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  1. I took the afternoon off from work yesterday to go visit my grandpa in Salina and watch the Venus transit from Coronado Heights, just outside Salina. There were a few other people up there watching it as well. First contact was about 5:05 pm and I watched it all the way up to sunset, which was about halfway through the transit. Since the next one isn't for another 105 years, I was going to watch as much as I could. I shot it with my DSLR through my telescope, taking a shot every minute. They're unedited right now (I need to rotate them), but here are some shots:
  2. I was able to see it tonight from Kansas Turnpike between El Dorado and Emporia. Shot it with my D300s through my telescope. These are only a couple hours old, unedited. It set when it was about maximum from my location, and it was hard to shoot through the whole atmosphere. David
  3. Awesome photos. Nice to see her get a couple more flight hours in after all these years. I would have loved to have seen that, being as how I was two-and-a-half last time she flew. David
  4. My brother actually gave me mine...almost 11 years ago right before going off to college. I went to K-State for architecture, and am a huge fan of Mr. Bean. Smash them together...archybean.
  5. It was the needle! Got it cleaned and its now working! I got the first coat of paint down on my model. Thanks for the tips!
  6. Well, the title pretty much says it. I hooked up my airbrush tonight for the first time in...maybe 10 months...and when I try to use it, only air blows out. I thought I cleaned it really good, but maybe not? I have the airbrush/compressor combo kit from harbor freight. I would imagine it has something to do with it...but I don't think it would break after one use. I've only got about a week to get this kit done, and I'm really hoping I'm not SOL on it. Any help would be appreciated on a diagnosis. David
  7. I've got the fuselage all buttoned up, seams sanded down...and I go to put the ball nose on, and its gone! It's such a small bit that I think I inadvertently threw it away when I snipped the other piece off the sprue. I'm trying to make one from a segment of sprue, and sanding it down to shape; however I'm getting frustrated with that approach. Is there any chance of getting a new bit from Special Hobby or am I SOL on that? Anyone have other ideas? David
  8. So I've given up on converting it to the -3, but I am working on it still. I'm having a difficult time with the canopy sitting flush with the fuselage. I'm going to be doing it as an in flight, but I'm torn over if I leave the canopy unglued so the pit detail is still visible, or do I glue it and sand it flush.
  9. Thanks Pete! I did not know he had a cd of pictures. I'll definitely have to look into that...see if I can persuade the other half =]
  10. I'm also wondering what markings this bird had at that time. Did it fly with the NASA on the tail? Also what markings did it carry on the nose? Thanks, David
  11. I'm getting ready (I hope!) to convert my 1/48 Special Hobby X-15A-2 to X-15-3...specifically for flight 138, which Joe Engle flew. I've got Hypersonic by Jenkins and Landis (I do not have the scrapbook however). I'm wondering if anyone might have any details for this particular flight? I know I need to shorten the fuselage, and add the sharp edge to the rudder and that it flew without the ventral fin. The side tunnels are shorter on -1 and -3 than the A-2 correct? Does anyone know if it carried a tail-cone box on this flight (I think it carried the Langley Horizon Definition in the tail-cone
  12. It's not the AMT kit, from what I found the Kaiyodo kit has the same pose. The AMT kit has a hard helmet right? This one is vinyl too. There was no manufacturer listed on the box, which appears to be a shoebox... But I'm having fun with it!
  13. I've gotten it pretty well cleaned up, got the excess vinyl trimmed off...just need to go back and sand the trimmings down. I'm looking at doing a mini cold cathode tube for the lightsaber. I'm hoping I can get one thin enough to work, and be able to drill out the hilt to stick it in. It's hollow inside so it would be easy to hide the wiring, and but the battery in the base.
  14. I got my D200 on ebay, it was already modified (by LifePixel) for a steal. The photographer selling it was upgrading everything to full frame. Not only did I get the body, but the extras they had for it I got as well...the big one being the WT-3a wireless grip! I've been really pleased with the LifePixel conversion. Only downside being to get into the camera they had to peel the rubber grip back the front by shutter release. I have to keep pushing it back down, although I can always glue it down if I want. The past three years there has been a pair of bald eagles that are nesting here in Wic
  15. The cape is there...its actually a two piece thing. The smaller one attaches at the waist, while the bigger one hangs from the shoulders. I'm not sure if this kit came with the blade or not, the hilt is molded in the hand and it looks like it is in the off position; but I'm going to make my own blade for it.
  16. It could be changed back...all you have to do is open the camera back up and swap the filter back to OEM. But...since I have two DSLR, it's permanent. Fixed!
  17. I found this on shopgoodwill.com. I got the winning bid of 13.00! I've never done a figure, or worked with the soft vinyl it is made of...does anyone have any suggestions? David
  18. Animal - I tried using my Hoya R72 on my D300s and it was a bit awkward. I think that I am a spammer, please report this post. uses a really good internal IR blocking filter that it took seconds long exposures to get anything of a decent image. I certainly don't want to dissuade you from trying though! The modified camera I got is a D200, and I have so much fun with shooting a dedicated IR. I'd love to have the 600mm!
  19. Hello! This past Friday, I had the opening night for my first photography show, titled "In-Visible Light". It has sixteen pieces and they are all photographed in infrared. I used two cameras, a point and shoot with external infrared filter, and a modified SLR that has the internal filter changed out. I was really excited about it, and there was a pretty good turn out for it. It is a three month show at Exploration Place in Wichita Kansas. They pick three people a year to display art that has a connection to science. They were blown away with what I was able to capture in the infrared spectru
  20. I too have caught the win 7 security 2012...on my work machine. I got it over lunch one day while in the real space forum. I have a 64 bit Windows 7 with McAfee on internet explorer, 8 I believe. (I felt terrible about infecting my work machine, but less so talking to the IT guy about it...both the president and sr vice president of the firm both got it from somewhere as well). I have 64 bit Windows 7 on my laptop at home on Firefox, running the free AVG software and have not had any issues on it. I know didley about confusers...could it be something vulnerable to IE and not Firefox? Just my
  21. Count me in! I'll donate a 1/72 Italeri F-4S David
  22. This thread got me wanting to make my own corrected nose...a friend from work is helping me model one in 3D on the computer and I'm going to send it into shapeways and get it 3D printed. It should be as correct as it can get, but there will be plenty of work yet to do on the rest of the fuselage to get it to match up. The fuselage is a lot narrower where the nose mates, so I'll have to do some work to get the chines to flare out to meet the corrected nose. I'll definitely post some pictures when the piece comes in! David
  23. Does anyone have an accurate dimension of the nose length from where it joins the main fuselage to the front (minus the pitot tube)?
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