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  1. im looking to scratch build a wright flyer, anyone know where i can find drawings of it?
  2. archybean


    is accurate miniatures the only company that makes a 1/48 b-25b?
  3. those are great shots! i went sunday, and took about 1200 pictures. first airshow for me actually trying to take pictures of the planes flying, and was trickier than i imagined. i did get video though of the f/a-18 breaking the sound barrier as it did a fly-by.
  4. i must have missed the memo on this plane...why do people get so excited about it?
  5. i use woodland scenics latex rubber...you should be able to find it with model railroading stuff.
  6. great work! i keep getting inspired to work on my kits when i see work like this...im just inspired to do all of mine that i cant focus on one anymore.
  7. archybean

    B-24 decals

    have a question....anyone know if there are decals for this plane in 1/48? thanks
  8. blackbird rising by donn byrnes and ken hurley. fantastic read about the sr-71!
  9. it could be a very pale gray, depending how long it has been exposed to water
  10. something waterproof, lest i get my clothes wet from the rain...hopefully that matches my top hat. not what you were asking? ive been using testors dullcote, works fine for my needs.
  11. ill definitely be interested in seeing your blackbird build. ive always loved that plane, and been doing tons of research on them this year and have fallen more in love with it. ive got 7 1/48 blackbirds in the stash, got a grand plan with them (conversions to a-12 on 3 of them 2 yf-12 and 2 sr-71) which i hope to get to this summer. must get my other builds off the bench! welcome aboard! perhaps we could get a blackbird group build here? david
  12. drat, so i cant figure out the links...but thats the name of the stuff.
  13. not having seen the kit, im going to assume the windows are small right? this stuff works great for masking, ive used it on canopies, and windows. you can paint it on with a brush, or dab it on with a toothpick. let it dry and then paint. it just peels right off..gotta watch the edges though. woodland scenics latex rubber
  14. does anyone know what the command modules were covered in to get the mirror finish? its some sort of ablative coating right? im wanting to create odyssey as it is displayed now at the comsosphere. heres a shot of the recovery http://www.virginmedia.com/microsites/tech...nasa/img_17.jpg and the way it is now http://www.apolloeecom.com/images/Apollo-13-Oddyssey.jpg any ideas for how to simulate the rust color effect as it is now?
  15. blast!! i just got one off ebay a few weeks ago, paid 50 for it. but brand new for 25? gotta get me at least one of them
  16. I've got a B-52D model I'm planning on converting to NB-52A (Balls Three X-15 mothership). I'm wanting to do it fairly early in the program, with the dayglo orange. Are there any significant changes I'll need to do to backdate it? I'm also in need of the Cutting Edge decals for it. Stupid me didn't buy them when they came out.
  17. yep, testors kit...should be a fun build, im really looking forward to seeing a 30" long blackbird sitting on my table
  18. i'm actually going to model it in 1/48...shave off a little bit perhaps.
  19. im planning on displaying an sr-71 just after it has touched down, with the drag chute attached and inflated. any ideas/suggestions on keeping its shape? id thought of hairspray...
  20. Steve...thanks for posting the article! This will help immensely. Is there a page 44? Dave
  21. i bought the visible b-17g today and i'm planning on making it into a b-17f, wabash cannonball. i'm wondering if there are any significant differences between the two other than the -f doesn't have the chin turret.
  22. larry - amazing job on the build. truly a fantastic result. david
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