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  1. Off the top my head I want to say the kit represents the first bird, with the flat wing
  2. My dad got first shot, 2nd scheduled in a few weeks. Hasn't reached my mom's age group yet. Late 30s myself so who knows when I'll get mine. I was exposed Christmas day, 4 days later symptoms hit. The next 3-4 days was crushing headache, fever and back ache. I spent time either in bed or a hot bath. Lost my smell and taste the week after, with difficulty getting deep breaths. No dry cough. Really about a month of extreme fatigue. I still had high oxygen levels through the course of it. I can only imagine how awful it is for those that had it worse. Keep taking precaut
  3. What is truly mind blowing for me is as big as the planets are, they're all able to fit between the earth and the moon. So for two of them, that many hundreds of millions of miles away to be seen so close together is astonishing. I'm glad I was not only able to see it, but to take pictures of it!
  4. I didn't think anything of it at the time, but its a fairly boring town. Kansas City is a lot of fun though
  5. Glad you were able to take the scope off in time! Hope the tripod can be fixed. What part of NE Kansas are you in? I grew up in Topeka, I've been in the Dallas area since 2016.
  6. Here is my contribution to the conjunction. I've never done planetary photography before, but I'm pretty chuffed with what I was able to capture. One is a composite with levels up on Jupiter moons and Saturn for detail; the other being much closer to what was actually visible. Saturn, being almost twice as far away as Jupiter was much dimmer. Celestron C6N with motorized mount, shot with ZWO ASI224MC. Stacked with AutoStakkert and sharpened with Registax. https://ibb.co/Mk4dddv https://ibb.co/RyPZg5p
  7. Here's what I did in autocad...I took the landing chart that shows where each photo was taken from. In this case the visor shot is AS11-40-5903. In it you can see the tip of the landing probe is directly in line with Neil and Buzz. The chart show there was another photo taken from the opposite side, AS11-40-5917. I overlaid the image from LRO and scaled it based on the landing pads. I marked the two photo locations for reference. Since they are in line with the probe I extended a line from Neil's position through it to the small crater on the LRO image. Offset 12" circles from his position and
  8. A really quick guess based off a map of the landing site I did on my phone I put it +/- 20 ft. I can try a better one on the computer if you'd like
  9. I'm posting this in general discussion to improve the odds of being seen. I've built a few models now using aluminum foil and metal leaf adhesive. Generally speaking I've had really good luck with it staying put on the plastic but have had a few instances of the edges pulling up. Has anyone else run across this? Is there a good way to seal it and keep it looking like the metal? I'm working on a model now with a number of compound curves on it and want to keep it from peeling up on the edges. Thanks in advance David
  10. So we all have GAS? I've been unable to relieve my GAS for years
  11. I don't think I've finished anything since 2011, right after I got married. Fast forward 8 years and divorce all but finalized I'm looking to make 2019 a good year. Doing a lot of self care, including doing more with my model building and photography. Autograph collecting the past few years has greatly helped with my depression so that will keep going strong. Today was the Pinewood Derby and the kids, err...dad's all did a good job. Being her first year, and a lion, my daughter was kind of disappointed hers didn't go faster, it finished middle of the pack; but was really excited s
  12. I've missed this the past couple years! Hope we can do it again this year
  13. Any update on these sheets? I've been keeping my eyes peeled for their release!
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