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  1. I see some 1/350 SB2C available on Amazon right now.... https://www.amazon.com/Trumpeter-Helldiver-Aircraft-Essex-6-Box/dp/B000BMYTI6/ref=sr_1_20?hvadid=570588591335&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9029555&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=16807423445092048793&hvtargid=kwd-373276656859&hydadcr=2143_13453598&keywords=trumpeter+1%2F350+aircraft&qid=1685296874&sr=8-20
  2. Excellent job! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Postage extra, will ship as cheaply as possible from the US. Most kits have at least some parts neatly trimmed from sprues. Choroszy Modelbud - Mitsubishi 1MF1 (resin, original box) $10 Heller - Curtiss SBC-4 (original box) $5 Special Hobby - DeHavilland DH-103 Hornet F.Mk.3/4 (original box, nice decals & resin) $15 Academy - Curtiss P-40E (original box, partial decals) $5 Airfix - Cessna O-1 (bagged) $5 Amodel - Piasecki HUP-1/2 (original box) $5 Sword - Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vc Trop RAAF $10 Please respond to herbarnold99(at
  4. I usually find the real wingspan and apply the desired scale to find the desired (drawing) wingspan. Then I enlarge or reduce the drawing to match that number. Works good.
  5. Revell 1/144 A310 for sale, $20 + postage. Interflug/Luftwaffe boxing, but most stenciling decals not included. Principal "Interflug" logos and all non-Luftwaffe version decals included. Most parts neatly cut from sprues, but all are there and no other work performed. Please contact me directly at herbarnold99(at)gmail.com if interested. Cheers Herb
  6. Are there any differences with this kit and the Luftwaffe A310-304 MRTT?
  7. Dutch, any tricks to the order process? Or did it go smoothly?
  8. I was on the Connie for the first Hornet cruise (1987), and we had lots of hangar bay and flight deck joggers smack their heads on F-18 stabs. Long enough to call it a tradition now, I'd say!
  9. Tu-204 to Tu-214R (wish there was a conversion for it...) 1/144 Zvezda kit
  10. Love to acquire these missiles, but it seems the maker doesn't ship to the US. If anyone finds an alternate way to get these, please post!
  11. Ok, I think I've found the mains, and possibly the nose gear. At least they're close, I think. Send your address to me at herbarnold99(at)gmail.com and I'll throw them in the mail! Cheers Herb
  12. I can help.....maybe!?! I have both the 1/144 Revell Rafale M and the Trumpeter Rafale B. As I intend to build both in flight, I separated the wheels and landing gear and stashed them in the appropriate 'parts box'. Here's the trick, they're in there with a lot of other 1/144 landing gear parts! If you can post a picture of what you need, I may be able to fish them out! Hoping for the best Herb
  13. Nice pic Pugs! Wish it was bigger!
  14. Kudos to Erik Boyton's RAF Jagular! Superbly finished and presented. It really caught my eye as I'm making a similar RAF Jag right now, and intend to make a very similar in-flight display. And I also spent some time on an Incirlik det. And I was also an EA-6B ECMO! Too many coincidences to let it go by. Excellent work Erik!
  15. Outstanding! Convincing dioramas are difficult in any scale, but I think smaller is much harder! Terrific job!
  16. Hi Badger, I'd like to buy the 1/144 Super Etendard, Yak-27 and Yak-28. I'm in the US, zip 83616, and would recommend a padded envelope to minimize postage. How can I pay you? Cheers Herb herbarnold99@cableone.net
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