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  1. levixhu


    Hungarian NATO MiG-29s painted are RAL 7000 / RAL 7040 and more lighter than Gripens!
  2. If you see more carefully you will catch sight of the thin red line. Look on grey aircraft! Behind the little fence.
  3. Amazing color photos from the past. Color photos about Soviet MiG-21
  4. OK. Original US made paint use or made by Germany? Just interesting.
  5. Ok, but look this. My link On paper all Phantom 35237/36320/36375 but which ones painted REAL FS colors?
  6. If 35237 sure, RAL 7000 my best tip for Austrian Typhoon. Ok what we know RAF Camouflage Grey BS 626 Italian 36280 same than other aircraft Spain 36231 same than Harrier top color Austria RAL 7000 Saudi Camouflage Grey BS 626 + 35237 Luftwaffe 35237 or German equivalen For scale modeller this are enough good match. If you build all, all aircraft get individual grey colors.
  7. Saudi and Austrian Typhoon. Looks too low contrast between the Saudi colors. Maybe not 35237 the other color. Austrian aircraft darker and not bluish.
  8. Yes i know RAF color is CG, but i dont skip RAF color, and 37200 was the closest match. I seen other group photo and IMHO the Austrian Typhoon color is not same than Luftwaffe color. Rather greyis than bluish. If i build and paint a spanish Typhoon i would use 36231, for Italian 36251 (Close match and can buy this color), 35237 German, Cam, Grey for RAF and maybe 36270? for Austrian. ---------------- Your paint chart is a good match for that photo. The German colour is correct (I know it's 35237 for certain) and the Italian colour ties-in with what most of us already suspect. The RAF colour
  9. Yes its a heat resistance paintm not oxidising metal.
  10. Spain Typhoon absolutely not wear 36492 color. Its 100 percent. Rather 36231 same color than Harriers. Look my colors from the four nation formation to matching FS catalogue!
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