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  1. And not your average 747 either! That was a heck of a thing to see take off
  2. The bigger issue is going to be finding a hangar space as a home. Boeing/Spirit have reluctantly given space to do the restoration. I'm not sure if they have a dedicated home. It'd be a shame to take off and not be able to land there
  3. How sad. RIP Anton. Freaked me out as I met Walter Koenig yesterday at comicon in Houston.
  4. Here's my best contribution to this thread. Atlas E site just east of Council Grove Kansas.
  5. +2 :-/. Perhaps because I'm running on 4 hours of sleep though...
  6. Ooh. The Slave I looks very tempting. I'm in that awkward spot between jobs; moving states no less. I'll keep an eye out on it as it's one of my 'must haves'
  7. Good points. I'm thinking that I'll need to find somewhere to take a class; if nothing else have the basic functions shown. I learn best by just doing; I had to teach myself all the programs in college: AutoCAD (knew the absolute basics, but learned much more and still am), Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign. Never did grasp autodesk 3d program we had...bombed it so bad I can't even remember the name of it!
  8. Amazing work! I haven't posted anything on ARC in I don't know how long. I haven't been able to do any modelling in almost 4 years. Short version: laid off 6 weeks before my daughter was born, stay at home dad with her, job market sucking, depression, minimum wage jobs to survive...but I've finally gotten a full time professional job again. I'm going to be moving in the next couple weeks from Topeka to Dallas suburbs. So the stash is edging closer and closer to the light again. Itching to get back to my Liberty Bell 7 build I started 5 freaking years ago. That being said...and not an attempt
  9. My suggestion for the name...Farce. B-21 Farce
  10. Blast! Early pick and I was at work. Oh well. I'll take this if it's still available: 30) 1/72 Aviation USK 7201 Boeing B-17C Fortress Mk.I Thanks again for everyone who helped make this happen again, always look forward to this.
  11. I'll throw this in, now that I finally was able to look: Jagdpanzer 38 Hetzer Squadron walk around hardback sealed
  12. I'm in again this year. I'll need to sift through the stash in storage for a kit or two to donate. Always a good evening activity. I vote for an earlier date.
  13. I haven't tried it yet, but we sell them at work and I have to listen to the stupid display for it every shift and have thought to get one. Don't just stick it, Bondic it!
  14. Here are the better ones that I was able to get with my 300mm telephoto lens. First three are handheld, and last was with a makeshift tripod and 3 second exposure. Shot from Topeka, Kansas
  15. My telescope is in pieces for a move, but I was able to get some hand held ones before totality and some sandbag shots during totality. I'll try to get a couple loaded tonight after work
  16. Sounds like a great way to finish my Liberty Bell 7 project that has stalled out for a couple years now
  17. It impacted on the moon after jettison from the command module, impact site unknown. The only ones that didn't crash into the moon were Apollo 10 which is in heliocentric orbit and Apollo 13 which burned up in our atmosphere.
  18. I went with the fam to Whiteman yesterday. I was hesitant after reading that Saturday people waited two hours in their cars to get to the gate to find out the traffic was being routed through the North Gate. Well there were no problems on Sunday! No line on the road to the base, only a brief stop at the gate for instructions to follow the directions to parking. From parking through security and bus ride to dropping off at the flight line was 15 minutes at the most. Got to see the usual suspects that seem to be the only ones making appearances on the airshow circuit I was excited to see two F-
  19. Wow! That would've been a great experience for everybody. Thanks for sharing!
  20. In college I was building a rather fragile piece of an architecture model for my design class. My bottle of CA had a clogged tip and I was using a 1/16" stick of basswood to dip in the bottle and apply it where needed. I'd then hold the stick with my teeth (see where this is going?) while I sprayed accelerator for it to set. Well this one night I was more tired than I realized...that is until I put the stick in the wrong way! Moisture helps CA cure, and being that the mouth is full of moisture my teeth got glued together. I had my trusty cup of coca cola classic there and found out that it wi
  21. Am I reading this right Tom that you do have the dimensions of the shingles but you do not have dimensions for the "corrugations"? I've got a feeler out to see if I can get more detailed information. David
  22. Holy cow...I can't believe its been 17 months since I posted anything on this. Sadly, nothing else has been done on this build since then. I've started quite a few builds but just got burned out on them, including this one. I've shifted focus to another hobby, autograph collecting, and am starting to get the itch to jump back into this. Unfortunately I'm in the middle of packing the house to move! My wife got a new job and we're relocating a couple hours up the interstate.
  23. I too am new to submitting anything to silly week, and like SteelWolf sent it in last night. Good to hear about fast tracking. These two builds finally shook off my couple years long slump to actually finish something and got the juices flowing to dive into something else to finish. Too bad I have to pack stuff up for a move!
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