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  1. The title pretty much says it...I've got a 1/72 Monogram B-52D that I'd like to trade for a 1/72 Italeri B-52H. The fuselage halves are pretty warped however, wings are a bit warped as well...no box, but as far as I know all the pieces are there. Drop me a PM if anyone is interested! David
  2. Hi, I'm interested in these two sheets: Microscale 48-21 B17’s Pt 2 Bit O Lace, Wabash Cannonball $5 Superscale 48-569 Enola Gay, and The Great Artiste B29’s $10 Thanks David
  3. archybean


    Does anyone know if there are either a conversion for and/or drawings of B-58 55-0665 with the modified extended nose? Thanks David
  4. A fiance! (see thread "Engaged!!") David
  5. This morning my girlfriend (now fiance...duh) and I announced our engagement! We're getting married March 13 in the coffee shop where we met. David
  6. I was able to get some pretty good shots...although i dont have a drive motor to track yet, so my longer exposures during totality are a bit blurred.
  7. i was up from midnight to 4 am and photographed it all, minus about 20 min during mid-totality, ended up with 250 pics...surely gotta be a few good ones in there. i'll try and post some later! David
  8. I'm intersted in this one...is it still available: MONOGRAM 5813 F-4J PHANTOM (OLD KIT/RAISED PANEL LINES BOX WORN) Partial Decal Sheet so I added Yellowhammer YHD 48-18 F-4J Black Bunny/Ferris $10 Thanks David
  9. ill take this please =] 12 1/48 Tamiya Focke Wulf FW190 A-3 BB thanks everyone!
  10. I'll go ahead and add my name to it...got 4 in the stash, I think I'll do an F of 'Wabash Cannonball'. Surely I can get a model done in six months, right?
  11. Already threw my name in, but looked through the stash and going to offer a 30th aniversary Revell Cylon Raider David
  12. I'm in! I'll look through and see if theres anything to donate.
  13. mine is with the blackbirds in 1/48th: A-12, A-12B, M/D-21, all three YF-12, SR-71A (various schemes, gear up gear down, engine/nose change/long tail) SR-71B, SR-71C. Its going to take a while, but its a challenge I'm up for! David
  14. Just got a little rant for here... If you're buying something in the Buy and Sell...if you email or PM the person you're interested in a kit, will you please add a reply in the thread as to which one it is? Thanks David
  15. I graduated with an architecture degree...so lots of model building of our designs was a must. I always managed to clog my bottle tips so I would use a small 1/16" piece of basswood to dip in and apply. It worked well for me, and this particular model was tricky where I had to spray accelerator to get the piece just so....so I would just hold the basswood between my teeth during applications. Well being as tired as architecture students tend to get, I didnt realized until it was too late that I put the basswood in backwards...
  16. I accidently CA'd my teeth together in college...found out that Coca-Cola dissolves it though!
  17. email sent on these two: 1/48 MODELCRAFT F-82G TWIN MUSTANG $15 1/48 MONOGRAM F-105F THUD CALL TO GLORY $12
  18. Looking for a copy of the Italeri TR-1 A/B instructions in 1/48...if anyone can help I'd be grateful! Thanks David
  19. I remember seeing the threads about these decals...just checking to make sure I'm not crazy, have they been released yet? Thanks David
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