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  1. Tamiya 1/48th F-14 Sept 2016

    Well you cannot say I did not warn anyone.
  2. Tamiya 1/48th F-14 Sept 2016

    If I have to come back into this thread to remove posts, then those posters will enjoy the sin bin for a week and the thread will be closed. Play nice and be respectful.
  3. Canadian F/A-18s

    Sigh. What does the sub forum title say? Thread locked until I can find time to purge it.
  4. Emhar 1/72 Whippet Medium Mark A

    Thanks :) Had a great time with this build.
  5. Star Wars - Rogue One

    Don. Your wish has been granted. Need a bit of coin for it though. :( https://thecantina.starwarsnewsnet.com/index.php?threads/new-bandai-star-destroyer.2073/
  6. Price of shipping

    You are not alone there.
  7. Brussels

    Not exactly true Malayan Insurgency 1956. British and Australian troops put down the communist insurgency during that conflict.
  8. Emhar Whippet recently completed. I used Mig's WW1 British/German paint set "Moss Green" followed by washes and weathering using Mig products. Kit went together really well with some care and looked great once finished. I created the base in AutoCAD first to get the trench proportions right then used the resulting templates to cut out the base sides. Foam infill overlaid by Celluclay groundwork. Barbed wire and posts were scratchbuilt. I would love to see what Master Box could do with a new kit of the Whippet.
  9. Brussels

    If I have to edit out one more political comment then that poster gets a two day sin bin stint. The tragic events in Belgium can be discussed without bringing in politics and political statements no matter how you feel about it. Think before you post.
  10. My 1/72 scale models WW2

    Very nice!
  11. Airforce gives up on A-10 retirement

    If I edited this thread there would be no posts within it for anyone to read. If you have nothing nice to say then do not say it. Frankly if you cannot act like adults and prefer to act like a bunch of four year olds or teenagers then expect threads to be locked, posts deleted and being banned for a week.
  12. 1/48 Kinetic Model Su-33 In Box Review

    The next person posting in this threat that is condescending or rude to another poster will have their account suspended for a week. Act like adults, not children.
  13. Vale Ross Blackford

    Well damn, that is not great news. Though we had our differences from time to time, he was a genuine bloke. RIP, Ross, thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.
  14. Part of Hobby Boss 2016-2017 catalog

    Gents I know this might be exciting news, but if you do not have the vocabulary range to avoid swearing then do not bother posting. There will be consequences for the next person to do so.
  15. The A-10 will go!

    Steve, not many Me109's missed the Defiant.... :P