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  1. any chance of getting the a-12 trainer #927 on these decals?
  2. hey everyone. i dont remember the first time i saw a blackbird picture, but i instantly fell i love with it. ive built a 1/72 sr-71, and have a 1/72 yf-12 yet to build. when i saw on ebay that testors made a 1/48 yf-12 i knew i could construct my dream line up. its really ambitious, but im going to do 7 blackbirds in 1/48. yes 7. heres the run down: a-12 #924 in bare titanium for the first flight (from the two photos ive seen of it, there are no markings) a-12 #927 in titanium/black edges (titanium goose, 2 seat trainer) m/d-21 #940 in titanium/black edges (dons model works has the d-
  3. drat that sucks about meteor. anyone know where i can find the 1/48 scale sr-71 detailed exhausts from cutting edge?
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