. The white card piece is a correction for a miscut.Must remember to measure twice and cut once. The semi finished wing is now ready for putty and filler. That's all for now fellas.Time to putty and sand and sand and the putty and sand some more. Thanks for looking and Happy modeling. Regards, Gregory Jouette
  10. I finally found some much needed modeling time last week end.So here goes This is the donor kit for this conversion project the Revell 1966 Edition of the Fokker Dr.I in 1/28 scale.This new project is to convert the Fokker Dr.I to a Fokker E.V/D.VIII.Always any and all commits are much appreciated. I'll attempt to give you a sort of running commentary as I go . In this photo I've made the first cuts to the fuselage.Both halves were cut straight across the lower section to correct the profile to that of a Fokker E.V / D.VIII With the fuselage halves cut down you need to increase the depth of the rear fuselage.This was done using thin plastic card stock cut to match the enlarged drawing taken from my Fokker E.V / D.VIII datafile Next the plywood pieces were fabricated and the beginning of the fuselage frame.Again using my trusty datafile At this point I set aside the fuselage parts for later and started the wing.
  11. Brad, Neat little diorama.Moves are rough on Nieuport you know.Great work and quick order too. Regards, Gregory Jouette
  12. Giles, Here's something that may be of interest to ,this is a article from Stormo by a friend of mine Davide Splendore.Davide has done as excellent job on his Nieuport 17 in the marking of Francesco Baracca.Your N 17 just keeps getting better with each new update my friend.Keep up your excellent work. Regards, Gregory Jouette Here's the link to Davide's article http://www.stormomagazine.com/ModelArticle...Ni17_DS_1a.html
  13. Morning All, Coming soon an all new project.I'll be building a 1/28 scale Fokker E.V/D.VIII.This project is a conversion of the Revell Fokker DR.I.Photo's soon. Regards, Gregory Jouette
  14. Peter, Outstanding progress to date.Very interesting project,look forward to further updates. Regards, Gregory Jouette
  15. Jono, I have the same kit as well the SSW D.III.I'll be following with great interest. Regards, Gregory Jouette
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