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  1. I find it much more relaxing to not care what TT thinks about anything. You end up with less stress in your life and have so much more free time to do things such as making models when you don't have to read pages of turgid text. :cheers:/> Darius
  2. Any chance of getting back to the Olympics rather than country bashing? The way I see it is Ryan Lochte and the others did a stupid thing and Ryan made up a story to tell his mum. His mum then tells the media and Ryan and the others have to spin greater yarns to cover up - tangled web weaving - which seals their fates. As far as I am concerned this reflects badly on Ryan Lochte and not on the rest of the USA Olympic Team or anyone else in the USA. Meanwhile GB is second on the medals table with perhaps a few more golds to come - woo hoo!!!! Darius
  3. Have you ever actually built a model aircraft or even taken an interest in aircraft modelling? Or do you just spend your day cut and pasting vast tracts of turgid text onto websites like ARC whilst hiding behind the persona of a fictional movie character. Not really that curious. Darius
  4. Often the card numbers are put on statements and order confirmations with the phrase "card number ending in ****", ie just the last four digits are stated. If someone has illicitly obtained this data they may be trying to get the other 12 digits to complete the card number. Smells phishy to me. Darius
  5. Really pleased for Leicester City and their supporters!!! It would be nice if Stoke City could achieve the same feat. I remember back in the early '70s when they were (briefly) top of the First Division - there being no Premier League in those innocent days. Then again, Gordon Banks was their goalie back then 😳 :cheers:/> Darius
  6. The seller does seem to be confused with his ordnance. Is it a HARM, Harpoon or (as pictured) a Sparrow. I have to admit to being skeptical when I read "pro-built" on eBay. Darius
  7. Doesn't look that bad to me. I'd leave is as is - unless it is bugging you to the point of distraction. Darius
  8. The latest Hannants newsletter states that they have heard that Heller have gone into bankruptcy. Better get their kits now if you want them. Darius
  9. If you are going to quote Kipling at least take the trouble to get it right. For it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' ``Chuck him out, the brute!'' But it's ``Saviour of 'is country,'' when the guns begin to shoot; Darius
  10. The sad and, perhaps, ironic thing about this is that 3D printing does have the potential to produce very nicely detailed model parts. As the technology improves and becomes more accessible the cost of 3D printed models and parts for models will become competitive. I have a very nice 3D printed 1:48 scale model of a Sheridan Tank that I found on the Shapeways website. The surface texture was frosty in a fine sort of way but it looks fine with a coat of paint on it. If Stratosphere Models had posted about this more as an initiative to see what 3D printing could do, rather than proclaiming i
  11. I did a search on ARC and found that they were first announced with much pomp and ceremony (i.e. lots of CAD rendered images and plenty of text) in mid 2012 - almost 4 years ago. Some photos of actual 3D printed wheels did appear in mid 2015. They were strangely semi-transparent and looked ok if a little "frosty" on the surface. Despite being encouraged to spray some primer on them so that we could see the amazing detail, alas no further images of real parts have appeared on ARC. Looks like it is just more CAD and turgid prose for now. I had better watch out for that bulldozer now...
  12. Looks like two UK Defence attaches got nabbed near another Russian base in the same period. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-35821607 Darius
  13. If it is the guy that the Washington Post identified you would think he would have more sense than to hang around a Russian airbase taking photos without permission. His arrest as a "spy" can hardly come as a surprise, especially given the current involvement of the Russian AF in foreign parts. I suspect he will be detained for a period and then deported. Darius PS presumably "Exhausted" thought he was a real spy, wich caused his apparently automatic "thank-you for your service" response.
  14. Hi Haydn, I use a similar technique (with finer paper) on vac forms. Fortunately the Dremel removed most of it and sandpaper will tidy up the rest. The resin dust that ensues comprises lots of tiny fibres which will be quite unhealthy if inhaled, so a good safety mask and frequent stops to clean up the dust are essential when using the Dremel. When sanding I wet the sandpaper with water to capture the dust. Darius
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